More articles by Dana Gardner

IT-Business Alignment and the Business Architect: Changing Roles
By Dana Gardner | Data Center Article Published August 31, 2011
It's essential for the new role of business architect to flourish in today’s rapidly evolving business and IT landscapes. Plus: how certification and training are shaping business architecture leaders.
Security Pro Rafal Los: "There is No 'Secure', Only Manageable Risk"
By Dana Gardner | Security Article Published June 16, 2011
How do IT organizations become more open while being more protective? Rafal Los, Enterprise Security Evangelist for HP Software, talks about today's challenges.
Workday Releases Integrated Cloud Computing Solution
By Dana Gardner | Cloud Article Published March 30, 2011
Workday's SaaS-based enterprise solutions target HR and financial management, and also enable Platform as a Service (iPaaS).
Is Nokia-Microsoft a Doomed Partnership?
By Dana Gardner |  Article Published February 17, 2011
Both Nokia and Microsoft were positioned to dominate in the mobile space yet neither has. So why should an alliance of these two giants now work?

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