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The 10-Minute Netbook Guide
By Jamie Lendino |  Article Published March 31, 2009
Buying a netbook? Here’s everything you need to know to make the right decision.
Netbook Linux at a Crossroads
By Jamie Lendino |  Article Published February 2, 2009
The mixed reactions Linux-based netbooks generate among mainstream users are not an indication of failure -- they’re a learning opportunity for developers.
Why Netbooks Aren't There Yet
By Jamie Lendino |  Article Published December 1, 2008
Screen size, keyboard comfort, and CPU power are common netbook drawbacks, but they're not the real problem — here’s what needs to happen for netbooks to really take off.
The Netbook OS Question: Windows XP vs. Linux
By Jamie Lendino |  Article Published November 3, 2008
The decision has a greater impact than you might think—here's how to make the right choice.
Divide and Conquer: Today's Ultraportable Laptops
By Jamie Lendino |  Article Published June 23, 2008
The ASUS Eee PC has taken the air out of the elite ultraportable PC market, helping spur its fragmentation -- and sharpen its focus.

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