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The 6 Essential Automation Tools For the Enterprise
By Kenneth Hess | Applications Article Published June 10, 2015
Automation tools help with everything from account maintenance to system monitoring – not to mention greatly assisting the system admin.
Virtual Machine Backup: Five Solutions
By Kenneth Hess | Data Storage Article Published September 12, 2011
Virtual machines have enabled companies to cuts costs. But what happens when an enterprise wants to back up its new legion of virtual machines?
10 Linux Distros Focused on Security
By Kenneth Hess | Open Source Article Published August 31, 2011
These Linux distributions may not have the name recognition of some, yet their focus on security makes them worthy of consideration.
Tips for Data Center Cost Savings
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published June 1, 2011
Data centers are inherently expensive, making it all the more important to seek greater efficiency.
10 Virtual Machine Techniques to Boost Efficiency
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published April 27, 2011
These VM tweaks can lessen downtime and boost the productivity of your IT infrastructure.
Why SSDs Are (Far) Better Than Mechanical Disks
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 2, 2011
Solid state drives aren't cheap, yet they offer clear advantages to tradtional spinning hard drives.
Cloud Computing: 10 Data Items To Hold Back
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published February 1, 2011
The public cloud has its virtues, yet there are many aspects of your business that should never reside out there.
iPad Apps to Manage a Data Center
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 26, 2011
iPad apps for the IT manager, from remote connectivity to taking notes.
Cloud Computing: Ten Essential Services
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 19, 2011
The leading cloud computing solutions that many companies are leveraging to cut costs and boost efficiency.
Five Key Data Center Staffers
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 11, 2011
The central players in the daily drama of keeping your data center functional.
Ten Free Server Apps
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published December 1, 2010
Free downloads for systems administrators or anyone who wants to boost their server computer's efficiency.
Why Virtualize Your Data Center? 10 Reasons
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published November 3, 2010
Virtualizing your data center can provide a common management interface and easier hardware changes, among other advantages.
Major Data Center Irritations (the Short List)
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published September 10, 2010
Spending time in a modern day data center may make you wonder why, exactly, things have gone so wrong.
Linux Server: Ten Leading Distros
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published August 27, 2010
The Linux server distributions that are seeing the greatest success in enterprise adoption.
Letting Go of Windows Server 2003
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published August 24, 2010
With Windows Server 2003 having passed its mainstream support date, what is the next best option?
Data Center Errors to Avoid
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published August 17, 2010
A perfectly run and managed data center is probably more fantasy than reality. Here are a handful of obvious wrong turns to avoid.
Server Virtualization Falsehoods: Ignore These 10
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published August 2, 2010
As server virtualization grows ever more popular, the non-truths propagate quickly.
A Database Virtualization Myth -- Debunked
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published June 17, 2010
Some database vendors will tell you that you need their dedicated, proprietary physical hardware. In reality you can shop around.
Datacenter Chic: How Small is Yours?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published May 28, 2010
Instead of boasting about massive technical infrastructure, the trend is toward a leaner, more cost efficient datacenter. The buzzword is...minimal.
Protecting Server Security from Internal Threats
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published May 14, 2010
Sure, hackers and network-based malware threatens your computing infrastructure, but server security faces a far more insidious threat.
The Leading Virtualization Vendors
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published April 22, 2010
The virtualization market is crowded, but these ten virtualization vendors are the leaders of the pack.
Can Ubuntu Server Be a Datacenter Leader?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 12, 2010
The flexibility of Ubuntu's cost structure offers a competitive advantage: companies purchase support for it only if they need or want to.
Ten Leading Open Source Server Technologies
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 2, 2010
Open source server technologies like Zenoss, Mono, and (of course) Apache are among the top open source server tools.
Improving Data Center Efficiency: Five Steps
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published February 17, 2010
Consolidating your workload requires analyzing system performance and getting more use from underutilized systems. It may be easier than you think.
Ten IT Trends for the Years Ahead
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 25, 2010
Mobile computing, cloud-based infrastructure, virtualization and other emerging trends are remaking IT.
Data Deduplication: Two Methods
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 21, 2010
There are two types of data deduplication, both of which can help your enterprise lower its data storage needs. Which method is right for your company?
Is Your Data Center Just Plain Ugly?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published December 9, 2009
Oh, maybe the cables are all neat and the fans are blowing, but your beloved data center may still be far from pretty.
A Virtual Infrastructure Saves Money (But It Ain't Free)
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published July 24, 2009
Virtualization is often touted as a huge cost savings -- which it is. But it does require a significant investment.
Decreasing In-House Windows Support Costs
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published May 13, 2009
With a few key strategies in mind, the money you spend on maintaining your Windows PC's will trend lower.
Roll Your Own Linux with New Solutions
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published April 27, 2009
Solutions like VMware Studio (a free download from VMware), SUSE Studio, and rPath's rBuilder allow you more freedom than ever before.
Geek Secrets for Cheap Tech Gear
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published April 22, 2009
Geeks always have the coolest gear -- but they don't have the deepest pockets. Learn how they buy tech toys cheaply.
Is Linux Bad for the Economy?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published April 2, 2009
Linux's emphasis on cost savings and a skinny bottom line may be the opposite of what we need, as economic recovery won't start unless business get back to spend serious money.
IT Staff vs. Service Contracts: Cost Savings?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 30, 2009
It may be tempting to convert more of your work force to service contracts, but it could cost more in the long run.
How to Learn Linux for Free
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 19, 2009
Training budgets have been cut drastically, but there are still numerous resources to help you learn the Linux OS for free, or low cost;
Xen Wants to Give You a Free Hypervisor
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 16, 2009
Citrix recently announced that its XenServer 5 product is now a free giveaway. Is there a catch?
Is Vista vs. Windows 7 a True Choice?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 4, 2009
Users who have stuck with Windows XP waiting to upgrade face a choice sometime soon.
Commercial Linux Distro Support: Which is Best?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 3, 2009
Between Canonical, Red Hat and Novell, which company offers the best Linux support?
Desktop Cost: Linux vs. Windows
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published February 18, 2009
Instead of another rant on the subject, sit down and compare the ongoing expense of these contrasting operating systems.
Linux, Are You Our Hero?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 23, 2009
They say that a hero can save us; I'm not gonna stand here and wait
Ruby programmer or Hacker, Are You Betting the Farm on BeanieBoy01?
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published January 16, 2009
Cover Your Assets: Know with whom you're working on that all-important project or it could cost you the farm.
Losing My Religion: Firefox 3
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published March 12, 2008
Confessions of a Linux Geek
This Thing We Call KDE 4: The Wow Factor
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published February 27, 2008
While it may not be fully ready for production systems yet, this latest version of the K Desktop Environment is one sharp-looking interface. Our reviewer takes a zippy test drive.
Damn Small Linux Makes Darn Big Impression
By Kenneth Hess |  Article Published September 17, 2007
At a mere 50MB, Damn Small Linux seems like it would be more at home in the realm of rescue disks instead of Desktop OSs. After booting up into full graphical mode, you may be hooked on this tiny distribution forever.

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