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Will iPhone 5 Have a 4-Inch Screen?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published February 15, 2011
iPhone 5 may have a larger screen: though exact size remains speculation, savvy observers speculate that the iPhone screen is getting larger.
T-Mobile Touts HD Video Android 2.2
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published October 5, 2010
The new Android 2.2 mobile handset claims a front-facing camera, a speedier processor and a larger screen.
Android Samsung Epic 4G: "Muscle-Bound"
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published August 18, 2010
Due out at the end of August, the pricey Android Samsung Epic boasts features to justify the cost.
Enterprises Mobile Computing: the iPad?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published January 29, 2010
While Apple's iPad appears targeted at consumers, analysts say the iPad will earn a berth in the burgeoning enterprise mobile sector.
Will Andoid Kill the iPhone?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published November 9, 2009
Sure, the iPhone is sexy, but Google's Android mobile platform has some unbeatable advantages.
iPhone to See Enterprise Adoption
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published November 7, 2009
An analyst notes that current penetration, while minor, is expected to grow substantially.
Apple's iPhone Apps vs. Google's Andriod
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published November 5, 2009
Apple touts its 100,000 iPhone apps, but developers are flocking to Google's Andriod platform.
RIM's Debuts its Crown Jewel: BlackBerry Storm2
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published October 29, 2009
The Storm2 Blackberry smartphone offers improved e-mail management and remote file access.
Augmented Reality Apps Envision Big Bucks
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published October 26, 2009
A recent report suggests that the potential for augmented reality apps to deliver eyeballs could produce major advertising revenue.
RIM vs. Apple: Can RIM Stay Strong?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published October 26, 2009
While some see RIM's lion's share of the cell phone market slipping, others note that the company remains strong.
Android DOS Holes Patched
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published October 13, 2009
Google fixes two flaws in its Android mobile OS that could have been exploited in denial-of-service attacks.
iPhone OS Update: Fixes Bugs, Battery Problems Remain
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published October 9, 2009
The iPhone OS update is a step forward yet still encounters criticism.
Google Closes Dev Site, Open Sourcers Upset
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 29, 2009
Google slapped the developer with a cease-and-desist order because it claimed he was modifying and distributing its applications.
IPhone MMS (Finally) Available
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 28, 2009
The activation of MMS for the iPhone 3GS and 3G finally delivers on AT&T's promises to deliver the feature.
iPhone 3.1 Upgraders Complain to Apple
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 22, 2009
iPhone owners who upgraded to the new operating system 3.1 are complaining that battery life falls short after updating to the new OS.
Hot iPhone, Android Trend: Augmented Reality
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 18, 2009
Overlaying information on real-world views displayed on a smartphone camera lens is expected to become highly popular.
Enterprise IT vs. Mobile Devices
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 16, 2009
Plenty of staffers now use their personal handheld for company business, creating myriad security and policy challenges.
iPhones to Get MMS by Late Sept.
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 4, 2009
The announcement by AT&T appears to be an attempt to appease harsh criticism of the iPhone's lack of MMS.
eBay Unveils App Store
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published August 18, 2009
Software developers gain a new marketplace, while buyers see a new source of software for business and other uses.
iPhone Users Complain About Wi-Fi
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published August 17, 2009
Users who upgraded to OS 3.0 say that Wi-Fi isn't working properly -- and are looking to Apple to fix it.
Smartphone App Downloads Zooming Upward
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published August 14, 2009
Smartphone downloads are expected to triple in the next five years.
Company Mobile Costs Are Too High
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published July 27, 2009
Outfitting employees with mobile gear is getting costlier and companies aren't containing the expenses.
Amazon CEO Decries Kindle Book Removal
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published July 25, 2009
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apologized for how the retailer handled illegally sold copies of e-books on the Kindle.
Apple Slapdown: Pre's iTunes Link is Back
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published July 25, 2009
Palm and Apple aren't playing nice over the issue of iTunes sync.
Amazon Unveils Cell Phone Store
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published July 11, 2009
The blockbuster Internet retailer is focusing on the vast handheld market.
Palm Takes It on the Chin, Still Fighting
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published June 27, 2009
Forget the non-impressive current results, the company might benefit from some good developments, like an app store strategy, favorable Pre demographics and the webOS ecosystem.
Analysts Still Bullish on RIM
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published June 20, 2009
Research In Motion didn't wow investors with its Q1 earnings, but industry observers are far from discouraged.
Is Love for iPhone 3G S Fading Fast?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published June 10, 2009
Questionable support and a robust pricing structure is prompting some kvetching even among the faithful.
Next iPhone Details Leaked (Unofficially)
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published June 2, 2009
A brief sighting of the next generation iPhone reveals a tantalizing array of upgrades, including video capability.
The iPhone's Future: Smartphone Showdown
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published May 27, 2009
An industry analyst shares insights from Apple about the iPhone's future.
The Cell Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published May 26, 2009
A forward-looking vendor is seeking to turn the lowly cell phone into a wireless hotspot.
Do iPhone Apps Live Longer than Fruit Flies?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published April 30, 2009
iPhone app users spend about 9.6 minutes at a time with their apps, accessing them nearly 20 times before they're abandoned.
New Bluetooth Taps Wi-Fi
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published April 22, 2009
The new Bluetooth will use Wi-Fi to speed up wireless transfer.
Why is the iPhone Still Tethered to AT&T?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published April 16, 2009
The limiting factor is the type of carrier network that Apple wants. And there may be few alternatives, despite consumer desire.
Samsung to Debut Android Cell Phones
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published April 10, 2009
Phones with the Google OS seem to be on the upswing.
Newest Netbook Competitor: Verizon
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published March 28, 2009
The telecom provider has a chance if it can offer lower connection fees than its competitors.
Smartphone App Use Soaring
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published March 27, 2009
The rise of the mobile apps is meteoric, and is now attracting ad dollars.
2009 Smartphone Sales: Dipping Sharply
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published March 16, 2009
Amid a gloomy economy, even the resilient mobile-smartphone sector is taking a hit.
BlackBerry Gets eReader Pro for E-Books
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published March 15, 2009
A true now Crackberry never needs to put down his handheld, even to read a book.
Google Offers Phone Services
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published March 13, 2009
Google Voice will offer mobile users free U.S. calls, unified text messages and integrated speech-text and search.
Motorola's New Smartphones Tout PC-like Features
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published March 11, 2009
Today's mobile workforce needs its smartphone to double as a PC, hence Motorola's new push.
It's National Preparedness Month: Are You Ready?
By Michelle Megna |  Article Published September 15, 2005
HP and Symantec offer advice and solutions to help small businesses prepare for the unexpected and ensure that crucial company data doesn't become a disaster statistic.

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