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Tips for IT Job Hunting
By Esther Shein |  Article Published July 13, 2009
A few key practices can help you distinguish yourself in a crowded field.
Searching for an IT Job: The Dos and Don'ts
By Esther Shein |  Article Published June 8, 2009
Some simple but crucial ways you can set yourself apart from the tech pack.
Social Networking Emerges As Job-Hunting Tool
By Esther Shein |  Article Published April 6, 2009
Once primarily considered places for people online to chat, catch up and share photos, social networking sites now are an important tool for finding employment.
Is IT Consulting a Viable Career Path?
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 30, 2009
IT career experts say that consulting opportunities are growing, yet there are factors to consider before entering the field.
VMware, VDIworks Focus on Virtual Desktops
By Esther Shein |  Article Published December 2, 2008
Cutting costs and improving manageability is the name of the game with two new offerings from the virtualization players.
WPA-Enterprise for Small Business (Part 5)
By Esther Shein |  Article Published November 21, 2008
In the fifth and final installment of our series on WPA-Enterprise for small businesses, Eric Geier offers step-by-step guidance for configuring computers on your network with WPA and 802.1x settings.
Ballmer: Current Woes Won't Halt Tech, Microsoft
By Esther Shein |  Article Published September 29, 2008
Microsoft's CEO was guardedly optimistic about a 'buoyant' IT economy -- and the prospects for improving Windows and taking on Google, VMware and Apple.
Squeezing More Storage Out of Analytics
By Esther Shein |  Article Published May 6, 2008
SRM tools promise greater efficiencies, utilization rates.
Mozilla Firefox Wins Anti-Spam Award
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 2, 2007
Sure, the open source browser travels the Web, but did you know it’s also a phish-fighter?
The Handheld Upgrade Conundrum
By Esther Shein |  Article Published June 14, 2006
Handheld makers constantly pump out upgraded products, leaving enterprises such as this medical devices manufacturer with perpetual upgrade decisions.
Growing IM Attacks Threaten the Enterprise
By Esther Shein |  Article Published April 5, 2006
When it comes to messaging security, email still gets all the attention... and IT budget. But as IM threats increase, more thought will have to be paid to protecting this growing business tool.
SAS Wins Compliance Software Award
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 8, 2006
SAS Fair Banking easily took top honors in the compliance software category in Datamation's Product of the Year 2006 awards.
SpamAssassin Wins Product of the Year Award
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 7, 2006
For the second year in a row, SpamAssassin took top honors in the anti-spam category of the Datamation Product of the Year awards.
Latest Palm Treo has Big Shoes to Fill
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 3, 2006
The winner of the handheld device category in Datamation's Product of the Year 2006 awards, the Palm Treo 700w is trying to live up to the wildly popular Treo 650.
Keeping Mobile Workers Connected and Productive
By Esther Shein |  Article Published October 19, 2005
While handheld devices can't run the big applications, they may be the answer to keeping a big chunk of your workforce connected to the home office and to key clients.
WiFi Watchdog Sweeps Wireless Category
By Esther Shein |  Article Published February 23, 2005
Newbury Networks' WiFi Watchdog 3.0 pulled off a landslide victory in the Wireless Software category of Datamation's 2005 Product of the Year awards. Analysts credit its approach to determining who should and shouldn't have network access.
Zone Labs' Integrity 4.0 Grabs Top Security Award
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 23, 2004
Datamation readers vote Zone Labs' Integrity 4.0 enterprise firewall and central policy management software as the top security product in our Product of the Year Awards.
Trend Micro Takes Home Top Anti-Spam Award
By Esther Shein |  Article Published March 12, 2004
Battling spam -- and doing it successfully -- is one of IT managers' biggest challenges right now. And they told us that Trend Micro came out with the best tool last year to help them do just that.
Storage Product of the Year -- StorageTek T9940B
By Esther Shein |  Article Published May 16, 2003
Storage peripherals may not be the most compelling of IT products, but they are necessary nonetheless. With that in mind, Datamation voters chose the T9940B tape drive from StorageTek as the Product of the Year for Storage.
ERP Product of the Year -- SAP R/3 Enterprise
By Esther Shein |  Article Published May 13, 2003
SAP's R/3 Enterprise is versatile, flexible, scalable and easy to integrate, say users and software industry analysts. It's also Datamation's Enterprise Resource Planning Product of the Year.
Wanted: CIO/Miracle Worker
By Esther Shein |  Article Published November 11, 2002
With IT budgets shrinking, CIOs must work harder than ever at prioritizing and learning to make do with less, say executive recruiters who are seeing a need for candidates with multifaceted skill sets.
Getting certified--who foots the bill?
By Esther Shein |  Article Published June 20, 2000
For IT staff members, paying for IT certification can be a challenge. But with the resulting employer, employee, and even vendor benefits, can you afford not to test yourself?
Vendors rise to the customer service challenge
By Esther Shein |  Article Published June 1, 1999
To build loyalty and gain a competitive edge, vendors today must offer their customers a variety of 24x7 service options.

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