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CNN-Kutcher Imbroglio Suggests Twitter Changes
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published April 19, 2009
The CNN-Kutcher controversy may spur Twitter to adopt its long-awaited business plan.
Wi-Fi Had a Strong Presence at CES
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published January 30, 2008
802.11n and wireless home media devices emerged from CES as key elements to watch in the coming months.
VoIP at CES: From Geeks to Grandmas
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published January 8, 2008
A sampling of the flood of VoIP-related announcements pouring forth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
DIA Deploys Free Wi-Fi
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published December 20, 2007
Denver International Airport has deployed a new 11n network throughout its 1.5-million-square-foot facility. Is this the way of the future or a flash in the pan?
Convergence With AT&T's Global IP Plans
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 14, 2007
More than 200 initiatives will extend the telecom's global network infrastructure.
RIM to Restate $250M After Options Review
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 9, 2007
As a result, Blackberry maker says it will undergo an executive-level restructuring.
McAfee Puts Financial Woes in Hands of New CEO
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 8, 2007
The embattled security company taps former EMC exec for new leadership.
Is Palm for Sale?
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 7, 2007
Could Dell or HP be the new home of the Treo?
FBI Laptops Make Most Wanted List
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published February 14, 2007
Audit reports lost and stolen FBI laptops included computers in anti-terror and counter-spy programs.
Apple Inc. Settles with Apple Corps Ltd.
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published February 6, 2007
Settlement with Beatles recording company clears way for 'the holy grail of digital music.'
HP Gains Restraining Order Over Dell Spying Charge
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published January 26, 2007
UPDATED: Countersuit by former executive Karl Kamb charges HP asked him to spy on rival’s upcoming printer plans.
Analysts: Hold The iPhone
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published January 11, 2007
UPDATED: Apple's new iPhone is eye candy, but first there's the matter of the name before analysts weigh in.
Second-Nature VoIP
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published December 28, 2006
What's Next in Tech: Look for VoIP to mirror traditional phone service on the back of expanding wireless networks.
More Than One-Hit Wonders For Wireless
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published December 27, 2006
Looking Back: We count down the top stories in the mobility sector in 2006.
Boeing Grappling With Data Theft
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published December 15, 2006
Hundreds of thousands at the company get free credit checks after yet another laptop slipped away. Is it enough to prevent ID theft?
'HP Not Enron' A.G. Says in Settlement Deal
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published December 8, 2006
UPDATED: Payment of $14.5 million in 'pretexting' scandal will also fund new privacy protection for state.
Skype With a Phone
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published November 28, 2006
UPDATED: This cordless phone is just the latest effort in computer-free calling.
Check Point Puts $586M on Security Table
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published November 21, 2006
Acquisition would be the 'first step' in overall data security plan
Security Flaw Could Ground Wi-Fi Users
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published November 14, 2006
No Internet connection needed to be at risk from this bug, security researchers warn.
Oops! Google Sent 'Worm' to E-mail List
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published November 10, 2006
UPDATED: Search giant apologizes for sending kama sutra worm to video blog subscribers.
Security Vendors Have a Vista Bone to Pick
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 19, 2006
Microsoft calls meeting to soothe vendors' ruffled feathers over access to kernel.
HP Names New Ethics Chief
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 16, 2006
UPDATED: Former NCR general counsel named to replace indicted former employee.
A Vista Delivery Next Month?
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 6, 2006
Analysts say Microsoft could be ready on time.
Hurd May Have Had Early Knowledge of Phone Records
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 4, 2006
HP CEO recalls July 2005 meeting on leaks probe where obtaining personal call logs was discussed.
HP Counsel Baskins Resigns
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published September 28, 2006
HP's general counsel is the latest employee to leave in the growing exodus.
Who's Shaping The Mobile Future?
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published September 15, 2006
A group of mobile companies team to offer guidance to equipment makers for the next generation.
HP's Dunn Steps Down Amid Leak Scandal
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published September 13, 2006
UPDATED: The chairwoman of the board was at the center of HP's 'pre-texting' scandal.
Microsoft Extends Legacy Software Support
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published August 29, 2006
The changes should provide companies using older XP, NT and Exchange applications more flexibility.
The Tropos Two-Play Router
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published August 18, 2006
New router could boost capacity for city Wi-Fi networks.
Intel Millions For WiMAX
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published July 11, 2006
Could chipmaker's money boost WiMAX deployments?
Broadcom's Secure RFID Chips Take Flight
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published July 6, 2006
Chipmaker becomes latest to join RSA's SecurID program along with RFID chip.
EMC Making Good on Security March
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published July 6, 2006
RSA will likely become EMC's storage security technology, but will it support others?
Lucent Brushes Up on French With Alcatel Merger
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published April 4, 2006
A $13B merger comes with nearly 9,000 layoffs and more questions.
Memo to Microsoft: 'If I Were You...'
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 27, 2006
Analysts and pundits take up the Vista Microsoft future and offer lessons learned from the Vista/Office delay.
Microsoft And The Vista Shakeup
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 23, 2006
UPDATED: Vista delays could cause heads to roll and create a marketing bonanza for consumers.
AT&T, BellSouth Merger Denounced
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published March 7, 2006
'Competition is dead' warns consumer groups outraged at proposed union of AT&T, BellSouth.
Broadcom's $80M 'Perfect Storm'
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published January 31, 2006
Ethernet, once hidden in wiring closets, is taking center stage, delivering triple-play broadband services.
Faster Wi-Fi Proposal Passes Hurdle
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published January 13, 2006
Consumers are one step closer to a faster Wi-Fi standard.
New China Security Fragments Wi-Fi Future
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published December 19, 2003
Beijing's orders that wireless vendors work with Chinese companies to use the here-to-fore unheard of WAPI security standard could hurt equipment makers and travelers alike.
The Need for Speed
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 21, 2003
Even before the ink dried on 802.11g, some companies were pushing for still faster Wi-Fi connections. Do we really need all that speed?
Switch Wars
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published May 5, 2003
At last week's N+I show, biggest bets weren't being placed at the craps table or the roulette wheel but instead on who will come out ahead in the nascent field of wireless network switches.
Deep Pockets Go Wireless
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 28, 2002
Is Intel's decision to invest millions in Wi-Fi companies a boon or a bane to the wireless LAN industry? In the long run, it may be no different than any other big company's attempt to get into 802.11.
Wi-Fi Vendors Crowd Laptop, Notebook Market
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published July 26, 2002
Who's taking the lead in providing Wi-Fi in today's laptops? And what percentage of current notebooks have wireless capability? Analysts and vendors tell all.
Bluetooth Bouncing Back With A Bite
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 30, 2001
Some analysts feel the time is right for Bluetooth to make its mark on mobile commerce - as the cheap, easy-to-use technology it ought to be. Find out what predictions are being made regarding this short-range wireless solution and where to look for it soon.
Realistic Expectations for Next-Gen Wireless Capabilities
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 19, 2001
What can m-commerce developers realistically expect from mobile carriers in the next two to four years? Nothing fancy, according to analysts, who say the killer apps and consumer interest in new mobile technology will be decidedly down to earth.
Renegade WLANs: Parasitic or Free-Spirited Anarchistic?
By Ed Sutherland |  Article Published October 4, 2001
They're '60s-style, grass-roots wireless networks that certainly fill a void imposed on places like New York City's damaged infrastructure. But do they pose a serious threat to the viability of fee-based providers in the mobile connectivity arena?

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