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IBM: Manage Data Like Cash
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published December 10, 2009
IBM challenged business leaders, students, and professors to start thinking about data as an asset to be tracked and managed systematically.
Oracle 11g New Release: Frugality
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published September 2, 2009
While the 2007 release of Oracle's database solution focused on innovation, this year's is all about keeping costs low.
VMworld Opens: All Things Virtualization
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 31, 2009
VMworld, the Woodstock of virtualization, has opened with a raft of new announcements from vendors.
Amazon to Offer 'Private Cloud' via VPN
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 27, 2009
Amazon's new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows clients to connect via VPN to Amazon's public cloud.
Salesforce Quarterly Results: Big Upside
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 21, 2009
The SaaS and cloud computing pioneer demonstrates that its Service Cloud is a revenue generator even in gloomy times.
Virtualization Poses Challenges for IT Pros
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 21, 2009
Virtualization software's management and compliance features are still not up to the level they need to be, say some users on the front lines.
HP: Services Hot, Software-Hardware Not
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 19, 2009
The tech giant's financial results reflected larger trends throughout the technology industry.
Enterprise Software: Big Insecurity
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 18, 2009
Data protection is surprisingly weak in enterprise software, according to a study of IT professionals.
Report: Software Firms: Go Global or Lose
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 18, 2009
Accenture posits that if a software vendor can't reach a global audience they will not succeed in the years ahead.
Twitter Security Holes: Red Flag for IT
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published August 17, 2009
IT managers need to monitor the threat from sites like Twitter and others more closely if they expect to keep enterprise secure.
Mobile Networks Congested by P2P
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 21, 2009
Downloading from P2P networks is causing concerns for those who rely on the networks that support cell phones.
Cloud Computing Firms: Yes to Open Standards
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 20, 2009
Open standards are hailed throughout the cloud computing industry, yet not everyone agrees as to what that means.
Security Boosted by Risk Management
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 20, 2009
"Most security people don't understand risk -- they understand threats," an expert claims.
Lawsuit Seeks to Block IM Spam
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 19, 2009
A Microsoft lawsuit aims at blocking what the company calls spam over its Windows Live Messenger service.
Can Enterprise Software Aid IT Management?
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 15, 2009
Change is constant but budgets are flat, leading to a tight crunch in the datacenter. Is enterprise software coming to the rescue?
Citrix Unveils Free Hyper-V Storage Management
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 13, 2009
StorageLink offers easy access to storage devices for streamlined management through storage configuration.
Most UK Companies Suffer Cyber Breach
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 12, 2009
The number is as high as 70 percent, based on one report.
USB Keys: Big Danger for Companies
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 9, 2009
Computer security experts says that USB keys pose a major challenge to enterprise data.
Social Security Numbers Easy to Hack
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 8, 2009
Researchers suggest that social security numbers are far too predictable to be of use as a national ID.
Enterprise Software Touts User Friendliness
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 6, 2009
If software apps for corporations were easier to use, adoption and sales might increase.
Oracle Unveils Fusion Middleware 11g
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 1, 2009
Vendor chest-thumping aside, this release represents a gargantuan investment in software development.
IT Manager's Job Changed by Cloud Computing
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 25, 2009
Perhaps IT managers should oversee software and services and leave the hardware to others.
Social Cloud Battle: Google vs. IBM
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 24, 2009
The ruckus to see which vendor wins the growing social application market has only just begun.
Symantec's Touts Endpoint Service for IT Managers
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 23, 2009
Claiming "enterprise IT is broken," Symantec's new suite of products aims to fix it.
New Player Hopes to Shake Up Datacenter
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 23, 2009
The new vendor AccelOps hopes to gain market share in the rush toward virtualization and cloud computing.
Cloud Vendors Stress 'Platform' to Boost Apeal
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 22, 2009
In the goldrush to gain market share, some vendors claim that an extended service solution gives them the edge.
Tech Industry vs. Free: Who Survives?
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 16, 2009
Competing with an ever expanding array of free offerings, tech companies face big challenges.
IT Security Jobs: Gov Needs 10,000 Experts
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 8, 2009
The Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) is conducting a talent search to find 10,000 security experts for the government.
Cloud Middleware Moves Into Enterprise
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 3, 2009
New sector emerges to help enterprises connect old software to SaaS and cloud services they've just added.
Breached VPN Reveals Corporate Insecurity
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 2, 2009
The VPN is clearly not as safe as it should be, based on recent reports.
Salesforce, Google Tout New Alliance
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 28, 2009
Salesforce's will integrate with Google apps, leveraging the functionality of Google App Engine's Java support.
'Linux on Desktop' Report Suggests Opportunity, Challenges
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 22, 2009
Sponsored by IBM, the 'Linux on the Desktop' study details methods and strategies for migration to open source.
VMware Releases vSphere 4.0 to Analyst Acclaim
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 21, 2009
It's a tough climate to launch a major product yet industry observers see major promise in vSphere 4.0.
Mozilla Exec Claims Net Moving Beyond Sites
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 20, 2009
As the Internet moves forward, the emphasis will be on services, not Web sites, claims a Mozilla user interface guru.
Mobile Allies: Sybase, Amazon, Samsung
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 17, 2009
Sybase shows great flexibility as it works with a diverse blend of app vendors and device companies.
Oracle's Purchase of Virtual Iron: Oracle VM
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 14, 2009
Oracle's purchase of Virtual Iron demonstrates that efficient provisioning and energy use are driving the adoption of virtualization by corporate customers.
SAP Snaps Up Green Accounting Firm
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 13, 2009
SAP acquired Clear Standards, a vendor of carbon consumption tracking software.
IT Layoffs Upset Corporate Structure
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 12, 2009
A market survey indicates that very few IT managers feel that they are adequately set up to handle the waves of tech layoffs.
Sybase Unveils Data Storage Upgrade
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 11, 2009
Sybase released a new version of its Replication Server, which aids with data compliance requirements.
IBM Touts Blackberry Integration
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 7, 2009
At the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, IBM talked up plans to upgrade productivity using the BlackBerry platform.
Oracle Unveils New Business Intelligence Tools
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 6, 2009
Oracle newest BI release include HR capabilities, procurement and spending analytics to track enterprise budgets, and price analytics to help enterprises manage price segmentation and discounting.
Citrix, Xen, Tout Hassle-Free App Delivery
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 6, 2009
As Citrix sees it, buying enterprise software should be as simple as buying a song on Apple's iTunes service.
Defense Industry Secrets Not Well Defended
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 3, 2009
Proving better safeguards are needed, a recent press release inadvertently revealed a major data security program that is vital to national security.
Swine Flu Online: Panic and Bad Information
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 2, 2009
Swine flu generates oceans of noise on the Net. "The chatter about swine flu even dwarfs that of recent viral media star Susan Boyle," notes a Nielsen report.
VMware Stresses Aggressive Product Plans
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 24, 2009
Sure, times are tough, but VMware won't be scaling back its ambitions.
VMware's Earnings Reflect Larger Struggles
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 23, 2009
Even the new vSphere solution isn't expected to help in the near term, as the virtualization vendors earnings suggest larger problems.
VMware Takes Virtualization to the Cloud
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 22, 2009
The virtualization vendor launches vSphere 4.0 with an eye on the growing cloud computing market.
Microsoft Unveils Apps for Crime-Fighting Data Mining
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 19, 2009
Microsoft's Citizen Safety Architecture offers apps to analyze massive amounts of data.
America Broadband Runs Far Behind
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 17, 2009
A new report indicates that the U.S. ranks 24th globally in per capita broadband penetration.
Tax Time Draws Data Thieves
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 11, 2009
Reams and reams of sensitive financial data is now flowing over the Internet -- and hackers know it.
Conficker Malware to Return April 1
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 29, 2009
The infamous Conficker, having infected countless computers, will rise again on April 1. Experts offers advice to users.
Microsoft in Spat over Cloud Computing
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 29, 2009
A Microsoft exec takes exception to the direction of a small cloud computing industry association.
IDC: SaaS Growth Coming
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 27, 2009
The research firm outlines why Software as a Service will see significant growth across various markets.
Is Wall Street's Datacenter Headache Curable?
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 24, 2009
Datacenter pros at financial services firms deal with new challenges as the bottom line demands cheaper yet still more efficient IT support.
How Salesforce Leverages Twitter
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 23, 2009
Enterprise SaaS vendors uses Twitter as well as Facebook and other networks to contract potential buyers.
SAP and Sybase to Offer Mobile Software
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 12, 2009
With workers increasingly on the move, the two companies will release mobile-compatible version of enterprise applications.
SAP and IBM Partner for Virtualization
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 10, 2009
Big Blue gets tapped by SAP to help it move forward in lowering datacenter costs.
Forrester: SMBs Discovering Virtualization
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published March 9, 2009
As small and medium sized businesses warm to virtualization, VMware maintains its lion's share of the market.
IPTV Content Provider Seeks ISP Partners Worldwide
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published February 17, 2006
ISPs often fail to address the needs of non-English speakers in their community. Here's one service that could solve the problem.
An Asterisk Appliance
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published January 31, 2006
The code developed by an appliance marker that enables Asterisk to interact nicely with enterprise firewalls could eventually do much much more. That's because this is open source.
We, the Internet
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published May 13, 2005
A law professor argues that laws and regulation will harm the Internet, not help it. It's up to the builders of the infrastructure and applications to build the Internet faster than governments can crush it.
Users Fill Up the Pipe
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published September 23, 2004
Dartmouth College's network -- and its users -- are very similar to the network and users of most ISPs, except that the college users take advantage of all the bandwidth. What's being deployed at Dartmouth know gives us a glimpse of what may be deployed elsewhere in the future.
How the Wireless Frontier Will Be Won
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published June 9, 2004
An experienced venture capitalist describes his view of the wireless future, and says that the CFO stuff is much more important than the CTO stuff, even for WISPs.
VoIP: Hype, Hustle, and Heavenly Help
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 25, 2003
At ISPCON, industry vendors say that VoIP now delivers near PSTN-quality voice service opening the door to a new array of services but ISPs remain skeptical.
E-Mail Coalition Floats New Anti-Spam Plan
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published April 24, 2003
How to block spam while letting the legitimate messages through? At the ISPCON conference in Baltimore, a coalition of e-mail marketers presented some new approaches.
Death. Taxes. Virus Protection?
By Alex Goldman |  Article Published July 25, 2001
If you think no conventional anti-virus application can stop the sprawl of e-mail contagions like the "Sir Cam" virus, you're right. That's why MessageLabs took its virus-stopping solution to the Net, and why it's issued a brash guarantee to stop all e-mail viruses.

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