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How IT Will Be Redefined By IoT
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Data Center Article Published March 17, 2015
No technology has fundamentally redefined the role of IT like the Internet of Things will do over the coming years.
Measuring the Value of the Internet of Things
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Columns Article Published March 26, 2014
Even as the Internet of Things ramps up dramatically, many potential users remain unaware of its full scope.
Pulling Together the Internet of Things
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Networks Article Published March 5, 2014
Business operations are quickly being reshaped by a widening array of interconnected technologies.
Navigating Private Clouds: Three Questions
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published September 25, 2013
Faced with a blizzard of options, what key issues should a company address as it selects a private cloud solution?
A New Realism Emerges as Enterprises Move to Cloud
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published May 24, 2013
More companies are beginning to realize that moving to the cloud will require a multi-year plan and many changes to existing business processes.
Getting Ready for Cloud Computing 2013
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published December 14, 2012
Essential steps to ease your path to a cloud computing deployment in 2013.
Cloud Computing: Show Me the Analytics
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published December 12, 2011
Recent acquisitions reveal that the need for data interpretation and integration are driving cloud adoption.
Where Will You Shop for Cloud Computing Services?
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published November 15, 2011
Best Buy's acquisition of mindSHIFT is yet another example of the adoption of cloud computing by mainstream consumers.
Cloud Computing Vendors: New Channel Alliances Are Critical
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published October 20, 2011
Cloud computing vendors must team with a greater number of channel partners who have the trust of their customers.
Are You Ready for the Social Enterprise?
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Applications Article Published September 6, 2011
Businesses are increasingly incorporating social networking tools into their workflow and products.
SUBWAY Heads Down the Cloud Computing Highway
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published July 21, 2011
The franchise company is leveraging cloud computing to streamline operations.
Apple's iCloud: the 'Music' of Enterprise IT
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published June 22, 2011
Having conquered the consumer market, Apple is now making advances in business computing as well.
Hey CIOs -- The Cloud is All About Data
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published May 19, 2011
Although it appears to be a newfangled trend, cloud computing targets perennial issues of data monitoring.
The Hazards of Joining the "Cloud Provider" Bandwagon
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published April 19, 2011
Seeing the goldrush, many ill-equipped firms are now touting themselves as providers of cloud computing services.
Cloud Computing and 'Power to the People'
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published March 29, 2011
The “consumerization of IT” is driving the growth of cloud computing as end users become decision makers.
Who Will Move You to the Cloud?
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Cloud Article Published March 9, 2011
With the sheer number of cloud platforms and vendors all but promising confusion, some companies could use a ‘cloud advisor’.
Capitalizing on Cloud Computing: Not If, But When
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published February 8, 2011
Firms are no longer debating whether to adopt cloud computing, but instead are choosing among Private, Public, Hybrid and Community Clouds.
The Five E's of Cloud Computing Management in 2011
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published December 6, 2010
Tips on managing cloud computing deployments as the trend moves into the mainstream.
Cloud Computing or 'Cloud Washing'?
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published November 16, 2010
Attempting to ride the cloud computing wave, some established software vendors are merely rebranding existing apps without offering true cloud functionality.
How SaaS and Cloud Computing are Transforming Education
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published October 19, 2010
The growing adoption of SaaS and Cloud Computing in schools means the next generation will be fully comfortable with this emerging technology.
Cloud Computing: Small, Big Players Cooperate
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published October 6, 2010
Legacy software vendors are inking cloud computing contracts with a new generation of nimble, web-oriented service providers.
Business Processes Transformed by SaaS
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published September 7, 2010
Software as a service is changing business processes such as e-procurement and supply-chain management.
Cloud Computing's Effect on the Hosting Industry
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published July 27, 2010
The ‘cloud rush’ will result in an industry shakeout and many hosting companies will be swept away by the wave of new cloud computing services.
How Cloud Computing Helps Mine User Data
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published June 23, 2010
While alarming to some, cloud computing’s effectiveness at gathering user data enables managers to make better decisions.
Cloud Computing 2.0 and the Changing IT Manager
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published June 7, 2010
Despite all the hype, tech executives are still grappling with the emerging cloud computing trend. Here’s a brief guide to what it means to today’s IT leaders.
Top Ten Reasons to Use SaaS
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published April 21, 2010
Software as a service offers numerous advantages, including limited risk, fewer upfront costs and rapid deployment.
SaaS Survey Reveals Real World Experience
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published March 29, 2010
Results of a recent SaaS survey provide details about hands-on customer experience with cloud computing and software as a service.
Are SaaS/Cloud Computing Vendors Offering Questionable Contracts?
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published March 8, 2010
Although cloud computing enables vendors to offer far more attractive contract terms, many vendors' terms resemble those of legacy vendors.
Is SaaS Working for You? Survey by Datamation/THINKstrategies
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published March 3, 2010
Eleven quick questions about software as a service, intended to gauge SaaS satisfaction levels among actual users.
Using the Cloud to Guard Against Vendor Lock-In
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published February 3, 2010
In the wake of current tech mergers, big IT vendors are offering complete infrastructure solutions. Yet customers can retain their flexibility by looking to the cloud.
It's Time for IT Managers to Adopt Cloud Computing
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published January 12, 2010
As cloud computing become a dominant enterprise paradigm, IT managers who fail to leverage it risk falling behind their competitors.
Simplifying the Term 'Cloud Computing'
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published June 25, 2009
The definition of cloud computing is in the eye of the beholder, yet one industry observer offers a clear (if flexible) explanation.
Should Security Concerns Stall SaaS Adoption?
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published June 17, 2009
The success of online banking shows that Web-based solutions can be secure, while installed legacy software is often riddled with holes.
How SaaS Changes the Vendor-Customer Relationship
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published June 10, 2009
Software-as-a-Service shifts the responsibility of successfully deploying and maintaining software applications from the customer to the vendor.
The Five P's of SaaS Platforms
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published April 22, 2009
To succeed in the platform-as-a-service market, a vendor needs to offer a reliable and secure development environment.
Cloud Computing: Beyond Buy vs. Lease
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published March 12, 2009
Many IT decision makers continue to see the "buy or lease an auto" analogy when considering cloud computing.
How SMBs Can Save Money Using SaaS
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published February 16, 2009
By enabling an “as needed” approach to software, software as a service offers significant savings for small and medium-sized businesses.
SaaS and Cloud Computing: New Benchmarks for IT
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published January 12, 2009
A recent survey found a big jump in the number of companies deploying applications from software as a service providers.
Time is Right to Consider SaaS and Cloud Computing
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published October 22, 2008
Skeptics are still concerned about the flexibility and security of SaaS, but the reality is that most cloud computing providers have better performance records than in-house IT departments.
SaaS Creates Cloud Computing Alternatives
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published July 14, 2008
As companies access applications via software-as-a-service platforms, they use these platforms to develop their own solutions.
SaaS Overcoming Common Customer Concerns
By Jeffrey Kaplan |  Article Published June 24, 2008
A recent survey finds rising adoption of Software as a Service by corporate users.

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