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Fotoxx Linux Photo Editor: Simpler than GIMP
By Akkana Peck |  Article Published August 16, 2010
Despite its low profile, the Fotoxx Linux image editor could gain adoption as users realize its merits.
How to Speed up Your Linux PC
By Akkana Peck |  Article Published July 28, 2009
Eliminate the resource hogs and your machine will zip along that much faster.
Free/Open Source's Key Programming Languages
By Akkana Peck |  Article Published July 2, 2009
Take a look at the most frequently used development languages for free software.
Roll Your Own Custom Bookmarklets In Firefox, part 2
By Akkana Peck |  Article Published October 27, 2008
Smart Firefox Tricks, part 2: Javascript bookmarklets have been around since the early days of Javascript. Akkana Peck shows us how to harness this power to turbocharge our Web-surfing.
Stupid Firefox Tricks, Part I
By Akkana Peck |  Article Published October 14, 2008
Akkana Peck shows how you can speed up your Web searches with custom bookmarklets-- you don't need to be an ace coder to create your own; it's easy, fast, and powerful.

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