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Will the Real Private Cloud Please Stand Up?
By Christine Taylor | Cloud Article Published June 18, 2015
Despite the naysayers, private cloud is growing. Here's an overview of the private cloud landscape, including vendors and products and terminology.
Cloud Computing DR: Accelerating Developments
By Christine Taylor | Cloud Article Published May 14, 2015
Cloud-based DR certainly offers big advantages of scalability and flexibility, but moving DR to the cloud also adds complexity and expense.
Trends in Information Governance: eDiscovery and Big Data
By Christine Taylor | Applications Article Published April 30, 2015
Organizations have the best chance for information governance success by concentrating on the highest risk and biggest pain points. IT’s domain is first in line.
Virtual Failover in the Cloud: Challenge Abound
By Christine Taylor | Cloud Article Published March 26, 2015
Leveraging failover in the cloud is more than simply replicating to a cloud-based environment.
Trends in Data Protection: Prevention and Recovery
By Christine Taylor | Data Center Article Published March 4, 2015
Current strategies for data protection focus on data loss prevention (DLP), storage system recovery, and data security.
Data Lakes
By Christine Taylor | Cloud Article Published February 2, 2015
Data lakes improve business analytics and BI by integrating results from multiple knowledge sources.
Data Protection Trends 2015
By Christine Taylor | Data Center Article Published January 14, 2015
An effective data protection plan encompasses data loss prevention (DLP), storage system recovery, and data security.
Backup as a Service: To BaaS or Not to BaaS
By Christine Taylor | Cloud Article Published November 10, 2014
Cloud-based Backup as a Service may or may not be a good choice for your business, depending on cost and management factors.
Data Backup: Virtual vs. Conventional
By Christine Taylor | Data Center Article Published September 9, 2014
A comparison of virtual backup and conventional backup, including a survey of vendors and a list of key questions to ask.
Optimizing Virtualization for the Hybrid Cloud
By Christine Taylor | Cloud Article Published August 22, 2014
Virtualization is essential to the data center, yet this core technology must be expanded to optimize for hybrid cloud.
Flash Storage: Choosing the Best
By Christine Taylor | Data Center Article Published August 6, 2014
Flash storage is making big inroads in the enterprise -- but which type of flash works best for your data center?
Issues in Mobile Device Backup
By Christine Taylor | Mobile/Wireless Article Published August 4, 2014
Mobile device backup is making big strides as companies get a handle on file sharing, governance, global deduplication and other key concerns.

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