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FileMaker Pro 10 Dresses Up for 2009
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published January 7, 2009
A new interface designed to improve productivity and ease-of-use, without sacrificing familiarity, tops the many changes in this venerable database application.
eFileCabinet 4.0: Manage Documents, Compliance and Backup
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published December 5, 2008
This document management software aims to help SMBs tame the paper tiger, adhere to tough compliance regulations and protect vital assets.
Microsoft Rolls Out New Small Business Server Options
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published November 17, 2008
The company says it designed Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Essential Business Server 2008 to help SMBs with limited IT resources to save time and money.
Cisco Invests $100 Million in New Global SMB Strategy
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published November 10, 2008
The networking and communications giant sets its sights on serving companies with less than 100 employees.
Planning Power Protection: What SMBS Need to Know
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published October 30, 2008
Don't let a power-outage pull the plug on your business. Emerson Power Network offers seven planning points to light the way.
HP Plan Aims to Make Point-of-Sale Play Nice
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published October 10, 2008
The company unveils a program designed to make combining point-of-sale hardware with software applications a smooth, compatible process. and Microsoft Announce E-mail Progeny
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published October 8, 2008
GoDaddy gives birth to e-mail with hosted Exchange, your choice of Outlook or Entourage plus mobile access – at a price individuals and small businesses can afford.
MicroNet's Big RAID Goes Small
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published September 18, 2008
The RAIDBank IV offers huge capacity that fits on a small corner of your desk.
Business Continuity: Always On, Always Working
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published September 16, 2008
What happens to your business if the network fails or the power goes out? If you don't know, you need a disaster recovery plan. An IT provider can help.
Free: A Year of Open Source CRM
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published August 28, 2008
Concursive offers companies up to 100 seats of its on-demand, open source CRM suite for one year. And it really is free.
Go Green (Really Green) With Your Hard Drive
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published July 31, 2008
Bamboo: The choice of Panda bears and…hard drives? Fabrik may be the first company to use actual greens in its SimpleTech [re]Drive.
Vista: Microsoft Offers Small Business Assurance
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published July 10, 2008
The company announces a program designed to support small-business owners as they transition to Vista.
3Com Expands Wireless Networking Portfolio
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published June 27, 2008
The company aims to help small businesses boost their wireless networking with new access points, routers and adapters.
Educating Employees Reduces Security Breaches
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published June 25, 2008
Employee behavior on the Web can make or break your network security. Teaching employees what to look for is the first step.
Moli.Com: Social Networking Means Business
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published May 22, 2008
A relative newcomer to social marketing creates a small business center and offers SMBs resources to grow their business, build Web sites and sell products.
AT&T U-Verse for Business Kicks Internet Speed Up a Notch
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published May 21, 2008
Ma Bell touts faster downloads for small businesses with its new Internet service.
Share, Store and Backup Files On Demand
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published May 9, 2008
Egnyte, a new on-demand service, aims to give small businesses a simple, affordable way to share and save files, anywhere, anytime.
Five Security Tips to Protect Your Small Biz Investment
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published May 8, 2008
Trend Micro offers steps you can take to keep your business safe from complex digital threats and simple human error.
Outsourcing: Save Money, Save the World
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published April 17, 2008
Serebra Connect's online job-auction service lets small businesses reap the benefits of outsourcing while saving the world, one freelance job at a time.
HP Joins the Online Backup and Collaboration Parade
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published April 11, 2008
Its new Upline subscription service includes storage, data sharing and remote access capabilities.
Microsoft Seminars to Help Women Succeed in Business
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published April 3, 2008
Vision to Venture, a five-day, five-city seminar series offers women advice and strategies from nationally known business experts.
Dell Servers Promise More Power for Less Money
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published March 20, 2008
The company says its two new servers, designed and priced for the small business market, offer features and capabilities previously available only to big business.
Smart Tips for New Technologies
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published March 13, 2008
If you're ready to invest in new technology this year, an expert from Acronis software offers a few tips on what to consider — and how to protect your business.
Taking Customer Relationship Management to the Max
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published March 5, 2008
Maximizer CRM 10 Entrepreneur Edition aims to give start-ups and solo professionals a leg-up on growing their business.
Yahoo Moves to Flat-Rate Web Hosting
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published February 11, 2008
The major league Web host makes toast of restrictions by offering unlimited disk space, data transfer and e-mail storage.
Cutting Costs: Microsoft Offers Software Incentives
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published February 6, 2008
If you're in the market for Microsoft applications, two new programs promise to save your small business money.
IForem: Online Data Storage for Life
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published January 17, 2008
The company backs its service with an irrevocable trust that guarantees your data will be stored forever — even if iForem goes out of business.
AT&T: Disaster Planning Low Priority for Small Business
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published January 7, 2008
A survey by Ma Bell says that business continuity and disaster recovery planning don't rank high on small business owners' to-do lists – and that its Remote Vault online data backup service can help rectify that.
Web 2.0? Small Businesses Say No Thanks
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published December 7, 2007
A recent marketing study shows that small businesses don't see much value in blogs, wikis and social networking formats.
Small Business Toolkit: Free Downloads for SMBs
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published August 29, 2007
IBM and the IFC team up to offer a raft of free, online resources to historically under-served minority- and women-owned businesses.
Will Outsourcing Your IT Save Time and Money?
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published May 18, 2007
A new survey of small business executives shows that do-it-yourself doesn’t pay when it comes to maintaining your own IT infrastructure.
Upgrading to Windows Vista � The Great Migration
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published March 5, 2007
Microsoft Vista – for most small business owners, it's not a question of will they switch, but when. Two experts discuss what you need to consider before, during and after the great migration.
ThinkPad Goes Cellular
By Lauren Simonds |  Article Published September 21, 2005
The new Z-Series notebooks feature EV-DO Wireless WAN, a.k.a, Verizon's high-speed cellular service that connects you to the Internet at broadband speeds.

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