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Will Outlook 2007 Wreck Your E-Mail?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published March 1, 2007
The e-mail program does a poor job of rendering HTML, but there are ways to work around the problems it creates.
Now, Rechargeable Batteries You Can Rely On
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 21, 2007
A new technology in rechargables allows you to keep going and going and going…
Put a Projector in Your Pocket
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 14, 2007
These surprisingly small units allow you to show your presentation without bulky equipment.
Lead Generation via Affiliate Marketing
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 7, 2007
Affiliate marketers are finding new – and more aggressive – ways to increase income from directing traffic to e-commerce sites.
Affiliate Marketing Gets Its Own Web 2.0
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 24, 2007
As affiliate marketing grows up, the opportunities for Webmasters to make money also grow.
Tiny Bluetooth Adapter Leading Micro Revolution?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 17, 2007
A micro-device unveiled at CES suggests a new wave of even smaller adapters for laptop and tablet computers.
Best of Executive Tech, Part 2
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 27, 2006
Here’s Part Two of our year-end “Greatest Hits” collection of Executive Tech columns – all readers’ favorites. Happy holidays!
Best of Executive Tech, Part 1
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 19, 2006
Here’s a year-end “Greatest Hits” collection of Executive Tech columns. Next week we’ll post another bunch of readers' favorites. Happy holidays!
Has the 'SpamThru' Trojan Doubled Spam or Not?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 12, 2006
And if so, is the truth actually worse than the headlines?
A Unique Cell Phone Gift
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 4, 2006
A new cell phone that makes calls only to a restricted set of numbers also contains technology that can determine the user's street address or general location on a map.
Holiday Gifts for the Executive Geek
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 28, 2006
Our Executive Tech columnist plays Santa by offering a helpful gift guide listing new tech products.
Behavior Blocking Coming to (Some) PCs
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 21, 2006
A major U.S. Internet service provider plans to offer a novel security technology to its millions of customers within the next month.
IE 7 Unbalances QuickBooks
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 14, 2006
Microsoft's new browser can cause versions of Intel's small-business bookkeeping package to behave erratically and even crash.
Can You Prove Your E-Mail Isn't Spam?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 8, 2006
If your company isn't taking a few simple steps to demonstrate the emails its sending aren't spam, many recipients are filtering them right into the trash.
Is IE 7 Really More Secure Than IE 6?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 24, 2006
Our Executive Tech columnist assesses whether Microsoft's latest browser is safer to use than its much-maligned predecessor.
Free Software (Just Pay Here)
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 17, 2006
Is Google allowing ads from companies that charge money for other people's software that's usually given away?
How Trustworthy Is the TRUSTe Logo?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 10, 2006
A respected antispyware researcher has published an analysis disputing the trustworthiness of sites that bear the TRUSTe seal.
Hundreds of ETFs Are Heading Your Way
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 3, 2006
You may not have heard much about "exchange-traded funds" until now, but ETFs are the fastest-growing investment vehicles in global markets.
How ETFs Are Changing the Market
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 26, 2006
Technology is fueling the proliferation of "exchange-traded funds" on Wall Street.
MyGOP Tries to Leverage the Internet
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 19, 2006
The Republican Party's initial effort to harness social networking provides a cautionary tale for any organization that sees the Web as an easy medium to master.
The Democrats Finally Get the Web
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 12, 2006
This week the Democratic National Committee is rolling out a Web 2.0-like service that may grow into a MySpace for the party faithful.
Clip & Copy Provides Free News Alerts
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 5, 2006
A new Web service offers an ideal way for executives to keep up with articles on their company or follow a narrow business sector.
Farecast Now Predicts Prices for 55 Cities
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published August 29, 2006
A slick new web site that predicts whether air fares between particular cities will go up or down has expanded its service to cover more than 55 U.S. airports.
Tableau 2.0 Charts Your Business Success
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 25, 2006
Turning data into meaningful charts has, until recently, been the province of $100,000 software on the high end or -- for those with rock-bottom budgets -- Microsoft Excel. But a much better and cheaper alternative has emerged.
Phishing Filter Prevents E-Mail Identity Theft
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 18, 2006
Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out a way to almost entirely detect and filter out phishing e-mails.
Will IE 7.0 Be Capable of Secure RSS?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 11, 2006
RSS could get a huge boost if Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 supports it. But the stimulus for the new technology will be hindered if IE can’t handle secure RSS.
CSS Support is Poor in RSS Feed Readers
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 5, 2006
While RSS news feeds are gaining in popularity, their support for Web-standard styles is lagging.
Farecast Helps You Predict Cheap Flights
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published June 27, 2006
A new search engine not only shows you which air fares currently are cheapest, it predicts whether fares are likely to go up or down in the next few days.
Click Forensics Aims to End Click Fraud
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published June 20, 2006
The spread of click fraud could cause long-term damage to search-engine advertising. One company has created a fraud detection network it hopes will reinstill faith in the system.
Click-Fraud Tools, Now Totally Free
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published June 13, 2006
Our Executive Tech columnist reports on some free tools to help your company fight fraudulent search-engine ad clicks.
Recurring Credit-Card Charges May Irk Consumers
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published June 5, 2006
Credit-card companies are making expiration dates and card numbers more "fluid." But does this pose risks for individual card holders?
Get Consumers' New Credit-Card Numbers
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published May 30, 2006
Almost any business that asks for it can now learn a consumer's new credit-card account number -- whenever it may have changed.
Credit Card Expiration Dates Are Obsolete
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published May 22, 2006
Big players in the U.S. consumer-sales industry have informal agreements with credit-card issuers that allow charges to be made to consumers' cards without specifying the expiration month and year.
Can You Prove Your E-Mail Isn't Spam?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published May 16, 2006
If your company isn't taking a few simple steps to demonstrate the emails its sending aren't spam, many recipients are filtering them right into the trash.
Sender ID, DomainKeys Are Hammering Spam
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published May 9, 2006
Two authentication technologies are making it easier to separate genuine e-mails from spam.
How Good is Goodmail, Really?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published May 2, 2006
A grand experiment in "pay-to-play" e-mail will begin in the next few days, and the results will influence how we communicate for years to come.
Designer Says Vista Font is Original
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published April 25, 2006
The dispute over whether Microsoft copied another company's fonts could affect the way copyright protection is granted to all kinds of software.
Is Microsoft's Vista Font Just a Copy?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published April 18, 2006
The rejection by a European agency of Microsoft's bid to register a new font featured in Windows Vista and Office 12 bears legal implications for Microsoft's much-delayed products.
Your Own 24-Hour E-Mail Address
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published April 4, 2006
A Web site operator thinks he's come up with a way for e-tailers to communicate with customers via e-mail without the hazards of harvesting.
Shushing a Noisy PC -- on a Budget
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published March 28, 2006
Until the day comes when quiet PCs are the norm, a few add-ons can give you a bit of peace without breaking the bank.
Building a PC That's Totally Silent
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published March 21, 2006
Our Executive Tech columnist tests a new computer case that virtually eliminates PC noise. Here's his report.
The State of the Silent PC
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published March 14, 2006
A small manufacturing company recently started shipping a new kind of PC case that emits almost no audible noise whatsoever. Its components stay cool without the need for fans of any kind.
The Business of Specialized Search
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published March 7, 2006
Businesses that offer poor search features -- or none at all -- may be missing out on more than they think.
Start Your Own Search Engine
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 28, 2006
Giant search engines get almost all the publicity these days. But the big news to come may be "personalized" search engines that offer results tailored to your needs.
Unlimited Long Distance, $9.95/Month, No PC
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 21, 2006
A small company soon will unveil a tiny device that clips onto any phone line and uses VoIP, but doesn't require broadband access -- or any kind of computer at all.
Will Ban Your Domain?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 14, 2006
In the next few weeks, a service that's been methodically testing Web sites for spyware, spam and other problems will launch. Prepare now.
Corporations Have an Unsubscribe Problem
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published February 7, 2006
A small antispam firm that has tested 170,000 different "remove me" procedures found in e-mail newsletters says it's caught some big fish in its net.
How to Know When Unsubscribing Isn't Safe
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 31, 2006
What if unsubscribing from an e-mail newsletter actually led to you getting more spam? Now there's an easy way to know in advance. Best of all, it's free.
More Ways to Protect Your E-Mail
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 24, 2006
Spammers are cranking up their output every day. But antispammers are gaining more tools to defeat them.
Do Panasonic's Batteries Really Beat Energizer's?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 17, 2006
There's a desperate competition among battery makers to have their brand inside your mobile device.
Carry a USB Drive in Your Wallet
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 10, 2006
Imagine a USB drive so thin you could carry it in your wallet. Imagine no more, says our Executive Tech columnist.
Secondary Mail Records Invite Spam
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published January 3, 2006
A simple error in your e-mail setup can allow spam to flood your inbox almost unchallenged, writes our Executive Tech columnist.
Fixing Elections for Fun and Profit
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 20, 2005
Two counties in Florida have terminated their use of Diebold computerized voting equipment after computer experts showed that vote totals could be changed by a single individual in a way that would be undetectable later. Illustrates Search Engine Ups and Downs
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 13, 2005
The recent experience of an unusual metasearch service can teach important lessons to any business that gets traffic from search-engine listings.
Can AJAX Completely Replace PC Software?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published December 6, 2005
Columnist Brian Livingston takes a look at AJAX. Will it become the new programming standard or will it have troubling limitations?
AJAX: The Way Word Processing Will Be
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 29, 2005
Our Executive Tech columnist predicts big changes in the world of group document editing, thanks to AJAX.
Edit Documents Fast Online
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 22, 2005
One software company is well on its way to rolling out an online competitor to Microsoft Word.
Beware Of Google Hijacking
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 15, 2005
If you come to work one morning and find that your company's traffic from Google has fallen to nothing, a competitor may be redirecting traffic from your site to his.
Prevent Googlewashing From Harming You
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 8, 2005
Our Executive Tech columnist explains how to prevent the wholesale theft of your online content and how to keep search engines from penalizing you when your work is legally excerpted elsewhere.
'Googlewashing' Makes Your Site Invisible
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published November 1, 2005
A growing number of content-based businesses face a serious new threat to their publishing rights and search rankings.
Commission Junction Hires Web Detectives
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 25, 2005
E-commerce affiliate network Commission Junction is gearing up a campaign that uses automated searches of the Web to catch dishonest participants.
Commission Junction Bans Major 'Loyalty' Affiliate
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 17, 2005
Commission Junction, arguably the world's leading payment network for e-commerce traffic, has permanently banned one of its largest 'loyalty' programs.
Inkjet Wars 4: Value For Your Money
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 11, 2005
Should you buy the cheapest ink you can find for your particular printer? Or is there is a better way to get both value and quality for your printouts?
Inkjet Wars 3: Best Inks & Papers
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published October 4, 2005
How can businesses and consumers tell which printing supplies will last?
Inkjet Wars 2: Preserving Your Prints
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 28, 2005
Using quality papers and inks and storing documents in reasonably cool, dry and dark places should be enough to provide 100-year stability for most output.
Inkjet Wars: Cheap Ink vs. Expensive
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 20, 2005
Everybody always talks about the price of inkjet cartridges, but nobody ever does anything about it -- or do they?
'Loyalty' Sites Push E-Commerce Affiliate Limits
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 13, 2005
Adware makers are diverting millions of dollars from Web merchants to themselves, our Executive Tech columnist reveals.
Could You Work Without Electricity?
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published September 6, 2005
Could your business continue to exist if electrical power was lost for a few days? How about a few weeks?
EFF To Challenge E-Mail Tax Laws
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published August 16, 2005
A nonprofit group that works to preserve freedom and privacy on the Internet is challenging new laws in Michigan and Utah that would tax senders of ordinary e-mail while leaving spammers untouched.
How Utah, Michigan Legislators Got Fooled
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published August 9, 2005
Columnist Brian Livingston says new email taxes will mean less legitimate email but more spam.
State E-Mail Taxes Begin to Bite
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published August 2, 2005
What impact will new laws in two states have on legitimate senders of business-to-consumer e-mails? A potentially costly one, according to our Executive Tech columnist.
Michigan, Utah Impose Dreaded E-Mail Tax
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 26, 2005
Two states have imposed an e-mail tax, and more states may pass such laws soon.
Picking The Best RSS Client
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 19, 2005
The wealth of RSS readers makes it somewhat confusing to select the best one for your company.
Picking the Best Online RSS Reader
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 12, 2005
Determining the best RSS reader really depends on your content needs, explains our Executive Tech columnist.
RSS Readers: Narrowing Down Your Choices
By Brian Livingston |  Article Published July 5, 2005
Datamation columnist Brian Livingston says RSS adoption is growing rapidly and a multitude of RSS readers are vying for your attention. Livingston helps you narrow the field.

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