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BlackBerry Bold Off Japan Shelves Due to Heat
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 28, 2009
Research in Motion voluntarily halts sales of BlackBerry Bold after reports of units that are unusually warm.
Iron Mountain Offers Virtual File Archive
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 24, 2009
The venerable document archiving company touts its new "storage-as-a-service" offering.
Apple Gear Devours U.S. Wi-Fi
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 16, 2009
The ubiquitous iPhone and iPod consume the largest share of domestic W-Fi, but Nokia holds the top spot globally.
Authors to Kindle: Please Shut Up
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 15, 2009
Copyright concerns prompt a writers' advocacy group to push for disabling the text-to-voice feature.
What's Driving Motorola's Enthusiasm for Android
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 8, 2009
The struggling mobile player hopes it can use the Android platform to develop new smartphone offerings.
Is Microsoft Planning a Smartphone Push?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 7, 2009
Redmond's getting ready to join the ranks of handset makers, according to a study.
Study: IT Woes as Mobile Edges Out Desk Phones
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 6, 2009
Workers are picking ever-more-powerful smartphones over desktop phones. But businesses may face unexpected worries as a result.
Dell Could Release Smartphone in February
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published February 2, 2009
Reports claim launches are this month, experts predict opportunity and challenges, for both.
Is Amazon Prepping a Kindle Redux?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published January 31, 2009
The e-tailer is staying mum, but word has it that a new version of the e-book reader is coming Feb. 9.
Like the Pre? Wait Until It's Actually Finished
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published January 21, 2009
Palm shutters information flow while finishing up software, network certification work.
Will the iPhone Become the No. 1 Smartphone?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published January 16, 2009
One researcher thinks it could happen -- with wide-ranging implications for mobile carriers and the market's current leader, Nokia.
Palm Places Bets on Sleek Phone, Web-Centric OS
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published January 9, 2009
All eyes are on the device maker at CES this week in Las Vegas. Can a sleek-looking new smartphone and a mobile platform lead to a comeback?
CES 2009: 'Do or Die' Time for Palm?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published January 8, 2009
Today's expected unveiling of a new mobile OS could stop the Treo maker's long decline -- if all goes well.
IT Spending Recovery a Year Away
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published January 6, 2009
This recession won't be a repeat of the dot-com crash years, according to one industry watcher.
2009: A Bright Year for Smartphones and Storage?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 29, 2008
The new year may bring a new iPhone, smarter storage, and prosperity for beleaguered handset makers.
iPhone, BlackBerry Storm to Square Off in 2009
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 23, 2008
New survey says Apple faces market challenge from Research in Motion's touchscreen smartphone. Who will emerge the victor?
A Year For Smarter Phones, Crowded Clouds
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 22, 2008
There was more than one sea change when it came to handsets, storage and wireless data speeds this year.
Palm's Next OS Will Be New, But What is It?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 16, 2008
At least one analyst thinks Palm is planning to unwrap a Linux-based, mobile operating system next month at CES.
A More Petite iPhone by Christmas?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 13, 2008
Walmart's not talking but published reports claim that a smaller Apple smartphone is headed for the biggest retailer.
EMC Wants to Help Wrangle More Value From Data
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 12, 2008
Newly launched center provides help in integrating storage and business intelligence services.
BlackBerry Storm Doesn't Blow Away Reviewers
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 7, 2008
Major critics come down hard on the Research in Motion's latest challenger to the iPhone's throne.
Nokia's New N97 Aims for the Super-Connected
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published December 7, 2008
With a touchscreen and advanced social networking and Net-connected features, the world's largest phone vendor may be poised to mount a new threat to the iPhone.
Are You Googling Yourself Sick?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 30, 2008
Researchers warn surfers not to think the worse when investigating ailments.
Secondhand PCs Go Unused Despite Demand
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 29, 2008
The refurbished marketplace is stymied due to a wide swath of issues, impacting the availability of systems to emerging markets.
Google's Underdog Eyes iPhone's Lead in Apps
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 28, 2008
While Apple continues to dominate, Google-backed Android's download store is open -- but not very crowded. But that may change.
Report: Economy Won't Dim Apple's iPhone
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 27, 2008
Current economic woes don't seem to be taking a bite out of Apple's sales growth, according to an analyst report.
Blackberry Storm: iPhone Killer?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 22, 2008
Newest BlackBerry smartphone poses biggest challenge yet to iPhone, experts say.
IT Spend Report Shows Tougher Times Ahead
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 21, 2008
Despite reduced budgets enterprises are still doling out bucks for smartphones.
iPhone Remains Left Out as Android Scores Flash
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 18, 2008
Google and Adobe announce Flash for the G1 and other Android devices. Will Apple change its tune?
RIM Readies its BlackBerry iPhone Killer
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 14, 2008
While late to market with a touchscreen design, handset maker's got its customer bases covered going into holiday season.
Storage Startup Goes All Out With SSD
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 12, 2008
Flash-based storage is still pricier -- but that's not stopping Violin from serenading enterprises with its alternative to disk storage.
Sun Embarks on New Storage 'Road'
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 11, 2008
Vendors pushes out first open storage appliance on Open Solaris platform, offering an inexpensive take on network storage.
IBM Expands Ways to Get a Grip on Data
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 6, 2008
Big Blue's new products promise better classification and retrieval processes.
Virtualization Coming to HP SANs
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published November 6, 2008
Vendor builds a SAN platform that promises easier storage management and cheaper cost.
Is the Smartphone the Next PC Device?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 26, 2008
IBM study shows mobile Internet users would ditch desktops for handsets.
G1 Floats into Market with Fewer Apps
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 23, 2008
Google's first Android-based smartphone hits the stores and already, fans are grumbling about the scaled-back apps.
The G1 & Security: A Paradox in Play?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 22, 2008
The first Google Android handset becomes available today, carrying the question of how open platforms can be secure while not thwarting innovation.
Google's G1 or Apple iPhone? Experts Weigh In
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 20, 2008
Early reviews find a lot to like and a lot to criticize in the first Android handset. But its real strength may be in driving the industry forward.
Needed: Good Mobile Developers
By Judy Mottl | Most Popular Article Published October 18, 2008
Handset makers seek skilled developers for interactive networking devices and the rise of social networking applications on a smaller screen.
Motorola Krave Has Eye on iPhones
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 17, 2008
The 'Krave' handset is all about the touch.
FCC Says 'White Spaces' Can Work for Net Access
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 16, 2008
A major victory for tech firms as testing finds little risk of interference, clearing the way for a vote on opening the spectrum.
Microsoft Pumps Up Collaboration Suite
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 15, 2008
UPDATED: Upcoming unified communications server adds new VoIP, mobile and sharing features.
Android: One Mobile OS to Rule Them All?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 11, 2008
Forget smartphones: Android could move into the far larger, low-end mobile market, sparking more change in an already turbulent industry.
HP Readying Competitor to iPhone, G1
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 6, 2008
A month after launching a business-centric handset, the PC player aims for consumer market -- and takes on some new foes.
Consumers Snap Up Smartphones Despite Downturn
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 4, 2008
Research shows consumers remain hungry for high-end devices, with the iPhone and BlackBerry still current favorites.
Tech Titans Push Mobile Broadband Forward
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 2, 2008
Leading vendors unite to make wireless devices broadband-friendly out of the box.
RIM Aims to Take iPhone by Storm
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published October 1, 2008
Nokia, Moto rumored to be shoring up Android efforts in smartphone battle.
Greater Worker Connectivity Brings Tradeoffs
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 28, 2008
New study shows workers working more, but job stress rising as well.
SanDisk Plays a New Tune With Memory Cards
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 27, 2008
As Samsung looms, flash memory player pitches microSD as a music CD replacement.
The G1 Quandary: Open Yet Locked
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 25, 2008
A splashy launch event can't mask potential challenges facing Google handset.
All Aboard Google Android Next Week
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 20, 2008
T-Mobile sends out device launch invites but offers no handset details.
Move Over for My Smartphone, Honey
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 20, 2008
Survey shows how mobile device use crosses work-life boundaries.
Street Fallout a Silver Lining for Wireless Market
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 19, 2008
While shaky economics isn't good, carriers and handset makers cling to new business opportunities.
RIM's BlackBerry 'Flips' Out to Woo Consumers
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 13, 2008
Research In Motion adopts a flip-open design in a bid to undercut Apple's iPhone and win new fans in the consumer space.
IBM Seeks Shootout With EMC Over Storage
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 9, 2008
Big Blue revamps its storage strategy to take on the market's leader. But who will be left standing once the dust clears?
Cloud Storage Isn't All Blue Skies Just Yet
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 4, 2008
Moving storage to the cloud can prove inexpensive and easy, but experts warn that some key problems still overshadow the nascent space.
HP Makes Another Smartphone Move
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 4, 2008
But the PC vendor has a hard road against high profile competitors, say industry watchers
IBM's Got SSD in Its Storage Sights
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published September 3, 2008
Big Blue isn't idle while fellow storage tech titans move technology into product lines.
iPhone 3G Snags Keeping RIM's New Bold at Bay?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 30, 2008
Analyst report states upcoming BlackBerry device experiencing same network issues as Apple's iPhone.
Mobile Apps Now Arriving Before New Devices
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 29, 2008
While Bold isn't here yet new messaging software is up for grabs.
Will Solid State Drives Go Beyond Enterprise?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 25, 2008
Insiders predict a revolution in solid state storage next year.
iPhone 'Acceptable' for Enterprise, but Not Perfect
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 14, 2008
Gartner says security options make it viable, but there's room for improvement.
BM Sees Enterprise Appeal in Wireless Net Boom
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 10, 2008
New mobile Rational, Lotus and Domino apps hit the street, backed up by new carrier partnerships designed to cash in on a booming trend.
The Data Pileup: Save Money or Save Data?
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 9, 2008
Expanding the storage farm may be cheap, but is it a cost-effective way for storing data?
Wireless Devices May Be Future P2P Battleground
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 4, 2008
While AT&T doesn't use tools to block wireless users from file sharing, it's clearly not condoning it.
Data Demand to Drive 4G Broadband Forward
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published August 1, 2008
New report shows explosive growth ahead for high-speed wireless -- yet WiMAX may emerge a loser.
IBM Follows Through on Data Protection for SMBs
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 31, 2008
Big Blue takes another whack at CDP for small offices by turning FilesX around as a Tivoli Storage Manager offering.
Top SSD Performance Comes at a Price
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 25, 2008
Texas Memory Systems debuts a RAM-based product that's big and powerful, but definitely not cheap.
Mobile Phone Users Smart on Security
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 23, 2008
As dependency on mobile devices increases, users know the importance of protecting stored data and network access.
The Pulse of the Smartphone Market
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 20, 2008
Palm hangs in against two tough competitors.
EMC Links Cloud Storage, Hard Drives
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 18, 2008
The storage giant connects the dots among recently acquired offerings to ease SMB management tasks.
Hauling Wireless From the Warehouse
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 16, 2008
Costco's deal with Sotto could give bigger carriers ideas on how to sell plans.
Tape Gets Some Respect From IT Giants
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 16, 2008
Often-derided tape storage gets a vote of confidence as HP and Sony team on a new DAT format while IBM and Sun break the terabyte barrier.
SaaS Best Path for SMB Unified Communications
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 11, 2008
Service strategy lets small companies enjoy technology benefits without the headaches.
Sybase Gains More Middle With MMS Buy
By Judy Mottl |  Article Published July 9, 2008
Mobile division now top middleman in delivering messaging across global networks.

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