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Why the Time is Right for a Chief IoT Officer
By Jeff Kaplan | Data Center Article Published April 9, 2015
An executive dedicated to ‘Internet of Things’(IoT) will enable a company to truly capitalize on this quickly emerging trend.
Survey: Moving to the Cloud Still Ain’t Easy
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published November 21, 2014
Close to half of survey respondents had a failed or stalled cloud computing implementation.
Achieving the Promise of the Analytics Cloud
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published October 27, 2014's answer to the Big Data challenge, the Analytics Cloud, has the potential to be a major market force.
Leveraging Cloud-Based Analytics to Make IT Smarter
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published August 19, 2014
There’s good news and bad news about cloud-based IT analytics platforms and tools.
The IoT Consumer to Commercial Crossover
By Jeff Kaplan | Columns Article Published May 28, 2014
In myriad industries, companies are adopting IoT technologies to reduce risks, improve efficiency and add revenue streams.
Global Cloud Deployment Isn't Easy
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published April 21, 2014
Companies building a global cloud deployment face technological and operational challenges.
Are You Ready to Become an Internet of Things Hero?
By Jeff Kaplan | Applications Article Published January 14, 2014
The Internet of Things is more than just the next overhyped buzzword. It’s time leverage the technology at your company.
Using Cloud-Based Appstores to Handle Consumerization of IT
By Jeff Kaplan | Applications Article Published August 15, 2013
The appstore model is growing increasingly popular as enterprises look for a way to leverage BYOD.
Afraid of BYOD? Build Your Own App Store
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published January 28, 2013
In-house app stores give enterprises more control over which apps their employees are using for work purposes.
Be Your Own Cloud Marketplace
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published October 4, 2012
The emergence of proprietary enterprise Cloud app marketplaces may help prevent the risks of unapproved third party apps.
The Consumerization of Cloud Analytics
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published March 21, 2012
You've heard of the trend toward the consumerization of IT. Now users of cloud analytics are getting on board.
Peer Networking Key in Cloud Computing
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published February 6, 2012
Cloud computing professionals can benefit from talking with their peers about this rapidly changing technology.
Forecasting Lots of Clouds in 2012
By Jeff Kaplan | Cloud Article Published December 27, 2011
Cloud computing will continue its rapid growth in 2012, with hybrid clouds and cloud management solutions taking center stage.

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