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Smartphone Security: Top Tips
By Joseph Moran | Mobile/Wireless Article Published August 24, 2011
Think your handy smartphone is safe? Think again -- smartphone security presents a major challenge. Joseph Moran provides smartphone security tips.
Selecting the Best Data Wiping Software
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published November 18, 2010
When you need to delete sensitive information from a computing device, you need the best possible data wiping software.
Netbook Buying Guide
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published March 16, 2010
The plethora of netbook choices may appear remarkably similar, yet the differences in hardware make all the difference for the busy professional. Here are some tips on selecting the best netbook for your needs.
Business Smartphones: Explore Your Options
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published February 18, 2010
Smartphones are a category that is evolving faster than you can say Blackberry. This overview will help you make a smart choice.
Windows 7 Upgrade: Pro and Con
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published October 28, 2009
The leading reasons to migrate to Windows 7 – along with some reasons to delay it.
Free Windows Networking Downloads: Top 10
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published September 8, 2009
If you want Windows networking apps, this list of free downloads is a good place to start.
Netbook Wi-Fi: Which Netbooks Offers Better Wi-Fi?
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published July 24, 2009
All netbooks have Wi-Fi, but some netbooks have better Wi-Fi than others.
10 Free Online Tools to Improve Browsing
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published July 10, 2009
These free online services will give you faster speed, more information and better security.
Free Download: Top 10 Windows Networking Apps
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published July 9, 2009
Free downloads for Windows networking tasks of all types.
Skype 4.0 for Windows: Significant Overhaul
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published June 26, 2009
Available for free download, the new Skype offers an array of improved features.
Windows Networking: Top 10 Free Downloads
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published May 14, 2009
These free downloads for Windows networking will help in your home or business.
Asus Eee Top ET1602: Stylish Package
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published May 5, 2009
Asus Eee Top PC ET1602 boasts a stylish design, a touch-screen LCD display, and an integrated Wi-Fi. Yet its performance is just okay.
Spiceworks: Free Network Management Tool
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published March 23, 2009
An overview of Spiceworks, a free ad-supported network management application.
Free Wi-Fi: Ten Ways to Get It
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published March 4, 2009
You're still paying for wi-fi? C'mon, here are ten ways to score it for free.
Don't Ditch That Broadband Connection
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published January 26, 2009
Switching to VoIP phone service can save money without suffering the returning to the sloth and hassle of dial-up Internet access.
Mobile Tools for the Small Business Traveler
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published January 23, 2009
The right technology can help keep you connected, protected and productive when you’re on the road.
Network Attached Storage: Iomega StorCenter ix2 Review
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published December 24, 2008
Iomega’s StorCenter ix2 doesn’t give you removable drives or remote access to data (yet), but it offers user-friendly interface and a few other appealing tricks.
12 Best Wi-Fi Gifts for Business Users
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published December 10, 2008
Whether you’re a small business owner, a work-at-homer, a road warrior--or looking to give a gift to one--state-of-the-art Wi-Fi equipment and accessories are feasible for almost any budget.
Review: PC Fixer 2.6
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published November 20, 2008
PC Fixer is a free (but ad-supported) utility that goes spelunking in the Registry to find and fix PC problems.
Review: Maxtor Central Axis Network Storage Server
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published September 12, 2008
The Central Axis hits a couple of high notes on features, but more discordant ones when it comes to usability and ease of setup.
Network Attached Storage: A Primer for SMB Owners
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published April 9, 2008
As a business grows, keeping track of files located on different computers can get tricky. We explain network attached storage, or NAS, and how it can help.
Review: Propel Personal Bandwidth Manager
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published March 28, 2008
Are you making the most of your Internet connection? Propel Personal Bandwidth Manager can show how you're using it and whether bandwidth is in short supply, but it does have its issues.
Zonbu Zonbook Review
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published March 21, 2008
Zonbu's notebook -- also known as the Zonbook -- runs a version of Gentoo Linux rather than Windows and is sold with an accompanying subscription service.
Demystifying a Wireless Network
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published February 28, 2008
In Part 1, we looked the basic components of a network and how they all fit together. In this article, we examine wireless networking, and how it can provide flexibility while cutting costs.
Using Vista, Part 3: 13 New Vista Tips
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published January 30, 2008
As we near the one-year anniversary of Windows Vista's launch, it's time to revisit our popular Windows Vista Tips & Tricks series with thirteen new Vista tips and secrets for getting the most out of Microsoft's latest operating system.
Demystifying a Small Business Network
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published December 19, 2007
Running your business over a network -- even if it's only to share Internet access -- can help you be more productive and efficient. A look at the basic components of a network and how they all fit together.
Wi-Fi Gadgets 2007 Holiday Gift Guide
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published November 26, 2007
Check out our collection of Wi-Fi-enabled gear for use at home, work, while traveling – or just for fun.
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007: Discover Virtualization the Free Way
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published August 24, 2007
Find out how Microsoft's free Virtual PC 2007 release stacks up against the competition in terms of capably running multiple operating systems on a single physical computer.
An Introduction to Windows Vista: Part I
By Joseph Moran |  Article Published April 28, 2006
The roll out of Microsoft's new, long-promised operating system draws closer. We're kicking off a three-part series to look at what's new and what Vista offers small business.

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