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How to Guard Your Email from Hackers
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published May 6, 2010
Protecting your email, both personal and professional, against prying eyes requires some basic caution and few specific techniques.
Top 10 Ways to Protect Your PC: Defense in Depth
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published April 27, 2010
Protecting your PC against malware and data theft requires an approach called defense in depth -- and plenty of skepticism.
Securing Windows Autorun/AutoPlay: Good Method vs. Bad Method
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published November 18, 2009
Many Windows users don't know that there are two different approaches to disabling autorun/autoplay -- a dangerous lack of knowledge.
Free, Comprehensive Windows Patch Notification: Secunia
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published November 2, 2009
Microsoft issues patches for its own software, but Windows apps from other vendors remain a problem. Secunia offers a free online software inspector for patch notification.
Consider Linux for Secure Online Banking
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published October 14, 2009
The open source operating system offers a number of advantages in terms of data protection.
Sandboxie: Keeping Malware Off Your PC
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published October 9, 2009
Malware can infect your PC from anywhere on the Web, but the free Sandboxie application effectively blocks it.
Help! Chinese Hackers are Attacking my PC
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published July 10, 2009
A security expert looks at this log file and sees alarming evidence of attempted cyber attacks.
Defending Firefox from Interest-based Ad Cookies
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published May 7, 2009
Although enabling cookies in your browser gives you a lot of advantages, you may still want to block certain cookies. Here’s a guide.
Living with a Netbook: Battery Life to Screen Resize
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published April 6, 2009
Okay, so you've bought that new Acer or Samsung netbook, but how do you extend the battery life, get the best apps and easily resize the tiny screen?
One Guy, 3 Netbooks
By Michael Horowitz |  Article Published November 24, 2008
Reviews of the Acer, Asus and MSI Wind netbooks from a tech reporter who purchased all three.

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