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The First Wi-Fi Certified 11n Product is...
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published July 2, 2007
D-Link claims bragging rights as first to get Wi-Fi Alliance certification for its 802.11n products. (Netgear is certified as well.)
Get WiMax Training
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published June 11, 2007
The WiMax Forum creates a certified training program.
Trapeze Ready to Power 11n
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published May 29, 2007
The company’s approach includes interesting Power over Ethernet options to fully juice high-speed wireless.
Intel: Welcome to Sunny Santa Rosa
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published May 13, 2007
Intel’s latest Centrino chips with 802.11n are now in laptops, but at least one vendor is holding off because of the integrated management system.
Helio Drops Wireless Broadband
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 25, 2007
As of May 8th, the MVNO will kill its piggybacked EV-DO/Wi-Fi services.
In-Flight Cell Phones Get a No
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 9, 2007
But Wi-Fi services are still okay, and could be in domestic flights by 2008.
Boston Requesting Information
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 2, 2007
The nonprofit is ready to issue an RFI for citywide Wi-Fi.
60-Mile Signal in San Francisco
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published March 29, 2007
This isn't a contest: Intel is testing software and antennas to eventually bring long-range 802.11 to under-developed nations.
Smallest Wi-Fi Chip Yet?
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published March 28, 2007
NXP says its latest is the tiniest, at five millimeters square.
Wi-Fi's Chilling Effect on Crime
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published March 20, 2007
Cops in California and Georgia are using wireless mesh to power surveillance cameras aimed at keeping criminals from acting out.
Broadcom's Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + FM Radio
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published February 5, 2007
The company's latest chip combo puts them all on silicon so small it saves power.
The No-Hardware Wi-Fi Community
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published February 1, 2007
Whisher's wish? Internet access and community applications like IM shared by the wireless masses, but with no extra hardware beyond the laptop.
The Year of the Wireless Monitor?
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published January 12, 2007
DisplayLink's technology for running a monitor over Wireless USB could mean the eventual end of the VGA display cable.
Faster Testing Could Mean More Certified Wi-Fi
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published October 27, 2006
A new suite from Azimuth promises to cut automated Wi-Fi certification testing time by two thirds — even for non-PC products without a user interface.
802.11n: Expect Delays Ahead
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published August 14, 2006
Thousands of comments on the 1.0 draft mean a closer-to-finished 2.0 probably won't be ready for a vote until January.
Wi-Fi Falls from the Sky
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published June 28, 2006
Boeing may be selling — or shutting down — its money-losing Connexion Wi-Fi service for planes. Luckily, new options await takeoff.
The Problems with Citywide Wireless
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 17, 2006
Are taxes, advertising and loss of privacy the price you have to pay to get free (or any) Wi-Fi in big cities?
Netgear, D-Link Gearing Up to Ship 11n Draft Products
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 6, 2006
Despite controversy, nothing is going to stop vendors from selling high-speed wireless products before the specification is final.
Bluetooth Picks WiMedia UWB for High Speed
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published March 29, 2006
Future Bluetooth wireless will have a multimedia-capable data rate.
802.11n: It's Never Easy
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published March 17, 2006
One side says all is well in the standards process; another warns of problems if products ship based on the new 1.0 draft specification.
Patent Power Comes to Intrusion Prevention
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published February 24, 2006
With the award of a patent on IPS to AirTight Networks this week, the counter-claims and claws are out... can lawyers be far behind?
Enterprise WLANs add 3rd Party Security
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published February 15, 2006
New deals put intrusion detection & prevention systems into infrastructure equipment.
802.11n Draft Approved
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published January 24, 2006
Chipmakers are ready to power high-speed and possibly interoperable wireless products this year; look for final specification in '07.
Faster Path to 802.11n?
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published October 13, 2005
A new vendor consortium hopes to ram through its own high-speed Wi-Fi standard, perhaps at the cost of the open standards process.
Google Securing Your Wi-Fi
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published September 21, 2005
Information found on the search giant's site reveals VPN software for securing hotspot connections, perhaps as a prelude to 'GoogleNet.'
Wireless to the Rescue
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published September 8, 2005
The recovery of the devastated Gulf Coast continues, with both big companies and tech non-profits alike offering help where they can.
Dial-Up to Wi-Fi
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published September 8, 2004
A new pocket-sized product is targeting the traveler who might be stuck with a slow dial-up Internet connection but still wants the freedom of wireless.
The Converged Corporate Wireless Phone Unveiled
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published July 27, 2004
Motorola, Avaya, and Proxim took the wrap off their initial joint offering of enterprise VoIP products that support Wi-Fi & GSM today, plus will extend the offer to others to play in this sandbox via a new open industry forum.
HP Launches Hybrid Wireless PDAs
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published July 26, 2004
HP's new line of PocketPC products includes several with Wi-Fi, and one launched with T-Mobile that is the first combining 802.11 with GSM & GPRS services.
802.11n: The Battle Begins
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published July 12, 2004
MIMO is the centerpiece of a (very) preliminary skirmish for the mindshare in the IEEE that will eventually decide on the standard for high throughput on wireless LANs.
The Latest from Las Vegas
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published May 10, 2004
The Networld+Interop show has begun again in the Nevada desert and there's no lack of Wi-Fi announcements from the exhibitors.
Partnering for the Customers
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 27, 2004
There's nothing worse than finding out all the various parts of your enterprise WLAN network don't play nice together. Some vendors are trying to do something about it using the buddy system.
Bay Area Lands "Most Unwired" Title
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 5, 2004
Intel's yearly rundown of 'Most Unwired Cities' pegs San Francisco and its suburbs as this years top spot, plus the survey rates the most unwired airports and colleges.
The Crippling Effect of Mixed Mode
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published April 5, 2004
Tests show that running a variety of products mixing 802.11b and 11g on a single channel could be severely restricting overall wireless network throughput.
Predictions for the New Year
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published January 12, 2004
In 2004 it's not just new Wi-Fi deployments to look forward to: the majority of current WLANs will be expanding to further improve productivity.
wONE WLAN to Support Them All
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published January 5, 2004
TI hopes that its new 'universal router' technology with a single chipset and radio to provide dual-band capabilities will be a singular sensation with hardware vendors.
More Wi-Fi Means More Attacks
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published December 22, 2003
The monitoring of the air at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference revealed fewer security attacks over all, but far more than before that were successful.
Older Palms Won't Get Wi-Fi
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published December 11, 2003
The makers of a Secure Digital (SD) Wi-Fi card for PDAs says it will still support Palm OS 5.x sometime in 2004, but users of older Palm-based products will have to go without.
802.11g Speed Boost Now Available
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published October 15, 2003
UPDATE: Products supporting the Super G speed boost promised months ago by chipmaker Atheros are out: Netgear started a new product line and D-Link is offering it as a free upgrade. But will Super G interoperate between products?
Intel Kicks Off New Unwire Campaign
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published September 22, 2003
The chipmaker continues to push the Centrino Mobile brand, first with this week's One Unwired Day and next week begins a new line of print, TV and radio ads.
Linksys: Top of the WLAN Heap
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published May 14, 2003
The first quarter of 2003 might have been the worst ever for WLANs, especially in the home and SOHO market-- which is saying something since the market still had a growth of about 2%. That might not have been the case if not for a phenomenal sales increase by Linksys.
Wi-Fi: It Just Keeps Growing
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published February 12, 2003
As analysts look at the year 2002, they reveal that most wireless LAN products vendors had continued success as the market for 802.11 products grew.
Wi-Fi Alliance to Brand Public Hotspots
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published January 9, 2003
The group behind 802.11 compatibility certification wants to make sure all public access hotspots are compatible, as well as easy to locate using 'Wi-Fi ZONE' labels.
The Wireless Display Arrives
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published January 8, 2003
Announcements this week from companies big and small are pushing the monitor farther and farther away from the computer by sending the video signal over a Wi-Fi connection.
Intersil Premieres 802.11g, Video Next Week
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published November 15, 2002
The leading 802.11 chipset maker and some partners will be doing private demonstrations next week of the new PRISM GT 802.11g chip in an access point and using Indigo 802.11a chips to broadcast multiple video streams.
Launching: Mobile Operator Wireless LAN
By Eric Griffith |  Article Published October 25, 2002
Ericsson is teaming with WLAN powerhouses Agere and Proxim to create an end-to-end data network that integrates public access cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Launching: Mobile Operator Wireless LAN

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