More articles by Erin Joyce Connecting the Clouds
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published December 9, 2008
Sneak peeks at next year's products builds on expanding the integration with Amazon, Facebook and Google.
Big Shifts for EMC Into Server Management
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published November 3, 2008
Storage giant says the move makes sense.
HP to Launch Virtual Browser With Mozilla
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published September 8, 2008
Browser will have look and feel of Firefox but it's only if your business buys the latest dc7900 desktop.
Cisco, Microsoft Tout Benefits Of Cooperation
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 21, 2007
The top brass at Microsoft and Cisco take the stage to tout their new commitment to each other -- maybe even knocking some engineers' heads together to make it happen.
Mobile's Decade of Managed Services
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published January 3, 2007
ABI Research sees managed network in carriers' futures.
Chambers: If It's Obvious, It's Too Late
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 25, 2006
Chambers: If it's obvious, it's too late.
HP Board to Meet Again Monday
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published September 11, 2006
Board of directors takes no action after emergency meeting Sunday.
IBM to Buy Internet Security Systems
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 23, 2006
Security vendor is the latest in a string of company purchases.
Myths And Realities of Web Services
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published December 16, 2005
They're the holy grail of computing but you still better beware of their ups and downs.
SQL Server 2005 Queues up For Prime Time
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published June 7, 2005
Latest community technology preview of SQL Server splashes down at TechEd, along with more peeks at Visual Studio 2005, Biz Talk.
On-Demand Era Forcing IT Industry to Change
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 5, 2004
Computer Associates' Ken Cron urges the industry to work together now for the coming era of utility-style computing.
Eyes on VoIP, Telcos Propose New Fees
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 18, 2004
New toll fees for wireline phone calls seen influenced by how quickly VoIP catches on.
Microsoft To Address Growth Questions
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published July 29, 2004
What areas are promising? What's the status of search plans? Security for Windows? Redmond plays host to analysts.
Resistance is Futile. Your e-Mail Is Being Watched.
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published July 13, 2004
According to a new survey anyway. At least you know you're not paranoid.
For Free-and-Clear Microsoft, What's Next?
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published July 1, 2004
A federal court decided Microsoft won't face new sanctions for abusing its monopoly in the U.S.; does that mean Redmond is free to monopolize?
SOS for IT Jobs? Save Yourself With SOA
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published April 15, 2004
Worried about your IT job going overseas? Experts have some advice.
Microsoft Hit with Record EU Fine
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published March 24, 2004
European Commission finds the world's largest software company guilty of breaking antitrust law by abusing its 'virtual monopoly' with its Windows operating system.
Motorola Sees Opportunities in the 'Space Between'
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published March 23, 2004
Seamless mobility is one thing, but handsets that can talk to each other across different networks are where the big opportunities are, the company's new CEO says.
FCC's Powell: Don't Fear the Data
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published March 22, 2004
The government's top communications regulator tells a major industry gathering that wireless data is more than just an add-on service.
Novell CEO Defends Company, Linux Plans
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published January 21, 2004
UPDATE With SCO in the wings, Jack Messman says his company needs to do a better job in explaining the protections inherent in a Linux deployment.
Tux Takes Manhattan
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published January 21, 2004
The LinuxWorld Expo in New York is a chance for Linux to show its strength in the enterprise -- and its moves on the desktop.
SG Cowen: Even Better IT Year is Dawning
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published January 6, 2004
Investment bank joins cadre of investment firms on IT calls for 2004: not too cold, but not too hot, with plenty to beware.
That Cloud of Uncertainty Over Linux
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published December 1, 2003
UPDATE: Amid the clamor over whether software should be free, an unanswered question remains: Why won't IBM indemnify its customers against SCO's legal claims?
Microsoft's Whidbey: Something For Everyone
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 30, 2003
The latest pre-beta of developer tools on display at the software giant's Professional Developers Conference offer something for all types of developers -- and critics.
Gates To Kick Off PDC With Longhorn Overview
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 27, 2003
After an overview of Microsoft's vision for next-generation computing from its Chief Software Architect, developers will look for bits about key new features such as managed code in developer tools and meta-data storage features in WinFS. Special Report: Microsoft Longhorn
Merrill to Sun: 'Cut and Focus' or Be Acquired
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 2, 2003
UPDATE: A no-holds-barred note about the systems vendor has the tech world buzzing over its harsh criticism of the company's strategy regarding Linux, Java -- and focus.Sun In Crisis
New Phase of Sobig.F Set for Fridays
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 22, 2003
Security experts are warning of a new phase of attack from the Sobig.f worm that continues to bedevil computer networks around the globe. Sobig 'Carpet Bombs' the Internet
Dell Ups Ante, Drops Prices 22%
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 20, 2003
Move raises pressure on the rest of PC industry at a time when margins are already being eroded from price slashing.
Sun: One Price Fits All for Orion, Mad Hatter
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published July 29, 2003
The chief software architect of the systems vendor offers a sneak peek of pricing scenarios in the works with its upcoming MadHatter and Orion projects.
IT Spending Woes: EDS Profits Slide 56%
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published July 24, 2003
Computer services giant meets expectations as it works through a sharp drop in IT spending and braces for more charges due to accounting changes.
PeopleSoft Pushes to Close J.D. Edwards Deal
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published June 19, 2003
In an escalating three-way takeover battle among the software companies, PeopleSoft ignores Oracle's higher offer to acquire it and starts merger proceeding with J.D. Edwards. CeBIT: PeopleSoft CEO Avoids the 'O' Word
HP 'Adapts' Its Storage Portfolio
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published June 17, 2003
UPDATE: Systems vendor rolls out new SAN tools, beefier business continuity, better groupings in the shared access storage areas as it extends its 'adaptive enterprise' strategy to storage works.
ASPCA Adopts The Penguin
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published June 6, 2003
Big Blue notes another Linux win as the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals adds the penguin to its stable.
Microsoft Alters Licensing Plan, Drops Office XP Price
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published May 28, 2003
Microsoft alters its Software Assurance program and drops the pricing on Office XP in response to customer concerns. Experts wonder if it might be a lob at Linux.
NYC: Leverage Fiber, Offer Free Wi-Fi
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published May 22, 2003
New study by city council says New York is swimming in fiber optics, yet suffering from a lack of networking, competitive pricing and improved Wi-Fi.
Analysts Expect Software Bounce in '04
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published May 15, 2003
At a NY tech conference, US Bancorp Piper Jaffray analysts discuss drivers that could put a bounce back IT spending next year -- how big a bounce, however, no one's saying.
CA Jumps into On Demand Fray
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published April 29, 2003
Software maker unveils six new enterprise management applications that feature automated server provisioning and reconfiguration.
A Beefier 'Last Mile', Courtesy of AT&T
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published April 16, 2003
Backbone provider pushes its high-performance fiber optic networking speeds out to the network edge to help businesses build more flexibility at the 'last-mile.'
Sun Steps Up Linux (Lightly)
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published April 11, 2003
ANALYSIS: Critics say Sun needs to evolve more quickly with its Linux-compatibility; Sun executives say stay tuned.
Gartner: Half of Outsourcing Deals Disappoint
By Erin Joyce | Features & Trends Article Published March 25, 2003
New report says a gap exists between what enterprises expect and what they get.
Sprint Expands Enterprise Services, Pocket PC Devices
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published March 17, 2003
Number four wireless carrier announces new Pocket PC phones aimed at corporate customers, and high-speed telemetry services for businesses.
Intel Exec: B is Best for Now
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published March 13, 2003
An Intel executive explains why the world's largest chipmaker launched the Centrino chipset into the marketplace with only one flavor of 802.11 built in.
Intel's New Wireless Platform: Centrino
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published March 12, 2003
The chip-making giant launches its wireless-networking architecture for the latest generation of laptops, and carries the hopes of the tech industry with it.
Lucent Settles SEC Probe
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published February 27, 2003
Probe over how sales of networking gear to distributors were booked closes with no fines or restatements.
Feds Bust Identity Theft Ring
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published February 5, 2003
US Attorney brings charges in a six-year case involving electronic tax returns with pilfered or unauthorized use of social security numbers.
Red Hat: Think Less Linux, More Architecture
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published January 22, 2003
Red Hat's CTO Michael Tiemann and Morgan Stanley's head of enterprise computing discuss an 18-month project to move the bank to a Linux operating system, while Tiemann urges the open source faithful on. Dell Jumps on the Linux Cluster Bandwagon
JP Morgan, IBM Finalize $5 Billion IT Deal
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published December 30, 2002
In its first major 'on demand' contract, IBM finalizes plans to help power back-office and mission-critical applications for the banking giant.
Web Apps' Missing Link: Acceleration
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published December 20, 2002
Market seers have called application acceleration the next big thing in the Web services evolution. Could this next version of dynamic content caching be ready to break out?
Job Sites Chasing Hourly Workers
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published December 19, 2002
As professional and salaried listings wane online, job sites look for a boost from skilled/hourly wage job listings.
Volunteers Wanted For IT National Guard
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published November 25, 2002
Looking to volunteer on behalf of your country's safety? The NET Guard bill is an effort to corral cutting edge tech assistance for the nation's emergency workers.
IBM Shifting $1 Billion to Services R&D
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published November 20, 2002
Big Blue plans to create a new R&D division to focus exclusively on on-demand computing systems, as part of its shift to offer customers these services.
Amid Splashy Launch, a Pop-Up-Free AOL 8.0
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 15, 2002
With Microsoft's 'butterflies' circling nearby, top singers and AOL executives take the stage at New York's Avery Fisher Hall to launch 8.0 and declare themselves pop-up-ad-free. Ted Turner: 'Look out Microsoft!'
'ClickWrap' Ruling Could Allow Privacy Suits
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 2, 2002
A federal appeals court ruling in a 'spyware' suit against Netscape paves the way for privacy lawsuits and helps define the validity of online 'clickwrap' agreements.
NY State Sues 5 Telecom Execs
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published October 1, 2002
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer seeks $1.5 billion from telecom executives, charging they benefited from 'phony stock ratings.'
SEC's AOL Probe Focuses on Colburn
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 16, 2002
Government issues subpoenas for transactions involving AOL's former chief deal maker.
AOL Certifies, Fesses Up on Accounting
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 15, 2002
Update: After weeks of accounting scrutiny by regulators, the media giant finds it may have overstated by $49 million and launches an internal probe. Stock heads up on the news.
Financial Firms Lead IT Outsourcing Surge
By Erin Joyce |  Article Published August 13, 2002
Dataquest research says intensifying competition for customers amid a downturn in the financial services industry is driving renewed interest in outsourcing.

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