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Is Firefox 3.6 on Linux Hard to Install?
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published January 28, 2010
A Linux newbie rebuts the assertion by a Windows pundit that a Firefox version is difficult to install on Windows.
Will the Linux-Windows Netbook Change the OS Wars?
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published January 8, 2010
Lenovo's new hybrid Linux-Windows netbook, debuted at CES, could be a game changer.
Has Microsoft Become Bipolar?
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published December 8, 2009
The internal struggle between the company’s various elements produces some uneven results.
Will the Kindle Crisis Kill Cloud Computing?
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published July 21, 2009
Amazon erased its customers’ content without warning. Will the same thing happen to cloud computing customers?
Does the Mac-Windows-Linux Race Ever Change?
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published June 10, 2009
Looking back at a 1999 essay by sci-fi author Neal Stephenson suggests that humans change far slower than technology.
The CLIophobia of the Linux Newbie
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published May 19, 2009
CLIophobia (n): An irrational fear of operating ones’ computer using the Command Line Interface. Sometimes referred to as Terminal Angst.
Elderly Ubuntu User Says Books Far Better than Forums
By Emery Fletcher |  Article Published May 12, 2009
If you need Ubuntu help, pick up a “how to” book instead of surfing a forum, says a 75-year-old first time Ubuntu user.

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