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HP CEO Hurd Resigns on Harassment Claims
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published August 6, 2010
Company scrambles to reassure shareholders following the surprise departure of its turnaround architect, announcing a better-than-expected Q3 performance.
iPhone Infringement? HTC Sued by Apple
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published March 2, 2010
The iPhone roars: Apple claims that cellphone maker HTC -- notably the Google Nexus One -- has violated a number of its mobile device patents.
HP Releases Ultra-Thin Laptops for Business
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published March 2, 2010
Targeting enterprise and SMB laptop buyers, HP claims thin is in. A slender notebook for the road warrior without much space.
HP Offers Feast of Thin Computing
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 18, 2009
The computer maker unveiled a full offering of thin-client solutions aimed at the emerging trend toward cloud computing and virtualization.
VMware, Citirx Top Investors' Estimates
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published July 23, 2009
Both players in the virtualization sector demonstrate the health of this emerging trend.
IBM Exec Selected to Head Patent Office
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 21, 2009
The news is considered a positive for the IT industry.
Who Will Be Obama's CTO?
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 5, 2008
At least one observer thinks Google's Eric Schmidt could be tapped.
G1 Floats into Market with Fewer Apps
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 23, 2008
Google's first Android-based smartphone hits the stores and already, fans are grumbling about the scaled-back apps.
FCC chair grilled on U.S.'s abysmal broadband speeds
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 1, 2008
Walt Mossberg asks some tough questions.
BMC to Buy BladeLogic For Nearly $800M
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published March 18, 2008
Datacenter automation is the focus as BMC seeks to add to its BSM portfolio.
Study: Net Tops in Research
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 2, 2008
Pew Internet survey finds users turning to the Web first -- with expectations for still more information being made available online.
In-Flight E-mail, IM Service Takes Wing From JetBlue
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published December 10, 2007
Free value-add will support Yahoo Mail and IM, and Wi-Fi-equipped Blackberry models -- but no Web.
HP Stays Ahead in Global PC Shipments
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 30, 2007
Rival Dell sees meager growth while losing its lead spot in notebooks to Acer, according to iSuppli.
Verizon to Support Open Device Access
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 28, 2007
As pressure mounts on traditional wireless carriers from Google and the FCC, the mobile giant continues its change of heart.
BEA Bites Back in Oracle Bid
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 26, 2007
The company shrugs off Oracle's lambasting over its counterproposal.
Gates And The Digital Lifestyle
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 6, 2006
Microsoft expects to be at the center of your daily, digital life (with a little help from Vista).
Negative Intel Report, Slew of Warnings Slam Techs
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published July 6, 2004
Analyst warnings on an industry bellwether leads the way for sector-wide selling.
Using Presence to Make Web Meetings Manageable
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published February 18, 2004
IM-based availability indicators are at the heart of Convoq's new online collaboration service.
IETF Closes in on Linking Geographic Info, Presence
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 28, 2004
A proposed draft could apply user privacy preferences to location data dissemination -- setting the stage for more advanced presence applications.
Study: Workplace IM Users Seek to Bypass IT Control
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 9, 2004
Businesses need to set and communicate instant messaging policies, according to new research by SurfControl.
Get Your IM in Shape: A Workplace Guide for 2004
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 2, 2004
Here are some New Year's resolutions that can benefit you and your colleagues. Unlike that new gym membership or low-carb diet, you might even find yourself using them in February.
2003's Top Trends in IM
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published December 30, 2003
We take a look back at developments that made headlines during the past 12 months -- and which could set the stage for growth in 2004.
AOL Preps Live Video IM
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published December 4, 2003
The Internet giant will unveil videoconferencing in its online service and AIM early next year.
Lotus Details 'Workplace' Collaboration Plans
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 30, 2003
IBM next week will reveal the latest stage in its standards-based strategy, introducing major additions to its enterprise instant messaging and groupware offerings.
AOL, Microsoft Kill the Messenger
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 29, 2003
NetBIOS continues to pose spam and virus threats -- prompting the two giants to both adopt new policies.
Managing IM ... It's Electrifying!
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 27, 2003
Following the lead of financial services firms, the energy industry is exploring ways of securing its use of public IM.
Microsoft Goes 'Live' with 'Greenwich'
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 21, 2003
At long last, Redmond's new enterprise IM platform is finally available.
Conversation Elevation: IM, Web Conferencing, Multimedia
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published October 6, 2003
We look at new tools from eDial and Yahoo! that enable enterprises to move from text-based instant messaging into richer forms of presence-based communications.
MSN Next to Hook Up with Reuters
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published September 29, 2003
UPDATED: The two giants -- major players in public and business instant messaging, respectively -- will interoperate in the latest of Reuters' connectivity deals, with help from IMlogic.
Yahoo! Closes the Door on Third-Party IM
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published September 26, 2003
The move comes in advance of a similar effort by Microsoft -- and could even precede Yahoo! launching its own multi-network IM client.
Yahoo! Blocks Third-Party IM, Considers Trillian Clone
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published September 17, 2003
The Web portal is the latest to lock out unauthorized clients -- even while considering a paid, multi-network IM application of its own.
Microsoft Outlines Live Meeting-IM Integration
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published September 15, 2003
The software giant debuts its rebranded PlaceWare Web conferencing service, and talks up plans to link it to Live Communications Server.
Big Blue's New Experiments in Real-Time Communications
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published September 10, 2003
A glimpse into two IBM projects that borrow from Sametime and Notes, and which could ultimately find their way into your business.
FCC to Lift AOL Video IM Ban
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published August 19, 2003
The move paves the way for America Online to launch videoconferencing and other next-generation applications of its instant messaging network.
Bot Meets Portal
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published July 25, 2003
ActiveBuddy's instant messaging bots are finding their way out of the Buddy List and into the corporate portal, thanks to new work in connection with Lotus WebSphere.
AIM Enterprise Gateway Gets Makeover
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 30, 2003
Updates to America Online's IM proxy and client mark the latest efforts to turn its free instant messaging network into a corporate product.
Microsoft Targets Rivals with New IM Client
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 18, 2003
An analysis of MSN Messenger 6's efforts to address at-home communications convergence and IM personalization.
Enterprise IM Primed for Growth, Upheaval
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 12, 2003
We look at some of the numbers and predictions coming from market analysts.
Making Outlook Mobile
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 3, 2003
Microsoft joins forces with General Wireless, and continues adding messaging features to Office.
United Airlines Taps Into .NET Alerting
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published June 2, 2003
Centerpost adds instant messaging to the carrier's notification system.
AOL, Microsoft IM 'Interop Pledge' Intrigues
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published May 30, 2003
ANALYSIS: If the companies achieve interoperability for their IM platforms, the change would dramatically revamp the public IM landscape, which so far has been dominated by free, closed networks like AIM, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.Microsoft Settles Netscape Suit with AOL
AOL: We'll Explore IM Interoperability
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published May 30, 2003
As part of a settlement with Microsoft, the media conglomerate indicates it will re-examine compatibility with an outside IM service.
Microsoft Expands IM-Over-SMS
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published May 20, 2003
Via a text messaging deal with Orange, MSN Messenger could reach 35 million more users in Europe.
Viruses Learn How to IM
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published May 16, 2003
The dark side of instant messaging bots.
Microsoft, AOL Boost Messaging in Xbox, PS2
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published May 14, 2003
The rivals move to a new platform as the public IM wars continue.
Avistar Extends Video Messaging Beyond Enterprise
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 23, 2003
The video messaging player offers companies the ability to chat with and share presence information with other firms.
Presence and Availability: Coming to a Mobile Phone Near You
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 22, 2003
An update on presence and availability management, and how P2T could become more like IM.
How Communicator Collaborates
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 21, 2003
With the heavyweights in enterprise applications these days looking to merge IM with other apps and portals, we take a look at Hub IM -- an early mover in the integration trend.
Federal Agencies Gear Up for Instant Alerts
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 17, 2003
A number of government groups are developing or launching new ways to bring their employees and partners together -- particularly in the event of an emergency.
Get Ready for GTV
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 14, 2003
A new enterprise IM player on the block boasts a robust platform and an impressive list of deployments.
AOL Tests Video Messaging
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 11, 2003
The new 'record-and-forward' feature comes as the online giant works to better compete in multimedia IM.
Microsoft: Greenwich On Schedule
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 10, 2003
New details on the launch and branding of its RTC Server -- and continued efforts to promote the technology, as rivals circle.
Sun Boosts IM Integration, Features
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published April 8, 2003
The move continues efforts by the major names in enterprise solutions to roll instant messaging into other collaborative offerings.
A Closer Look: IM in Office 2003
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published March 24, 2003
We examine how components of the new Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit leverage instant messaging and presence.
Vendors Debut New IM Bot Tech
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 27, 2003
ActiveBuddy targets businesses' HR departments with a ready-made IM agent, while Instant Technologies shows off its new do-it-yourself framework for creating bots.
HP Signs on to Enterprise AIM
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 22, 2003
America Online gains an early supporter in its battle with Yahoo! and Microsoft for the business IM space.
IM 2003: Thoughts on Instant Messaging's Coming Year
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published January 10, 2003
The last 12 months saw sweeping changes in instant messaging. Now, industry insiders predict a number of new developments in the space, with implications for vendors, IT managers, marketers, and ultimately, end users.
Oracle Makes IM, Collaboration Play
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 15, 2002
The firm's updated suite faces off against Lotus and Microsoft in its latest bid to become a force in enterprise messaging and groupware.
Microsoft Plans New Inroads into Enterprise IM
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 13, 2002
Coming on the heels of AOL and Yahoo!, Redmond's efforts are expected to segue into its larger, upcoming Greenwich initiative.
AOL Launches Enterprise IM Offering
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published November 4, 2002
At long last, America Online gets into the corporate IM space -- ahead of rivals, though lacking some key features.
Study: 20% of U.S. Feels Web Is 'Essential'
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published September 6, 2002
Internet media -- including the beleaguered streaming sector -- continues growing in importance to consumers, according to Arbitron and Edison.
Spam Tops Job-Related Email In Workplace
By Christopher Saunders |  Article Published May 16, 2002
A survey of more than 1,200 email users reveals that spam makes up the largest share of most users' mailboxes.

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