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Microsoft Azure: Making the Cloud Safe for Innovation
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 27, 2010
Azure will provide innovators and developers a platform that will off-load a lot of cloud deployment issues to a big partner, providing a cloud environment that won’t give IT conniptions.
Do We Need an FDA to Protect Our Data?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 20, 2009
It’s time we take data protection out of the realm of futility and treat our vital data like a food or a drug that needs serious oversight and safeguards.
In Your Face: Recession and The Rise of the Anti-Social Web
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published March 5, 2009
Welcome to the Anti-social Web, with the Facebooks, LinkIns and Twitters of the world churning your personal data into corporate profits – privacy and propriety be damned.
15 Minutes of Fame: Enterprise Software and The Casual User Revolution
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published February 9, 2009
In the future most IT staffers will no longer associate a vendor’s name with the software they use, upsetting a long held status quo.
SaaS and Cloud Computing in 2009
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 8, 2009
A look at the trends that will shape enterprise software, including some serious doubts about the relational database.
What Every Enterprise Software Vendor Should Tell Their Customers
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published December 8, 2008
The recession means that it’s in the interest of both software vendors and customers to work together like never before.
Software Market: Hurray for More Regulation!
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published November 4, 2008
To software vendors and business users alike, the growing regulatory climate represents an enormous opportunity.
Google Follies: So You're a 'Customer'? Think Again
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published October 7, 2008
If you’re using a free service, you’re not a customer, you’re the sales prospect.
Craigslist: The Crucifixion of Craig and the End of Free
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published September 1, 2008
Editorial: It’s time to stop letting “free” be a shield for anonymous criminal behavior at a wide array of major sites, including eBay, Yahoo and Google.
The Enterprise Software Market: It's the Channel, Stupid
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published August 11, 2008
Vendors, searching for new clients, see the small- and medium-sized market as a lucrative sector. Too bad many of their efforts are largely wasted.
Should You Consolidate Your Database?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published July 3, 2008
Database consolidation can have a huge impact on IT budgets by lowering hardware and database license costs. But the perils are numerous.
Value-added SaaS: Is this SaaS 2.0?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published June 9, 2008
In software as a service, there’s a clear dividing line between traditional “pure-play” and forward-looking “value added.”
A Revolution Threatens the Relational Database
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published May 13, 2008
SAP’s in-memory database technology has Oracle-killer written all over it, and nothing would give SAP greater pleasure than knocking Oracle’s database out of its current position as top-dog in the SAP database kennel.
Software Biz: Licensing, Contracts, and Upgrades, Oh My
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 7, 2008
Software contracts continue to be obscure documents written by vendors using language and terms that all too often come back to haunt unwary customers.
Microhoo and the Rise of Google 2.0
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published March 3, 2008
First and foremost, Microhoo could try to fix the fact that Google’s search technology is sooo last century, as in the Stone Age, that it’s almost funny to call it “search.”
The Recession-Proof Enterprise Software Market: It's Not 2002
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published February 3, 2008
Companies aren’t glutted with unused software as they were in the last recession. Plus, if a software purchase improves revenues or lowers costs, the green light is still on.
The Price May be Right: Oracle Finally Lands BEA
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 17, 2008
For Oracle’s shareholders, the real question, as with all the other acquisitions, is whether BEA customers will stick around long enough to make the deal worthwhile.
Ten Things That Won't Change in 2008: The Pessimist's Report
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 13, 2008
Given the continued irrationality of the tech marketplace, perhaps 2008 will be the year of WOE 2.0.
The End of Upgrades: A Manifesto
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published December 10, 2007
We’re angry and we’re not going to take it: Upgrades suck, and it’s time that they sucked a whole lot less. Way past time, if you ask me.
Oracle and IBM: The New Dynamic Duo?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published November 6, 2007
The IT leviathans are getting closer all the time, in ways that were unthinkable even two years ago. What more can they do to get even closer?
Software as a Service and the End of the Systems Integrator
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published October 3, 2007
The bloated implementation projects – the ones that cost anywhere from two to ten times the software license cost – are clearly on the way out. And none too soon.
Google Docs: Terms of Disservice or Evil 2.0?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published September 5, 2007
Users of Google Docs agree to grant Google a “worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce” their content. Is there a business naïve enough to agree to this?
Vista and Office in the Enterprise: The Big Tent Looks Tattered
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published August 7, 2007
Problems with Vista may affect Microsoft’s ambitions in the ERP market and other arenas.
Undercutting Microsoft Prices CRM On-Demand to Move
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published July 10, 2007
It looks like the folks in Redmond are going to give Salesforce a firm spanking. The question is: how bad will it be?
Who's Afraid of Google? The New Evil Empire
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published June 5, 2007
Will Google hurt the software business like it has damaged the publishing and news businesses?
Death to the Mid-Market
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published May 14, 2007
Vendors hoping to tap into the much ballyhooed honeypot of the mid market sector are operating under an outdated perception.
The "New" SAP and The Plattner Index
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 2, 2007
SAP seems to sink or swim with the fortunes of founder Hasso Plattner. Is the ‘Plattner Index’ headed up or down?
A Little Known Company Charts the BPM-SOA Future
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published March 5, 2007
Can you name a company that’s a player at the Microsoft-SAP level for business process modeling, but is also a darling of the SMB market?
SAP vs. Oracle: Is Vertical the Only Winner?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published February 8, 2007
Vertical apps seem to get all the kudos, but vendors overlook horizontals at their own peril.
The Fog of Hype: Causing a Tech Slump?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 23, 2007
The hype cycle is out of hand, and all too often hype – no matter how ridiculous – is given equal time with reality.
HP Misses Another Opportunity
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published December 20, 2006
The HP Way is sorely in need of a little change in the enterprise applications market, argues our guest columnist.
Microsoft/SAP's Duet: Swinging for the Hills
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published November 20, 2006
The top-selling Duet app is part of a four-way tug of war involving Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.
IBM and Enterprise Applications: Big Moves?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published October 16, 2006
Is Big Blue maneuvering to become a major competitor in the enterprise applications market?
HP's Real Crime
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published September 15, 2006
The spy scandal looks bad, but HP has a much more serious, long-term problem, writes our Enterprise Advisor.
Oracle Fusion Applications Update: Less is More
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published August 16, 2006
After three years of mystery and confusion, our Enterprise Advisor writes, Oracle's strategy for its Fusion Applications suite is beginning to make sense.
SAP and the Competition: End of the Free Ride?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published July 20, 2006
It’s been relatively easy being SAP for the last two or so years, but Microsoft and Oracle finally may be ready to compete for real in the business software market.
A Truly Weird M&A
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published June 26, 2006
The enterprise software market has seen lots of friendly mergers and one impressively hostile takeover. Now it is witness to a new category of acquisition attempt.
Come On, Oracle, Open Up
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published May 24, 2006
A "circle the wagons" mentality has made Oracle harder and harder to understand at a time when its message is more complex than ever.
SAP Raises Interest with Virsa Buy
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 17, 2006
Datamation Columnist Josh Greenbaum says SAP's recent acquisition of Virsa has all the Venture Capitalists talking.
From On-Demand to Non-Demand
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 13, 2006
Once you look carefully at the model, our Enterprise Advisor writes, pure-play on-demand is just a little too restrictive for many customers.
The Year of CRM, With a Twist
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published February 22, 2006
Even as activity explodes around customer relationship management, our Enterprise Advisor says the CRM acronym has become meaningless.
Decoding Oracle's Latest Fusion Update
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 20, 2006
Oracle has made progress in its applications, but not as much as the company would like to believe, writes our Enterprise Advisor columnist.
SAP has Edge in Battle with Oracle
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published December 30, 2005
Columnist Josh Greenbaum says Oracle better get in the game or SAP will continue to outpace it.
Enterprise Software and the Database Proxy War
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published November 9, 2005
Columnist Josh Greenbaum takes a look at how some industry giants are battling it out.
Salesforce Dot-Bomb?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published October 13, 2005
The fate of is hardly sealed, but cracks in the veneer are beginning to show, writes our Enterprise Advisor.
Dissecting Oracle's Bid for Siebel
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published September 13, 2005
The real winners in Larry Ellison's bold bid for the troubled CRM vendor will be Siebel's customers, according to our Enterprise Advisor.
IBM and Oracle: Love at First Fight
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published August 19, 2005
In a fascinating case of opportunity creating strange bedfellows, Big Blue’s latest romance is with none other than archrival Oracle.
The Logic of ProfitLogic
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published July 13, 2005
Oracle's recent acquisition of ProfitLogic reveals a lot about not just where the company is heading in the key retail sector but how it plans to tackle other strategic industries as well, explains our Enterprise Advisor.
IT Gets Down to Business
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published June 22, 2005
The process-oriented enterprise is turning into the next battleground in the never-ending struggle to define, redefine, and define yet again the role of the CIO.
IBM: Enterprise Software Friend or Foe?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published May 16, 2005
IBM needs to figure out what role it really wants to play in the enterprise software market, writes our Enterprise Advisor.
Wounded by Friendly Fire: Siebel Tries Another CEO
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 13, 2005
With a mandate to continue an unworkable status quo at the once-feared CRM juggernaut, it was almost too easy to see that Siebel Systems CEO Michael Lawrie was being set up for a fall, writes our Enterprise Advisor.
Microsoft Business Solutions Sells Itself
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published March 16, 2005
Every once in a while, even hardened cynics have to admit a vendor might be getting something right. Our Enterprise Advisor columnist says in this case the vendor is Microsoft, and what it finally may be getting right is Microsoft Business Solutions.
Microsoft's MBS: Enterprise Applications for Sale?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published February 11, 2005
Datamation's Enterprise Advisor columnist says you can expect to see some dramatic changes regarding Redmond's enterprise-targeted Microsoft Business Solutions.
Is Ghengis On the Hunt Again?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 14, 2005
Now that Oracle owns PeopleSoft, and all signs point to a reinvigorated push by Oracle into the enterprise applications space, it's worth wondering who CEO Larry Ellison has in his crosshairs.
A Partner-Friendly SAP in the Works
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published December 9, 2004
Major companies usually end up trampling smaller partners. But SAP, with its future possibly in the balance, is beefing up its partnering skills to build an ecosystem of software applications.
The Next Dramatic Moment in Software
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published November 4, 2004
Now that the Oracle/PeopleSoft battle royale is drawing to a close, our Enterprise Advisor offers some thoughts on what other deals could provide the industry's next schadenfreude spectacle.
The Beginning of the End of PeopleSoft
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published October 8, 2004
The firing of PeopleSoft's CEO means one thing, according to our Enterprise Advisor: It's time to sell the software company to Oracle.
No More Plaxo, Please
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published September 13, 2004
Online contact management service provider Plaxo is building one of the most valuable marketing databases in the world. But Enterprise Advisor columnist Josh Greenbaum wonders if it may come at a cost -- to you.
Here Come the Lawyers (to the Rescue)
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published August 30, 2004
Sometimes it seems a week doesn't go by without a shareholder suit against a software company. One that almost slipped by unnoticed involves Siebel and its claims of near universal customer satisfaction.
SAP Strikes Back
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published July 12, 2004
Scarcely four months after IBM took a swing at SAP by buying Trigo, SAP has swung back by acquiring Trigo competitor A2i. Enterprise Advisor Josh Greenbaum analyzes the shifting battle lines.
The Better Side of Enterprise Software
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published June 15, 2004
We live in a Darwinistic world, and work in an even more Darwinistic software industry. But Enterprise Advisor columnist Josh Greenbaum argues that there's room to be successful and do good.
Does Siebel Matter Anymore?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published May 17, 2004
Siebel Systems drastically needs a major rethinking of its core business strategy, argues Enterprise Advisor columnist Josh Greenbaum.
An Open Letter to McNealy: Turn to the Enterprise
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 14, 2004
Datamation columnist Joshua Greenbaum has a few thoughts on what might give Sun Microsystems' business a much-needed lift. And he's offering up his advice in an open letter to Sun's chairman Scott McNealy.
IBM vs. SAP, Round X and Counting
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published March 11, 2004
IBM and SAP are great friends when it comes to implementing SAP software. Which is why you might not have heard what the real motive was behind IBM's recent acquisition of Trigo Technologies.
Anti-Trust and Suite-Sized Software
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published February 25, 2004
Oracle's attempted takeover of PeopleSoft seems to be foundering on the shores of anti-trust law. Enterprise Advisor columnist Josh Greenbaum argues that U.S. and European market regulators are dead wrong.
Sybase, SAP and Microsoft: Round 3 and Counting
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published January 22, 2004
In a little-noticed announcement last November, SAP and Sybase inked a deal that said more about success and failure in the enterprise software market than many realize.
Productivity, Recession and Joblessness
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published December 16, 2003
Maybe it's time enterprise software took the credit -- and the blame -- for the jobless recovery, says Datamation's Enterprise Advisor columnist.
To Figure Out Microsoft, Keep an Eye on its Partners
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published November 20, 2003
It's been a busy fall for Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), the division in charge of Redmond's assault on the enterprise software market. Our Datamation columnist says if you want to stay up to date, keep an eye on Microsoft's partners.
When Innovation Becomes a Bad Thing
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published October 21, 2003
It's always possible to have too much of a good thing. But too much innovation? Our Datamation columnist takes a look at this question.
Where Does Oracle Go From Here?
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published September 29, 2003
While PeopleSoft would be an interesting acquisition for Oracle, it wouldn't solve the company's IBM problem.
Software Spies and Software Lies
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published August 26, 2003
Lawsuits between competing software vendors are relatively rare, and the public disclosure of what really happened is even rarer still. So the dirty little habit of trade secret and intellectual property theft between software rivals largely remains hidden from view.
Best of Breed Looking Good Again
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published July 17, 2003
Massive confusion has hit the enterprise applications market, and before the dust settles there stand to be a good number of losers and only a few lucky winners.
PeopleSoft's Latest Gambits Make Sense, Unfortunately
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published May 22, 2003
If PeopleSoft can flesh out its new Total Ownership Experience initiative and ship its products with pre-built integration, the company may really be on to something, says Datamation's Enterprise Advisor columnist.
Lessons from 'Old Europe'
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published April 15, 2003
At a recent summit in Spain, two-thirds of more than 50 CIOs from Europe's top companies said their companies were actively developing Web services-based applications. Does Europe know something we don't about Web services?
Build vs. Buy, Round II: The Little Giants
By Joshua Greenbaum |  Article Published March 18, 2003
Buying enterprise software doesn't have to mean buying from the top-tier vendors at all, despite the common perception that the suite vendors are invincible. Highly verticalized specialty vendors can beat both big custom systems vendors and suite vendors.

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