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Corporate Blogs: Still Relevant?
By David Strom | Columns Article Published July 3, 2013
Many of the fastest-growing companies in the country have blogs. Here are some tips for making blogs part of your corporate communications strategy.
Advice for Startups
By David Strom | IT Management Article Published May 10, 2012
A longtime tech mentor talks about issues like setting price levels and what it means to "pivot."
Tips for Tech StartUps
By David Strom | IT Management Article Published May 10, 2012
A tech expert who has mentored many startups gives advice about fee levels and what it means to "pivot."
How to Get Bank Fraud Alerts in Real Time
By David Strom | Security Article Published January 20, 2012
This solution isn't available for individuals, but perhaps your bank uses it.
Tips of Making and Marketing Video Tech Reviews
By David Strom | Networks Article Published August 24, 2011
A tech reviewer describes his three years of experience on producing and marketing tech reviews.
Sharing Files in Public Places? Please Don't.
By David Strom | Networks Article Published August 2, 2011
Sharing your computer files in public places like airports and coffee shops invites cyber thieves to peruse your sensitive data.
IT SysAdmin Day Is Coming Up (Hug a SysAdmin)
By David Strom | Data Center Article Published July 13, 2011
Systems Administrators Day is July 29th. Have you shown your SysAdmin any appreciation lately?
Tech Vendors Make You Work to Find the Price. Why?
By David Strom | Data Storage Article Published June 28, 2011
Some tech vendors claim that their products are so complex that the price must be hidden under layers of sales material. Why make customers dig?
What the RIM Playbook Can Teach the iPad
By David Strom |  Article Published May 19, 2011
Though lesser in sales, the Blackberry Playbook tops the Apple iPad in some key areas.
Virtualization Software Trends: Hybrid Clouds Mature, Virtual Firewalls Lag
By David Strom |  Article Published May 12, 2011
Virtualization software leaders VMware, Microsoft and Citrix introduce new products, virtual storage sees rapid upheavals, and vendors put the label “cloud” on everything.
12 Great Tech Innovations (Of All Time)
By David Strom |  Article Published April 18, 2011
Twelve of the innovations leading the way as technology changes our lives.
Cloud Computing: Public and Private Hybrid Clouds
By David Strom |  Article Published December 14, 2010
A guide to setting up a public or private cloud computing deployment, including a list of hybrid clouds computing vendors.
Virtualization Update: Virtual Desktops, New Software
By David Strom |  Article Published November 15, 2010
Fall 2010: Along with virtualization developments from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, plenty of other virtualization vendors offer new tools.
Best Smartphones for Microsoft Exchange
By David Strom |  Article Published August 9, 2010
The best smartphone for Exchange comes as no surprise, yet each platform has its pros and cons. Plus: smartphone data plans.
Virtualization Vendors: VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Citrix
By David Strom |  Article Published June 22, 2010
The leading virtualization vendors have been actively maneuvering for market share. Who is ahead? Take a look at the virtualization product comparison chart.
Three Steps to High Availability Virtual Machines
By David Strom |  Article Published March 10, 2010
Virtualization enables features like high availability and live migration, yet requires three factors to be fully functional. Plus: a virtualization vendor comparison.
Virtual PC: Running Virtual XP in Windows 7
By David Strom |  Article Published February 17, 2010
Virtual PC options from VMware, Laplink, Zinstall, and Microsoft can help you use a VM to run XP on Windows 7, allowing an easier migration to this new OS.
Using DNS Servers to Improve Network Security
By David Strom |  Article Published February 11, 2010
Alternative providers like OpenDNS and Google's Public DNS may provide better browsing performance and better security, and can help protect you from known phishing and malware-infected domains.
Office Softphone Options: Migrating to VoIP
By David Strom |  Article Published February 5, 2010
Skype, Google Voice, Vonage and other providers all offer options to enable you to leave your landline behind.
RSS: the Most Unloved Technology of the Decade
By David Strom |  Article Published January 8, 2010
In the ten years since Real Simple Syndication (RSS) has been invented, it's value has been enormous. Yet Rodney Dangerfield would say it "got no respect."
Two Approaches to Getting Free TV Online
By David Strom |  Article Published December 17, 2009
Internet and networking technology now merge your TV and PC, yet software issues remain.
Virtual Server Comparison: Xen vs. Microsoft vs. VMware, 2010
By David Strom |  Article Published December 16, 2009
The virtual server products offered by the leading virtualization vendors each have strengths and weaknesses. Plus: a look inside the newest trends in the virtualization market.
Educating iPhone App Developers: A Day in Class
By David Strom |  Article Published December 9, 2009
An experienced tech journalist sits in on a university class educating the next generation of iPhone app developers.
Is Email Dying?
By David Strom |  Article Published October 20, 2009
In the age of IM, Friendfeed, Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, and webcasting, is email falling from favor?
Recovering Stolen Laptops with Kaseya
By David Strom |  Article Published October 7, 2009
Using Kaseya, the owner was able to remotely turn on the microphone on his his stolen laptop and listen to what the thieves were saying as they typed.
17 Notably Bad Products from Great Tech Companies
By David Strom |  Article Published September 24, 2009
As these products demonstrate, even the best tech companies can lay an egg on occasion.
Understanding Different Twitter Account Types
By David Strom |  Article Published September 17, 2009
Knowing the various Twitter accounts will help you reach a larger audience.
Online 'Coworking': Up From Starbucks
By David Strom |  Article Published September 10, 2009
For mobile Web-based workers, there's a better solution than your local Starbucks.
When Did the Browser Become the Next OS?
By David Strom |  Article Published July 15, 2009
In the 90s, a visionary called the desktop an operating system. His words have now become true -- but how did that happen?
Proudly We Fail: 25 Dead Tech Products
By David Strom |  Article Published July 6, 2009
A tour of bygone computer products provides a cautionary tale about the nature of competition in the high tech era.
Surviving the Self Service Internet
By David Strom |  Article Published July 1, 2009
The Internet has replaced legions of service people we use to rely on. Which means quality customer care matters more than ever.
Four Useful Tools for Social Networkers
By David Strom |  Article Published June 25, 2009
Busy Web users can use these free services to communicate more efficiently.
The Good and Evil of Proxy Servers
By David Strom |  Article Published June 18, 2009
This Web technology plays a role in everything from Iran's recent election to a Microsoft lawsuit against alleged purveyors of advertising click fraud.
Google Wave: Faster Response Times
By David Strom |  Article Published June 11, 2009
Google Wave represents a new way of thinking about how to work together.
Facebook and Twitter: When to Friend and Defriend
By David Strom |  Article Published May 21, 2009
The emphasis needs to be on quality, not quantity.
Buying a Cheap PC With 8 GB RAM: Shopping Tips
By David Strom |  Article Published April 22, 2009
Buying a PC with 8 GB of RAM doesn't mean you have to part with the family fortune.
Virtualization: VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Xen, 2009
By David Strom |  Article Published April 15, 2009
The Datamation 2009 report card on the server virtualization offerings of the major virtualization vendors.
Keeping Your Network Secure in Insecure Times
By David Strom |  Article Published April 3, 2009
An overview of tangible steps a network admin can use to protect data security.
Five Social Networking Apps Worth Using
By David Strom |  Article Published March 25, 2009
Free software tools to help you use the likes of Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, and Wordpress.
Four Alternatives to Google Docs
By David Strom |  Article Published March 12, 2009
Free options for document management and work collaboration, among other business uses.
Web Traffic Building: the Tortoise Wins
By David Strom |  Article Published March 5, 2009
While it's true that certain viral videos and other one-hit wonders boost online traffic, slow and steady tends to be a better method.
The Tech Guy's Real Life Electronics Hassles
By David Strom |  Article Published February 10, 2009
Yes, he's an expert, but that doesn't mean he doesn't struggle with the madness of today's technology.
My IT Network Stimulus Package
By David Strom |  Article Published February 5, 2009
Tips to help IT administrators improve network performance, addressing issues like latency, unneeded apps and employee usage.
Time for an Email Tune Up
By David Strom |  Article Published January 28, 2009
Email is far from the best information transportation vehicle. Like our struggling auto industry, we need to look for alternative methods to move our bits around.
The Generational Media Divide
By David Strom |  Article Published January 19, 2009
The media divide isn't as simple as everyone older is using this technology and everyone younger is using that technology – there are a lot more subtle sub-groups.
Facebook, the New Social Disease
By David Strom |  Article Published January 14, 2009
The next time you get an email or IM or text message asking you to download a greeting card, update your Flash player, or do something else, stop and think. You don’t need to be the latest victim of a new social networking disease.
IT Manager's Legal Guide: Data Handling and Security
By David Strom |  Article Published September 18, 2008
Tips about legal safeguards in the workplace for copyright, P2P, Internet access, data breaches and more.
Laptops with Solid State Drives: Pros and Cons
By David Strom |  Article Published July 21, 2008
Solid state drives can offer higher performance than conventional rotating storage, yet also add about $500- $800 to a laptop’s price. Are they worth it?
Virtual Servers Update: VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Xen
By David Strom |  Article Published April 8, 2008
The virtualization market has seen a whirlwind of recent changes, with four key trends impacting future directions. Plus: a chart that compares offerings by VMware, Microsoft and Xen.
Network Discovery: What's on Your Network?
By David Strom |  Article Published June 16, 2007
Today's enterprise network is far too complex for one person to track. Network discovery tools ease the burden.
UTM: Ten Questions Before you Buy
By David Strom |  Article Published April 13, 2007
Unified Threat Management appliances are the fastest growing segment of the security market.
Virtualization: Xen vs. Microsoft vs. VMware
By David Strom |  Article Published February 13, 2007
A guide to choosing the best virtual server, looking at factors like host hardware and guest OSes. Plus: a chart that compares offerings by Xen, VMware, and Microsoft.
The Many Myths of Endpoint Security
By David Strom |  Article Published December 19, 2006
Maintaining a truly secure network requires understanding the common misconceptions about endpoint security.
Outsourcing: let me count the ways
By David Strom |  Article Published December 22, 1999
Here's a look at the different products and services available to help you augment your Web site.
Payment systems for e-commerce
By David Strom |  Article Published December 10, 1999
Processing payments from online storefronts is no easy task. Here's what you need to know for successful transactions.
The caching universe
By David Strom |  Article Published December 2, 1999
Thanks to an array of caching technologies that deliver data faster, the World Wide Wait is over.
Retooling your Web site
By David Strom |  Article Published December 1, 1999
Here's what you need to know when it comes to managing both your internal and external sites and keeping track of their reliability
Road map to the extranet
By David Strom |  Article Published October 29, 1998
There are numerous good extranets in the field, and a few that can serve as benchmarks for your efforts.
Network management tools
By David Strom |  Article Published January 1, 1998
Here's what you need to know when it comes to managing your Web site and keeping track of its reliability.

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