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VMware, Mitel Unveil UC for Virtualized Desktop
By Kenneth Corbin | Data Center Article Published August 30, 2011
The solution will enable mobile devices, soft phones and collaboration applications to run on a virtual desktop.
Why Do Clients Choose One Cloud Vendor Over Another?
By Kenneth Corbin | Cloud Article Published August 22, 2011
A cloud client talks about factors that influenced its decision to go with a given cloud computer vendor.
15 Cloud Computing Firms to Watch: Security, Storage, Apps
By Kenneth Corbin | Cloud Article Published April 26, 2011
Cloud computing companies targeting greater market share in various emerging cloud sectors.
U.S., EU Web Privacy Regimes Converging
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published March 10, 2011
Is it the last stand for self-regulation? Top privacy officials from the United States and European Union describe efforts to harmonize policies, highlighting relative laxity of U.S. approach.
Senate Passes Landmark Patent Reform Bill
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published March 9, 2011
Upper chamber clears comprehensive reform effort by a wide margin, aiming to curb litigation and streamline the U.S. PTO. Measure now heads to the House, where a draft bill is in the works.
House Dems Object to Fast-Track Net Neutrality Overturn
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published March 7, 2011
Ahead of this week's hearing to overturn Federal Communications Commission's open Internet order, Democrat committee leaders make last-ditch appeal to halt the process.
Kerry, Snowe Introduce Spectrum Overhaul Bill
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published March 3, 2011
Comprehensive reform legislation would authorize inventory of wireless spectrum, pave the way for auctions to transition from TV broadcasters to mobile broadband.
IDC: Server Sales Keep Rebounding
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published March 1, 2011
For server sales, it's 'happy days are here again.' IDC reports that fourth-quarter global revenues and shipments both saw double-digit increases.
Senate Dems Voice Opposition to House Net Neutrality Repeal
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 24, 2011
Band of four senators writes to bipartisan leadership expressing opposition to House efforts to overturn FCC's net neutrality order.
Tech Execs, Government Officials Stump for Spectrum Reform
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 23, 2011
Administration officials press for policy reform to free up more spectrum for mobile broadband, a push backed by some of the Web's biggest players, including Google and Microsoft.
House Votes to Block Net Neutrality Rules
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 18, 2011
Lower chamber approves budget amendment to block use of funds to implement new open Internet rules for service providers, setting stage for a showdown with the Senate.
NTIA, FCC Release National Broadband Map
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 17, 2011
Feds deliver long-awaited visualization of availability of broadband service down to census block, highlighting shortfalls in deployment, along with a new survey indicating adoption trends.
GOP Lawmakers Move to Strike Down Net Neutrality Regs
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 16, 2011
Resolution of disapproval drops following a contentious oversight hearing on FCC's authority to impose open Internet regulations on broadband access providers.
Clinton Outlines Internet Freedom Agenda
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 15, 2011
Amid recent flare-ups in Egypt, Iran and other nations, Secretary of State calls for repressive regimes to end Web censorship and surveillance, pledging support for activist groups working to evade state-imposed filters.
FCC Chief Hails Broadband as Economic Engine
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 9, 2011
FCC Chairman outlines steps his agency is taking to promote deployment of high-speed Internet service, calling it a lynch-pin of the 21st century economy.
FCC Moves to Shift Phone Subsidy to Rural Broadband
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 8, 2011
Federal Communications Commission initiates process of overhauling $8 billion Universal Service Fund to promote broadband service in underserved areas.
White House Report Touts Obama Innovation Agenda
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 4, 2011
Administration fleshes out broad goals outlined in State of the Union address and follow-up events with a new report advancing policy initiatives, including patent reform and broadband infrastructure.
Internet Service Back on in Egypt
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published February 2, 2011
After a week of darkness for embattled nation's ISPs, Internet monitoring firms find that transmissions started to resume Wednesday morning.
Internet, Telecom Networks Shut Down in Egypt
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 28, 2011
Government authorities order communications providers to unplug infrastructure in an effort to curb further protests, a wholesale blackout that an intelligence firm describes as unprecedented in Internet history.
Leahy Sees Momentum for Patent Reform in Obama Address
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 26, 2011
Senate Judiciary Chairman optimistic that he can press forward controversial effort to overhaul the nation's patent system, pegging the effort to Obama's message of innovation and competitiveness.
House Panel Presses for ISP Data Retention Mandate
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 25, 2011
In the face of persistent privacy concerns, members air bipartisan support for industry-wide standard for ISPs to retain user data to share with law enforcement investigating child pornography and other Internet crimes.
Twitter Ad Revenue Projected to Triple in 2011
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 24, 2011
Research firm eMarketer is bullish on Twitter, projecting that the microblogging phenomenon is poised to start ratcheting up its advertising operation amid sharp growth in social media spending.
Schmidt out as Google CEO, Q4 Profit Soars
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 20, 2011
Search giant reports solid growth in revenues and profits, while announcing a major shake-up of its top executives, with co-founder Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as CEO.
Software Lobby Calls China Piracy Pledge 'Incremental Progress'
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 20, 2011
China has pledged to implement new auditing tools to ensure the government is purchasing legitimate software, a move that met with cautious praise as a good first step from a leading anti-piracy lobby.
Critics Warn as DoJ, FCC Clear Comcast-NBC Merger
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 19, 2011
Open Internet provisions, other conditions apply, but critics warn the $30 billion mega-merger will create unhealthy media consolidation.
Blackburn: FCC Headed for 'Congressional Hurricane'
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 18, 2011
Incensed at the Federal Communications Commission's move to enact net neutrality rules, GOP lawmaker vows to lead a campaign of curbing agency's regulatory overreach.
Internet Building the Hive, Driving Engagement: Pew
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 18, 2011
New research from Pew Internet Project highlights the dramatic effect Internet-enabled technologies are having on Americans' ability to form communities.
NY Rep. Asks Treasury to Blacklist Wikileaks' Assange
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 13, 2011
New York Republican Pete King asks Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to add Wikileaks founder to list of individuals barred from doing business with U.S. firms.
DoJ Leans on Twitter for WikiLeaks Information
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 10, 2011
Probing the mass release of secret government documents, the Justice Department goes to court to wrest information from Twitter about principals in the case, including Julian Assange and the Army private accused of facilitating the leak.
FCC Boss Takes Spectrum Shortfall Warning to CES
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 7, 2011
Chairman Julius Genachowski warns that the mobile revolution so heavily promoted this week at CES might never come to pass if the government can't free up new bands of spectrum.
Boehner, GOP to Stream Opening Session on Facebook
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 5, 2011
In what is billed as a first step in a new era of government transparency through technology, incoming House Speaker John Boehner breaks new ground in streaming dawn of 112th Congress on social networking site.
GOP House Chair Seeks Action Against Wikileaks
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published January 3, 2011
In an appearance on Fox News, Rep. Darrell Issa, incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, described plans to challenge Obama administration policies, including the handling of Wikileaks.
Paul Allen Refiles Massive Patent Suit Against Tech Heavies
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 29, 2010
As expected, Microsoft founder resubmits his patent infringement claim against Google, Apple, Facebook and others after a judge's initial dismissal on the grounds that the claims were too vague.
FCC Poised to Clear Comcast-NBC Merger
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 27, 2010
Agency officials indicate that an order of conditional approval of the blockbuster merger is making the rounds among the commissioners, calling for broadband, programming conditions to protect the public interest.
FCC Approves First Net Neutrality Rules
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 21, 2010
Over strident Republican opposition, split panel votes to approve rules barring Internet service providers from blocking content on their networks, a compromise that left all stakeholders wanting more.
FCC Net Neutrality Order Strengthened, Poised for Passage
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 20, 2010
Senior commission officials describe provisions added to ensure majority support for controversial order stipulating open Internet requirements. Advocates say it's not enough.
White House Pledges Crackdown on Online Counterfeits
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 14, 2010
Senior administration officials talk tough about the illegal trafficking of online goods, zeroing in on health risks such as knock-off pharmaceuticals.
House Panel to Weigh Spy Act Update Amid Wikileaks Scandal
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 13, 2010
Members of the House Judiciary Committee to consider an update of the 1917 Espionage Act to position U.S. authorities to bring Julian Assange to justice.
Sen. Kerry Urges FCC Democrats to Back Net Neutrality Plan
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 10, 2010
Key Senate Democrat urges commissioners to get pragmatic, not to let the "perfect" be the enemy of the "good."
Twitter in Use by 8% of Americans: Pew
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 9, 2010
Venerable research organization offers revealing look at the user base of the popular microblogging service.
House Chair Calls for Net Neutrality Conditions on Comcast/NBC Deal
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 8, 2010
Rep. Henry Waxman, head of the Energy and Commerce Committee, asks Federal Communications Commission to condition blockbuster merger to protect free flow of online video. Rep. Ed Markey weighs in with calls for affordable broadband service.
Salesforce Launches Cloud-Based Database
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 8, 2010
Salesforce touts the new solution as the first enterprise-level database service that is entirely in the cloud. Do customers want this?
Facebook Revamps Profile Pages
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 6, 2010
Social networking behemoth undertakes a major redesign in a bid to enable users to shape their first-blush presentation.
With New Swiss Host, WikiLeaks Continues to Publish
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 3, 2010
Dropped by Amazon and under pervasive DDoD attacks, whistleblower site reemerges on a Swiss domain to continue publishing leaked cables as the manhunt for its founder continues.
FCC to Vote on Net Neutrality Rules This Month
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 1, 2010
After more than a year of debate, politicking and closed-door negotiations, the FCC is poised to enact its first binding nondiscrimination rules for broadband providers.
EU Opens Antitrust Probe Into Google Search
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published December 1, 2010
European antitrust authorities announce a formal inquiry into allegations from Google's competitors that the search giant used its market clout to undermine competition.
Wikileaks Diplomatic Cable Cache Links China to Google Hack
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 30, 2010
WikiLeaks document stash indicates longstanding cyber espionage campaign orchestrated by Chinese government, prompts harsh White House condemnation of leak.
Internet a Rich Man's Plaything: Pew
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 24, 2010
New study from venerable research group highlights gap between well-off and lower-income Americans' Internet activities and technology usage.
White House Pledges Cloud Computing Approach to Federal IT
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 19, 2010
Obama administration announces sweeping reforms to federal IT procurement and management, planning agency mandate for cloud computing and aggressive data center consolidation.
Senate Panel Passes Controversial Online Piracy Bill
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 18, 2010
Legislation that would crack down on websites engaging in trafficking of counterfeit goods and pirated content heads to the Senate floor amid heated opposition from digital-rights groups.
iPhone Gets Google Voice
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 18, 2010
After long delay, the iPhone finally has a Google Voice app, a native version of the omnibus telephony tool.
Google Says Internet Freedom Key to Global Commerce
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 17, 2010
In the wake of its dispute with China over Internet censorship, the search giant is now appealing to policymakers to make online freedom a cornerstone of U.S. trade talks and diplomacy.
Facebook to Open Data Center in North Carolina
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 12, 2010
Social networking giant selects site for its second owned and operated data center, continuing its shift away from leased facilities as it charts a course for long-term growth.
HP Settles E-Rate Fraud Case With Feds for $16M
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 11, 2010
Computing giant agrees to pay $16.25 million to settle fraud allegations that included lavishing city officials with gifts such as yacht trips and Super Bowl tickets in exchange for sales contracts under a federal telecom subsidy program.
Android Smartphone Sales Soar
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 11, 2010
The open source Android smartphone OS saw its share of the smartphone market soar from 3.5 percent in the third quarter of 2009 to 25.5 percent this year.
Google Adds Images to Instant Search
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published November 9, 2010
Leading Web search provider updates its Instant search feature to provide preview images of websites as they turn up in search results.
Yahoo Revamps Webmail With Social Tint
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 27, 2010
Web pioneer continues its overhaul efforts with a makeover of its popular Webmail service, targeting social features with a focus on security.
FCC Lays Spectrum Blueprint
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 25, 2010
Reiterating warnings about a looming spectrum shortfall, Federal Communications Commission outlines steps to free up more airwaves for mobile broadband networks.
HP Unveils Business Tablet PC
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 25, 2010
The newest iPad challenger, the HP Slate 500, runs a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor and includes a hefty 2GB of RAM.
Google Updates Policy After Camera-Equipped Car Gaff
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 25, 2010
The search giant freely admits that it failed in protecting users' privacy, conceding that it intercepted emails and passwords over unencrypted wi-fi networks.
Cisco's Chambers Stumps for Business-Led Economic Recovery
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 21, 2010
CEO of networking giant urges government-business collaboration to speed economic recovery, pitches his own version of a stimulus plan through tax reform.
Obama Looks to STEM Education to Drive IT, Economy
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 18, 2010
President announces projects to boost education in fields that support the tech sector, citing global competitive threats in remarks following the White House science fair.
Google 3Q Profit Soars 32%, Offers Rare Revenue Breakdown
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 14, 2010
Search giant posts healthy profits that beat analysts, while disclosing some rare financials about display, mobile and YouTube.
Google Moves Top Exec Mayer to Focus on Location
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 13, 2010
By shifting one of its leading lights and longest-serving executives to head the geo/local division, Google signals that it's getting serious about location-based services and ads.
Diluted ACTA IP Accord Offers Consolation to Digital-Rights Groups
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 8, 2010
With the final draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement now available to the public, interested parties evaluate the impact on Internet service providers.
Yahoo Updates Search Engine With 'Immersive' Features
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 7, 2010
Web portal Yahoo begins expanding search features for entertainment and news content in new "immersive search" offering.
Enterprise Smartphones: Droid Pro to Challenge BlackBerry
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 7, 2010
Motorola's newest smartphone, the Droid Pro, is poised to compete with BlackBerry in the all-important enterprise market.
Facebook Retools With Focus on User Control
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 7, 2010
Leading social networking site unveils sweeping set of changes aimed at forging closer group connections, expanding users' control over their information.
White House IP Boss: Digital Piracy Costs U.S. Jobs
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 5, 2010
Linking IP enforcement with the economic recovery, Victoria Espinel has high hopes for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement as the final draft nears completion and public release.
EFF Heralds Victory After Senate Shelves IP Bill
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published October 1, 2010
Leading digital rights group wins a battle in its fight against what it sees as overreaching Internet infringement legislation, though it acknowledges the war is far from over.
HP Board Names Apotheker Next CEO
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published September 30, 2010
Following the hasty departure of Mark Hurd, computing giant Hewlett-Packard names former SAP boss Léo Apotheker as its next president and CEO.
Cyberwar Simulation: Is America Ready?
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published September 30, 2010
Scores of businesses are taking part in Cyber Storm III, a US government simulation intended to explore the ramifications of a major cyberattack.
White House IP Chief Talks Tough on Online Piracy
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published September 28, 2010
U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel touts administration's efforts to crack down on Internet piracy, praises controversial Senate bill to blacklist offending sites.
Apple, Google Darlings of Tech Press: Pew Study
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published September 27, 2010
New report from Pew Research Center scours technology news coverage for prevailing trends, finds disproportionate coverage of a select few companies, while identifying a mixed message of exuberance for the promise of technology and worry over its unintended consequences.
HP, Oracle Settle Lawsuit Over Ex-CEO Hurd
By Kenneth Corbin |  Article Published September 21, 2010
Computing giant settles its feud with Oracle over outgoing CEO Mark Hurd, agreeing to drop its lawsuit and restore corporate ties.

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