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Looking for Free Mobile Apps?
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published January 26, 2009
GetJar is a good source for free Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm and Flash Lite mobile games and applications.
Tip: BlackBerry - Organizing Applications
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published January 19, 2009
Step-by-step directions to organize the application folders on your BlackBerry.
Tip: BlackBerry - How to Wipe It Clean
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published January 12, 2009
Wiping a BlackBerry will reset it to the default settings it shipped with—clearing all user files and additional applications. It is a smart thing to do whenever you’re about to part ways with a smartphone.
Tip: BlackBerry - Removing an E-Mail Account
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published January 12, 2009
How to remove or manage an e-mail account on a RIM smartphone.
Keep Your Number & Service -- Change Your Phone as Often as You Like
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published January 9, 2009
Rentoble allows you to stick with your contract (and keep your phone number) while changing your cell phone or smartphone as often as you like.
Tip: Smartphone - Proactively Protect Mobile Data
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published December 22, 2008
A few options to help protect your smartphone (and the data on it) from malware and prying eyes.
20 Best Gifts for Wi-Fi Lovers
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published December 8, 2008
Will it be an Internet radio, a new router, or maybe an iPhone? Whether you have $15 or $1500 to spend on Wi-Fi this holiday season, we've got the gifts for you.
Review: Redfly - A Laptop-Like Smartphone Companion
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published November 3, 2008
Peripheral connects via USB or Bluetooth to your smartphone, giving you a fold-open keyboard and full-size monitor.
The Downside of Mobility: Injury
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published August 22, 2008
As Wi-Fi--and laptops and mobile devices--become more ubiquitous, users find themselves suffering from injuries ranging from carpel tunnel syndrome to "BlackBerry thumb." The first in a series of features and reviews on the ergonomics of Wi-Fi-induced mobility, and how to prevent injuries.
Tip: Gmail on the Move
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published March 28, 2008
You know about Google's free e-mail service. But did you know there are three different ways to access it from your phone?
Tip: Smartphone - Never Get Caught Without A Light
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published March 24, 2008
Is your PDA or smartphone's screen bright enough to serve as a flashlight in a pinch?
Monitor Package Delivery from Your PDA, Smartphone
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published January 30, 2008
You're no longer stuck at your desk on the day you are expecting a package.
Amherst, MA Graduates to Wi-Fi
By Amy Mayer |  Article Published November 1, 2007
University of Massachusetts professors collaborate with city officials in Amherst, MA to launch a free, public, Wi-Fi network funded by the Department of Defense.

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