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Mobile Device Management: Choosing a Vendor
By Jeff Goldman | Mobile/Wireless Article Published November 4, 2011
As mobile devices flood the workplace, the need to safely and effectively manage this logistical thicket fuels a rapidly growing market.
Android Security: 20 Good Apps
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published September 7, 2010
With the right apps, Android phones support a wide range of mobile security functions, including automated backups and virus scanning.
iPhone Security Apps: Top Options
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published August 19, 2010
iPhone apps for password management, spam prevention and data encryption.
Enterprise iPhone Security: Essential Apps
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published July 12, 2010
No, the enterprise has not welcomed the iPhone, yet it has become a dominant workplace handheld nonetheless. How can you make it secure enough for the workplace?
Tracking Shoppers with Wi-Fi and RTLS
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published December 5, 2008
Finnish home improvement retailer Rautakesko, is using Wi-Fi and Ekahau’s RTLS system to track customer behavior in its retail stores.
Mr. Wi-Fi Goes to Washington?
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published October 23, 2008
Obama’s and McCain’s policies regarding wireless technology and the Internet may not be front and center in media coverage of their campaigns, but their differences are worth a look.
Fonality Introduces HUD 3.0 UC Solution
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published October 15, 2008
A dizzying array of new features enriches the graphical interface, which now supports all of Fonality's PBX offerings—including free, open-source trixbox CE.
Introducing IEEE 802.11r
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published October 9, 2008
In July, without much fanfare, the IEEE published the final specification for IEEE 802.11r-2008, also known as Fast Basic Service Set Transition, an amendment to the 802.11 standard that supports fast handoff between access points--specifically in order to enable VoIP roaming on a Wi-Fi network with 802.1X authentication.
Wi-Fi Helps 'Homeland Security' Efforts
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published September 15, 2008
802.11 wireless technology is playing an increasingly important role in 'homeland security' projects in ports, rail lines, and towns and cities around the country.
Wi-Fi Finds a Niche in Public Safety
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published May 27, 2008
Despite some recent setbacks for municipal Wi-Fi, wireless networks are still popular among city public safety departments--particularly for advanced video monitoring.
AT&T Introduces Business in a Box
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published March 27, 2008
AT&T's new IP communications solution is targeted at small and medium businesses with 15 to 50 users.
m0n0wall, an Open Source Lightweight Firewall
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published February 1, 2008
Manuel Kasper's embedded FreeBSD-based firewall software package is especially attractive to WISPs and small ISPs.
Broadcom Intros Single-Chip Draft n Solution
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published October 5, 2007
The BCM4322, Broadcom’s first single-chip 802.11n solution, offers 50 % power savings, 40 % cost savings over previous generation.
InGate, Multi-Tech Target VoIP in Remote Offices
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published February 8, 2006
The two companies are working together to bring secure and reliable VoIP functionality to branch offices, demonstrating that cooperation between providers is key to a successful VoIP implementation.
WiMax: Optimism... and Caution
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published January 19, 2005
WiMax hype never seems to go away, but at least one analyst is recommending that vendors thing twice about 802.16 -- even when the WiMax standard is ready to interoperate between company products.
Wi-Fi & WiMax on a Single Chip
By Jeff Goldman |  Article Published November 19, 2004
TeleCIS says it has the technical know-how to make the WLAN standard and the future wireless broadband tech work together in the same silicon.

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