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Businesses Need to Work on Social Media Skills
By Dan Muse |  Article Published August 7, 2009
More than one in three corporations have no policies concerning the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the workplace.
Linked Data Leaders: The Semantic Web Is Here
By Dan Muse |  Article Published June 10, 2008
Two Linked Data visionaries say the standards are in place and the Semantic Web vision is a reality — you just have to know where to look.
Intacct Says Mash Up More, Worry Less
By Dan Muse |  Article Published April 15, 2008
Web-based accounting service provider touts real-time Web 2.0 dashboards and looks to make software-as-a-serve carefree.
HP Aims at the Middle With New Servers
By Dan Muse |  Article Published April 2, 2008
Business is booming for companies with between 100 and 999 employees, according to HP, and today's server and Linux announcements are designed just for those mid-sized businesses.
Symantec Enters Online Storage Biz
By Dan Muse |  Article Published February 21, 2008
The data security company targets small and mid-sized businesses with two online storage services and also revs up its Backup Exec line for Windows 2008.
Akorri Looks for Keys to Virtual Efficiency
By Dan Muse |  Article Published February 13, 2008
BalancePoint 2.0 expands support for virtualized storage, adds a Key Performance Indicator metric and offers its management tools as a virtual appliance.
Microsoft's Business Contact Manager Goes on Its Own
By Dan Muse |  Article Published February 8, 2008
The software mainstay says that based on small business customer demand, Microsoft Office Outlook with Business Contact Manager is available as a standalone product and also integrates with Microsoft Office Accounting 2008.
EMC Sees Virtualization in SMBs' Storage Future
By Dan Muse |  Article Published January 12, 2008
The storage giant says its new Clariion AX4 SAN (and the Dell-branded Dell AX4-5) offers small businesses virtualization, scalability, iSCSI and friendlier storage management software.
IBM Gives Small Businesses a Blade of Their Own
By Dan Muse |  Article Published June 15, 2007
Big Blue says its BladeCenter S is small enough to sit on a desktop but powerful enough to handle all your server needs.
Vendors Propose Fibre Channel Over Ethernet Standard
By Dan Muse |  Article Published April 6, 2007
An all-star lineup of networking and storage vendors today announced it has proposed a specification that would enable SAN traffic to be natively transported over Ethernet networks.
Vendors Take Wireless to the Nth Degree
By Dan Muse |  Article Published October 20, 2006
SMC Networks and ZyXEL promise faster and farther-reaching Wi-Fi performance with new draft 802.11n-compliant wireless networking products.
New Storage Products Get Easier and More Affordable
By Dan Muse |  Article Published April 4, 2006
To sell storage and disaster-recovery products to small businesses, vendors now realize that the key to success is to lower both cost and complexity. Two products from EMC and STORServer aim to do just that.
Microsoft, Cisco Find ICE is Nice for VoIP
By Dan Muse |  Article Published November 14, 2005
Industry leaders say they will support the ICE methodology to deliver rich media connections across NATs and firewalls. Research firm issues Skype warning.
Greynet Applications Cast Black Cloud
By Dan Muse |  Article Published August 2, 2005
Survey results indicate that enterprise network users are increasingly adding unauthorized IM, peer-to-peer, collaboration and other 'graynet' applications. And the effects are costing businesses plenty.
Enterprises Come Up Half-Empty on IM Policies
By Dan Muse |  Article Published March 25, 2005
Despite increasing security threats and rising use among workers, only half of U.S. businesses have an IM policy in place, according to an Internet security company.
Gateway Makes Support a Priority
By Dan Muse |  Article Published April 12, 2004
The systems vendor today announced a $39-a-year premium support service that guarantees businesses that they will reach a live, trained technician in 30 seconds or less. Can the Gateway Priority Access premium support system deliver as promised?
IBM Embraces Itanium 2 With xSeries 455 Server
By Dan Muse |  Article Published November 10, 2003
In a move designed to address the market for enterprises running transaction-intensive applications, IBM today announced, some say reluctantly, the eServer xSeries 455.
ASPs Are Here to Stay, Reports ITAA
By Dan Muse |  Article Published March 18, 2003
A report released today by the Information Technology Association of America states that ASP customers are happy and likely to continue to employ outsourced application services.
Next-Gen Apps To Put New Spin On Client/Server
By Dan Muse |  Article Published March 21, 2002
The advent of Web services will lead application developers to adopt a client/services model, but not the type seen in the past, predicts a Boston-based research firm.

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