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Deflating the Cloud BI Hype Balloon
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published April 16, 2015
Business intelligence delivered via the cloud is showing early signs of maturity, with integration challenges (and IT opportunities) rising. Reports of the end of on-premise BI may be premature.
IoT Challenges for IT: Big Data Skills and Real-time Processors
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published February 17, 2015
The Internet of Things will drive IT to extend real-time processing to more functions and applications. Yet another reason to add Big Data analytics to your resume.
Combining Big Data and Cloud: Transforming IT and Business
By Larry Marion | Cloud Article Published September 16, 2014
Despite challenges, combining Big Data and cloud computing delivers huge business value.
Mobile App Development: Pressure on IT Will Increase
By Larry Marion | Mobile/Wireless Article Published August 18, 2014
Sharply increasing development cycles relying on internal development are coming, along with additional funding.
Big Data for the Midmarket: Value In Six Areas
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published May 6, 2014
Customer service, operations, finance and HR are enjoying the analytics benefits gained first by marketing. Don’t forget the 10 potholes on the road to Nirvana.
Big Data: Understanding Customer Centricity
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published January 14, 2014
Combining data from ERP, CRM and other systems in real time is the next challenge and opportunity for IT.
9 Big Data Lessons Learned
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published July 30, 2013
Early adopters offer insight on data management, visualization, and colocating data and apps in the cloud.
Cloud Business Intelligence: Topping 50 Percent Adoption by 2014
By Larry Marion | Cloud Article Published April 22, 2013
Led by private cloud implementations, Business Intelligence is rapidly moving to the cloud.
Sales Data Analytics: Momentum Keeps Building
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published March 18, 2013
Lead optimization and customer lifetime value calculations are the new frontiers.
Business Intelligence Adoption: Gaining Ground
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published February 18, 2013
Usage of business intelligence and analytics tools is poised to break through the 30 percent barrier.
Real Time BI is Right Time BI
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published January 17, 2013
End users will no longer accept excuses for batch-based delivery of business intelligence and analytics information.
Solving the Mobile BI Puzzle: Which Environment?
By Larry Marion | Mobile/Wireless Article Published December 19, 2012
Microsoft's new tablet and smartphone OS may gain some traction in IT shops responsible for business intelligence infrastructure for mobile units.
Big Data Challenges: Business Analytics Pain Points Persist
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published November 26, 2012
Despite a decade of expensive deployments and a parade of innovative products, user complaints remain substantial and all too familiar.
Data Analytics: Advanced Roll-Out is Accelerating
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published October 15, 2012
Social media, text mining and web analytics provide important new roles for IT pros.
BI Goes Wild: Business Intelligence Becoming Ubiquitous
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published June 19, 2012
BI and analytics use now extends way beyond finance and marketing to include HR, R&D and other functions.
Embedded Business Intelligence: Beware The Traps
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published April 24, 2012
Embedded BI gets plenty of breathless praise, yet two key problems lurk beneath the hype.
Data Visualization Rescues the Math-Phobic
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published March 21, 2012
Data overwhelming the marketing department's English majors? Time for some pretty charts.
How IT Can Support the Sustainability Crusades
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published February 20, 2012
Apps to better manage energy use, carbon footprint and other aspects of sustainability are real and ready for many business processes.
Sales Force Automation: No Longer "Most Loathed" Enterprise Software
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published January 17, 2012
Now that the cloud has made SFA palatable to more sales people, organizations are aggressively adding analytics.
Big Data Analytics Is Not a Niche Anymore
By Larry Marion | Data Center Article Published December 20, 2011
A mere buzzword a short time ago, Big Data Analytics is fast becoming a widely adopted enterprise strategy.
Mobile Business Intelligence Goes Mainstream
By Larry Marion | Mobile/Wireless Article Published November 16, 2011
The debate rages over access to mobile BI via native apps vs. browser-based solutions.
Three Myths About Cloud Computing
By Larry Marion | Cloud Article Published October 18, 2011
Surveys of IT managers reveal a good deal more confusion and ambivalence about cloud computing than the hype suggests.
Integrating Social Media with CRM Apps
By Larry Marion | Applications Article Published September 19, 2011
New book predicts linking social networking sentiment analysis with enterprise apps will be standard operating procedure.
Users Now Run BI (Get Over It, IT Pros)
By Larry Marion |  Article Published May 25, 2011
Business intelligence software is no longer the exclusive province of the IT department.
9 IT Technologies that Drive Product Development
By Larry Marion |  Article Published March 16, 2011
A survey of managers finds that companies working to improve their product development need these IT tools.
New Buzz Phrase Drives CRM and App Development
By Larry Marion |  Article Published February 16, 2011
Companies hope better integration of silos of information and software will improve the often dreadful customer experience.
Top 6 Corporate Handheld Device App Categories by 2012
By Larry Marion |  Article Published December 15, 2010
When it comes to handhelds and smartphones, the motto seems to be, “ready or not, here they come.” Here are the smartphone app categories leading the way.
12 Hottest App Categories for Cloud Computing Shift
By Larry Marion |  Article Published November 30, 2010
A survey reveals that firms are most likely to shift HR to the cloud, with several other other categories close behind.
SaaS Backlash: Survey Shows Abandoned Deals
By Larry Marion |  Article Published October 11, 2010
Software as a service sees growing pains, as the number of mid-sized companies using SaaS for critical applications trends down year over year.
Why Your Business Intelligence Apps Need a Tablet Strategy
By Larry Marion |  Article Published September 28, 2010
As the iPad and competing tablets take over the workplace, business intelligence applications must become compatible with this form factor.
Business Intelligence Software and Post-Crash Strategy
By Larry Marion |  Article Published June 23, 2010
In the wake of the financial downturn, business are turning to BI software to find new ways to manage costs.
Lessons From a Business Intelligence Software Breakdown
By Larry Marion |  Article Published May 26, 2010
A pre-built business intelligence software solution turned into a user nightmare for one firm, providing valuables lessons for users of off-the-shelf BI applications.
Business Intelligence Software: 10 Common Mistakes
By Larry Marion |  Article Published May 14, 2010
Business intelligence software can add to your company’s bottom line – if you avoid these BI common mistakes.
Nine Emerging Trends in Business Intelligence Software
By Larry Marion |  Article Published April 21, 2010
Business Intelligence software's biggest emerging technology involves the smallest devices. Plus BI trends for the cloud, mobile, and data mash-ups.
Business Intelligence Software: Industry Scorecard
By Larry Marion |  Article Published March 1, 2010
As the Business Intelligence software market is racked by mergers and emerging technology, you need a scorecard to track all the changes.
Business Intelligence Software: Cloud Burst Ahead
By Larry Marion |  Article Published February 24, 2010
Business Intelligence software, once exclusively the province of in-house datacenters, is now riding the cloud computing wave – and offering far more benefits to many more companies.
What's Driving SaaS Adoption?
By Larry Marion |  Article Published October 13, 2009
Hint: it has to do with cost. Plus: the optimum value may come from a combination of SaaS and on-premise, especially for large companies.
IT Still (Mostly) Clueless about Users
By Larry Marion |  Article Published September 23, 2009
Attitudes toward the value of technology vary greatly between IT managers and the employees using that technology.
Using CRM to Survive the Recession
By Larry Marion |  Article Published August 3, 2009
Investment in CRM geared toward achieving sales goals ranks as a top priority among executives in a recent survey.
Cut Costs (And Save Your Job) Using Business Intelligence
By Larry Marion |  Article Published June 10, 2009
Business Intelligence software can cut the bloat from five key corporate cost centers – and ensure the job of that smart individual who understands its potential.
Outsourcing: SMBs are Doing It, Too
By Larry Marion |  Article Published April 2, 2008
Once the province of large firms, the next few years will see rapid moves overseas by smaller outfits. Plus: how to get IT on board with this process.
Taking Control of Your Firm's Business Intelligence App
By Larry Marion |  Article Published August 8, 2007
BI programs are key navigational tools for tech executives, yet the IT department is typically out of the loop. Here’s how to be a BI hero.
Watch out for wacky CRM pricing
By Larry Marion |  Article Published September 1, 1999
Buying customer relationship management software is your latest opportunity to get hosed.
ERP transactions from anywhere
By Larry Marion |  Article Published August 1, 1999
Using a PalmPilot or a cell phone to enter or retrieve data from some ERP applications is on the horizon.
IT execs scramble following outsourcer collapse
By Larry Marion |  Article Published August 1, 1999
Borden Foods and other customers of Litton Enterprise Solutions are early victims of coming shakeout.
Dij` vu all over again: The return of time sharing
By Larry Marion |  Article Published July 1, 1999
Risk management is the name of the game as ERP outsourcing becomes the fashion du jour. Watch out for the leisure suits.
Don't panic, but it's time to upgrade
By Larry Marion |  Article Published June 1, 1999
Income taxes, your birthday, and ERP upgrades are all annual events to view with equal measures of terror and pleasure.
Enterprise integration tools come of age
By Larry Marion |  Article Published May 1, 1999
Like most gawky adolescents, enterprise applications integration tools lack age and experience. They're not perfect, but they can still save you time and money.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Beware heightened hype.
By Larry Marion |  Article Published March 1, 1999
As high-powered vendor pitches take on millennial proportions, remember this: Try it before you buy it.
Snap, crackle, pop--and crash--go the income statements
By Larry Marion |  Article Published February 1, 1999
Enterprise resource planning implementations do not automatically enable a company to improve its profitability, as Boeing and Kellogg are learning.
We feel your pain, and your pleasure
By Larry Marion |  Article Published December 1, 1998
Is there a problem at Hewlett-Packard? Sun Microsystems forges ahead in the customer satisfaction race.
The limitations of extended ERP
By Larry Marion |  Article Published November 1, 1998
If you buy all of your bolt-on applications from an enterprise resource planning software vendor, it may deprive your users of important functionality.
The new legacy systems
By Larry Marion |  Article Published November 1, 1998
How long will today's enterprise resource planning systems last?
Show them the money
By Larry Marion |  Article Published July 1, 1998
Selling the benefits of an ERP system is not a one-time event.

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