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Are Interns a Developer's Worst Nightmare?
By Eric Spiegel | Columns Article Published July 22, 2013
A tale of a developer’s intern from hell reveals how coders can learn from newbies.
Do Developers Need Free Perks to Thrive?
By Eric Spiegel | Careers/Staffing Article Published May 20, 2013
Cutting back on perks may seem like a smart business move—until developers start leaving the company.  
Developers: Are You A Giver Or Taker?
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published April 22, 2013
Among software development teams, the personal dynamics of the various coders is critical to efficiency.
When Developer Betrays Manager, Who Really Wins?
By Eric Spiegel | Columns Article Published March 25, 2013
Software developers need to know how to code, as well as how to look out for their own interests.
Developers vs. Managers: Five Tough Conversations
By Eric Spiegel | Careers/Staffing Article Published February 25, 2013
Software developers and their managers sometimes find themselves in adversarial roles.
Five Reasons Developers Resist Change
By Eric Spiegel | Careers/Staffing Article Published January 22, 2013
Five responses to handle the five reasons -- but yes, sometimes developers are simply change resistant.
When Developers Work for a Scrooge
By Eric Spiegel | Columns Article Published December 17, 2012
A mean-spirited development manager taught a veteran developer the practices to avoid when he himself became a manager.
Why Developers Hate Team Building
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published November 12, 2012
Software developers groan at touchy-feely team building exercises. Yet they’re missing out on valuable experiences.
How to REALLY Survive Your First Year as a Developer
By Eric Spiegel | Columns Article Published October 15, 2012
The inside story on making it as a coder. Oh, and veterans could learn a thing or too as well.
Tech Careers: The Perils of Office Romances
By Eric Spiegel | Columns Article Published September 17, 2012
When developers get involved with developers, what happens to the code?
Disastrous Developer Lunch Interviews: 10 Tips to Avoid Them
By Eric Spiegel | Careers/Staffing Article Published August 20, 2012
Software developers hoping to get hired can profit from these interview tips.
When Developers Are Afraid To Try Something New
By Eric Spiegel | Data Center Article Published July 9, 2012
Developers who keep educating themselves have an edge over those who do it as they always have.
Boy Developers: Is "Brogrammer" Culture Really So Bad?
By Eric Spiegel | Features Article Published May 14, 2012
The testosterone-heavy field of software development faces numerous challenges. Will boys always be boys?
The Truth about Job Hopping Developers
By Eric Spiegel | Features Article Published April 9, 2012
Should managers hesitate to hire developers who change jobs rapidly?
The Dangers for Moonlighting Developers
By Eric Spiegel | Features Article Published March 19, 2012
Developers who take on extra coding work flirt with serious career peril.
Do Tebow-Like Beliefs Make You a Better Software Developer?
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published January 24, 2012
A software developer shares his experience with colleagues who felt personal beliefs influence coding ability.
Dealing with a Slacker Developer
By Eric Spiegel | Careers/Staffing Article Published December 19, 2011
When a fellow developer spends more time battling Orcs than writing code, how do you handle it?
Three Ways Developers Can Deal With Tough Customers
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published November 14, 2011
Writing software would be a far more enjoyable job if developers didn't need to deal with customers.
Are Odd Developers Just Misunderstood?
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published October 17, 2011
Plenty of software developers have a reputation as being, well, unique characters. But it pays to look beneath the surface.
Are You a Software Developer -- or a Leader?
By Eric Spiegel | Careers/Staffing Article Published September 19, 2011
Managing a software development team is about more than technical expertise.
Do Developers Ever Get A Real Vacation?
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published August 8, 2011
The ever-present cell phone/laptop has essentially vanquished the now quaint idea of a developer going on vacation.
Fear and Loathing: Software Developers Do Customer Support
By Eric Spiegel | Applications Article Published July 18, 2011
Software developers are often called upon to provide end-user support. Is this a good idea?
Lessons From Quirky Software Development Managers
By Eric Spiegel | Columns Article Published June 13, 2011
Do you code applications for "The Jerk" or the "hovering micromanager"? There are ways to improve these work relationships.
Do Developers Really Need A Second Monitor?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published May 16, 2011
A developer tells his IT manager that a second monitor is a necessity, not a luxury.
That Developer's Salary is Bigger than Mine!
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published April 11, 2011
A developer who learned his colleagues’ salaries reflects on pay levels for programmers. Plus: factors to keep in mind about your salary as a developer.
The Dumbest Ways To Interview A Developer
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 21, 2011
Companies seeking good developers often ask some remarkably dumb interview questions. What’s the worst question you’ve ever been asked?
What Makes A Smart Developer? (Is it Google?)
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published February 14, 2011
Sure, young developers know how to use Google. But is looking up an answer enough for true competency?
Should Younger Developers be Paid More?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published January 18, 2011
If younger developers know hot new technologies, does that justify a higher salary?
Should Developers Be Allowed to Talk to Customers?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published December 13, 2010
An effort to get a developer to speak directly to a customer didn’t go so well. Was it the developer’s fault?
Are Developer Workloads Increasingly Unfair?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published November 17, 2010
Developer workloads are clearly higher now, yet there are ways of improving the daily lives of programmers.
Does Every Developer Deserve a Mental Health Day?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published October 18, 2010
Some developers can afford a mental health day, and some can’t get away with it. What’s the difference?
Playing Software Developer Hot Potato
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published September 12, 2010
Software developers with difficult attitudes bounce around from team to team. What happens when they land on your team?
Don't Hire That Developer!
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published August 11, 2010
What’s more profitable for a developer: keeping a full-time job or working as a contractor?
Do Developers Need to Brown-Nose To Advance Career?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published July 19, 2010
Those developers who actively curry favor with management may not be popular with their colleagues. Still, is this a good strategy?
Should IT Managers Assume Good Intentions When Developers Mess Up?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published June 16, 2010
Software developers and other tech professionals will unavoidably make mistakes. How are these situations best handled?
Is Software Development a Young Person's Game?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published May 16, 2010
Both younger and more experienced developers feel that they have an advantage over the other group. Which one is right?
Developer Layoffs Are Never Fair
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published April 12, 2010
Why are some developers laid off while others keep their job? The difference between them might be essentially nonexistent.
Are Developer Certifications Worthless?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 15, 2010
Some developers disdain IT certifications, yet in a tight job market they can make all the difference. A veteran project manager talks about his experience with a team of developers.
Dealing with Unaccountable Developers
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published February 15, 2010
It's an IT manager's dilemma: Developers who can’t make deadlines can be very nice people, but the fact remains that they cause some very serious problems for the development team.
Are There Enough Smart Developers for Google?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published January 18, 2010
Maybe, maybe not, but either way, there is more than one for a software developer to be smart.
When Developers Work Late, Should Manager Stay or Go?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published December 20, 2009
A veteran developer sees project management in a different light now that he has been on both sides of the fence.
Are You a Blue Collar or White Collar Developer?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published November 15, 2009
Among software developers these differences aren’t always discussed, yet the differences are real – or are they?
Are Software Developers Naturally Weird?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published October 18, 2009
Looking back at the strange software developer he’s worked with, one veteran coder asks the obvious question.
Why Developers Get Fired
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published September 20, 2009
There are many reasons developers get fired. So take off the ear buds, close down your 20 Skype threads and take some time to think about what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.
Does Quality Software Code Really Matter?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published September 14, 2009
Taking steps to prevent bugs and unnecessary code complexity can sidestep tomorrow's maintenance headache. Why is it such a low priority?
The End Of The Employee Programmer (Let's Rent a Coder!)
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published July 15, 2009
Is the life of the average US-based IT employee beginning to look like a creek, a boat and no paddle?
Too Old To Write Software? Or Just the 'Wrong Era'?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published June 29, 2009
Rightly or wrongly, age is considered when hiring developers, yet a more important indicator is what micro-era in software history a programmer belongs to.
Is a College Degree Needed to be a Great Software Developer?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published June 15, 2009
The question is complicated by today's tough job market, in which non-degreed applicants don't even land an interview.
Finding The Coding Zone: Your Perfect Trifecta?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published May 17, 2009
What perfect list of conditions enables you to write your best possible software code?
Where's Your Coding Happy Place?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published April 20, 2009
Developing software code is an activity best done in an optimal environment. Then again, is it more a question of external location, or internal mood?
When Developers Drink On The Job
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published April 7, 2009
When a developer drinks or does drugs on the job, there’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with it.
Are Quirky Developers Brilliant or Dangerous?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 16, 2009
A story of a highly talented but egocentric developer, the type we all know and dislike. Can we stop enabling these people?
Is Calling a Software Engineer a 'Programmer' an Insult?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published February 17, 2009
Software programmers – whoops, we mean ‘developers’ – have a very definite sense of how they should be referred to. The hierarchy of job titles is clear.
Do Nice Engineers Finish Last in Tough Times?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published January 19, 2009
A tale of two IT professionals, one nice, one ruthless. Which one survived the wave of pink slips?
My Three Worst Experiences in Software Development
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published December 10, 2008
Over the course of twenty years as a developer, the low points were pretty low indeed. What’s your worst experience as a developer?
Software Developer's Dilemma: Is Being A Sales Engineer a Cop-Out?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published November 17, 2008
Sure, the die-hard developers snigger at the idea, but the upsides are enormous. (How does $130k sound?)
Are Your Developers Goofing Off?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published October 14, 2008
If you are a developer that is skating by, be careful how you are managing your time or you may find that you are skating on thin ice.
Are Cocky Developers Worth It?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published September 16, 2008
Sure, he can code circles around the other developers, but that attitude…
IT Layoffs? Not Again!
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published July 14, 2008
Having both been laid off and done the laying off, an IT pro talks about survival in the trenches.
Revenge of the IT Worker
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published June 16, 2008
If teenagers are gossiping about friends on cyber-rumor sites like Facebook, what happens when tech-savvy IT workers launch such a site about their managers?
Should You Use Free Software at Work?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published May 14, 2008
There are upsides and downsides - but downloader beware.
Dealing with An IT Bully
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published April 14, 2008
They’re difficult, nasty and aggressive. But there are tactics that help tame these tech-world bad geeks -- sometimes.
When an IT Staffer Gets Thrown Under the Bus
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 25, 2008
Who’s responsible when your company’s bug-infested software causes massive customer complaints?
Ten Pet Peeves About Workplace Emails
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 24, 2008
By using common sense, basic courtesy and just slowing down before pressing 'send', you will avoid 'peeving' off your co-workers.
24 Hours in the Life of IT Professionals
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 17, 2008
5:30 AM: Dragged to consciousness by alarm clock. Pulled out of wonderful dream where Vista desktop upgrade went without a hitch. 3:30 PM: VP of Sales stops in office to show off new iPhone. Wants IT to support it.
Dealing with Idiot Vendors
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published February 15, 2008
When that software vendor comes calling, don’t seal the deal until you get everything you want – in writing.
Making The Most of The Holidays in IT
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published December 18, 2007
If you are one of the unfortunate souls stuck behind the desk the last week of December, this is your time to make a list and check it twice.
When Just Enough Is Enough To Be Fired
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published November 18, 2007
How do you handle an IT professional who under-performs in one critical area, but who’s strong in everything else?
Is a Career In IT Risky?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published October 15, 2007
Sure, the competition from H1B workers is real, but there are serious upsides to a tech career that didn’t exist a few years ago. Plus: strategies for making yourself more marketable.
The Telecommuting Myth
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published September 17, 2007
A tech manager finds a mixed experience with telecommuting.
Finding Your Happy Place in IT: Ten Jobs
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published June 12, 2007
Ten possibilities to consider as you search for optimum personal happiness in the tech field.
What's Your Online Reputation?
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published May 16, 2007
Reputations of companies and individuals can easily be marred by online postings, including threads from email and IM.
The Evil Status Report
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published April 9, 2007
My team members had some harsh words for me, but my point remains: the dreaded status report is an effective tool.
Tech Work from Home: A Survival Guide
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published March 12, 2007
Doing IT work from a home office has its perks – and major pitfalls. Here’s a guide to staying productive.
How to Deal with Your Idiot Co-workers
By Eric Spiegel |  Article Published February 2, 2007
If you want to keep your data center running smoothly, you need to deal effectively with the many types of difficult co-workers.

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