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Bruce Perens: Inside Open Source's Historic Victory
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published February 22, 2010
An open source developer was awarded $100,000 in a court case, Jacobsen v. Katzer, that involved critical issues related to open source in the marketplace. An expert witness in the case tells the story of the legal wrangling.
Bruce Perens: Microsoft and TomTom Settle, Justice and Linux Lose
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published April 1, 2009
The outcome of the Microsoft-TomTom legal confrontation raises questions about the effect of patents on software innovation.
Bruce Perens: Is Open Source Capitalist or Communist?
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published March 8, 2009
The various camps of open source developers, and the companies involved, may be disdainful or worse toward each other, but in fact all partners are needed for a healthy ecosystem.
Bruce Perens: Analyzing Microsoft's TomTom Lawsuit
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published March 1, 2009
An open source advocate looks inside Microsoft’s lawsuit against TomTom, a case that involves an implementation of the Linux kernel.
Bruce Perens: How Many Open Source Licenses Do You Need?
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published February 16, 2009
Open source advocates have approved a jaw-dropping 73 licenses, yet companies and individuals need no more than four, and in many cases just two.
Bruce Perens: Combining GPL and Proprietary Software
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published February 9, 2009
Manufacturers and the broader sector of embedded systems must cope with the problem of how to combine the GPL Linux kernel and software that isn't Open Source. How does one do that legally?
Bruce Perens: A Vertical Market Seeks Open Standards
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published October 15, 2008
The battle over open standards, waged in arenas like OpenDocument vs. Microsoft Office, is spreading to additional markets.
Bruce Perens: A Big Change for Open Source
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published October 2, 2008
In a historic first, a recent legal case creates a solid foundation for the protection of open source developers.
Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache - What's the Angle?
By Bruce Perens |  Article Published August 1, 2008
To the surprise of many, Microsoft just invested in a major open source project.

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