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WeatherBug Rides Out Traffic Storm
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published October 5, 2005
WeatherBug provided photos and streaming video during hurricanes Katrina and Rita, without long waits or site crashes. A new content delivery system saved them from losing customers and confidence.
Bank Puts Money and Time into IT Savings Account
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published August 25, 2005
One bank turned off its firwall and anti-virus software. Sounds risky? Not for Ulster Savings Bank. They went with outsourced security management, saving them time and money.
Cleaning up Databases to Save Time... and Money
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published April 29, 2005
A global consulting firm discovered that using new software to clean up their databases, not only saved them time... it also saved them money.
Ad-Aware Cleans Up in Malware Removal Category
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published February 18, 2005
Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE Professional Edition wowed users who made the Sweden-based company the winner in the Malware Removal category of Datamation's 2005 Product of the Year awards.
BlackBerry 7100 Wins Datamation Handheld Award
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published February 17, 2005
Research in Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry 7100 claimed a decisive victory in the Handheld Device category of Datamation's Product of the Year 2005 awards.
Phishers Focusing in on New Targets
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published February 2, 2005
No longer satisfied with running banking scams, phishers are focusing their sights on the health care industry and utilities in their ever-expanding attempts to rip off users.
Biometrics Not Quite Ready for the Enterprise
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published January 12, 2005
Passwords have long been a security problem. But if the answer is biometrics, how long before the technology makes it to corporate desktops?
In 2005, Organized Crime Will Back Phishers
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published December 23, 2004
Phishers proved to be the biggest security threat this year. And analysts say the growth of online organized crime will make it even worse for 2005.
Father of Spam Speaks Out on His Legacy
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published November 19, 2004
In a one-on-one interview with the man known as the Father of Spam, he talks about the role he's played in the Internet's history, if he has any regrets, and if he would do it all over again.
Is the Answer to Offshoring... Insourcing?
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published November 11, 2004
While debate rages about the number of American IT jobs being offshored, some analysts are turning their attention to the jobs that foreign-based companies are moving onto U.S. soil. Could this insourcing movement help offset major job losses?
Bush and Kerry Debate Technology
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published October 25, 2004
With days to go before the presidential election, both President Bush and Sen. Kerry square off over the tech industry. Which candidate would best bolster the struggling tech sector? Candidates on Jobs, Spam, Security Questions
Candidates on Jobs, Spam, Security Questions
By Kate Stoodley |  Article Published October 25, 2004
Presidential candidates President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry answer questions about high-tech issues like spam, cyber security and globalization.

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