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Review: Internet Explorer 8: Simplified Browsing
By Adam Stone |  Article Published April 24, 2009
This review of Internet Explorer 8 explores the new browser's efforts to simplify browsing.
Can Open Source Songbird Compete with iTunes?
By Adam Stone |  Article Published April 16, 2009
Whether the open source music app can challenge iTunes is an open question, but Songbird's add-ons are certainly attractive.
FileZilla: One Sweet Free FTP Client
By Adam Stone |  Article Published February 11, 2009
FileZilla get a whole lot of hype. Could it just be that this free FTP client actually lives up to it?
FileZilla: The Feature-Rich and Fancy Free FTP Client
By Adam Stone |  Article Published January 22, 2009
Any time we see online user reviews that include phrases like "thunder god" we are at once both skeptical and curious. Can an FTP client really be that good? Adam Stone puts the freeware FileZilla to the test.
Connecticut Town Lays Groundwork for Merged School, Municipal VoIP Network
By Adam Stone |  Article Published January 16, 2009
Merged network will bring cost savings, enhanced service, improved town management—and boost the growth of commerce.
2008: The Year in VoIP
By Adam Stone |  Article Published December 30, 2008
It was a year in which—in addition to continued strong enterprise uptake of VoIP—important new trends and new ideas emerged for IP communications.
VoIP Planet Trends How Will Economic Downturn Affect VoIP Industry?
By Adam Stone |  Article Published December 22, 2008
Two studies show that despite some slowdown, VoIP and unified communications deployments will grow over coming years.
Voting via VoIP�Coming soon to a polling place near you
By Adam Stone |  Article Published November 3, 2008
The technology is in place and has been used elsewhere on the globe. Adoption in the U.S. will likely be gradual.
VoIP and Cellular Mobile: Blurring the Lines
By Adam Stone |  Article Published October 23, 2008
Joint venture between VoX, UTGI, and 'a tier one carrier' will bring low-cost, all-you-can-eat voice/data plans to the mobile telephony scene.
For Small-Business VoIP, Ease of Use Is Paramount
By Adam Stone |  Article Published September 29, 2008
Toronto startup Jazinga offers a turnkey IP phone system anyone can install and maintain.
IP-Based UC Embraces PTT
By Adam Stone |  Article Published September 17, 2008
Twisted Pair's latest WAVE software release integrates handheld radios into corporate communications web.
FileZilla: The Feature-Rich and Fancy Free FTP Client
By Adam Stone |  Article Published March 15, 2008
Any time we see online user reviews that include phrases like "thunder god," we are at once both skeptical and curious. Skeptical because, let's face it, is anything really that good? And curious because, well, what if it is?
A Whole New Mobile VoIP Technology
By Adam Stone |  Article Published March 13, 2008
Florida-based xG Technologies challenges the established mobile phone industry with a low-power alternative.
New IP Soft Client from Basis AudioNet
By Adam Stone |  Article Published February 27, 2008
Designed to work with Basis's Communication Suite, it will nonetheless be adaptable to other platforms.
VoIP Vulnerabilities Get Star Billing in Report
By Adam Stone |  Article Published January 28, 2008
Predicting top five threats for 2008, security provider Sipera Systems advises 'heightened awareness' of potential perils.
Getting to Enterprise VoWi-Fi
By Adam Stone |  Article Published January 14, 2008
ABI study finds tools needed to create viable voice over Wi-Fi systems now exist, but no single entity wields the full set.
VoIP Provider PAETEC Solves Disaster Vulnerability Puzzle
By Adam Stone |  Article Published December 27, 2007
Geographic Redundancy solution places IP communications eggs in multiple baskets.
The Future of Mobile VoIP
By Adam Stone |  Article Published December 11, 2007
While systems for mobilizing voice over IP proliferate, one analyst predicts that 3G technologies will ultimately rule this roost.
Will Microsoft Eat Telecommunications?
By Adam Stone |  Article Published November 27, 2007
Some see stark choices for IT managers in the wake of Redmond's recent UC blitz. How accurate is that vision?
VoIP: Fertile Ground for Open-Source Solutions
By Adam Stone |  Article Published November 12, 2007
Some SMB folk view open-source software as risky business, but it brings many advantages.
Enterprise Adoption of Hosted VoIP to Grow Exponentially
By Adam Stone |  Article Published October 23, 2007
Pace of technology change, decentralization of facilities combine to drive emerging trend.
Windows Live Suite: Why is this So Hard?
By Adam Stone |  Article Published October 22, 2007
Microsoft once held pride of place for making hard things easier. So why does the new Windows Live Suite seem bent on making easy things harder?
Worldwide Wi-Fi Use Is Growing
By Adam Stone |  Article Published October 17, 2007
iPass's semi-annual Wi-Fi Hotspot Index demonstrates rapid increase in global hotspot usage.
RIM Wi-Fi Enables the BlackBerry
By Adam Stone |  Article Published August 20, 2007
Although entering somewhat late in the game, the company believes the timing of its Wi-Fi rollout is right.
Enterprises Poised to Adopt 802.11n�Any Minute Now
By Adam Stone |  Article Published August 9, 2007
Colubris survey of IT managers suggests .11n is a "game changer," but few are rushing into this.
Unwiring Dallas' Victory Park
By Adam Stone |  Article Published June 14, 2007
Perot Systems and Hillwood Development -siblings under the same chairman - have worked together to bring free mesh Wi-Fi to the urban outdoors.
What is Wibree?
By Adam Stone |  Article Published January 8, 2007
Answer: a low-power improvement to Bluetooth from Nokia that could be a boon if it gets any legs.
Vocera Voice to the Rescue
By Adam Stone |  Article Published September 5, 2006
Michigan's Beaumont Hospitals went from a nurse response time of nine minutes to less than 60 seconds using voice alert badges on the internal Wi-Fi network.
Kiosks Move Into Hotel Rooms
By Adam Stone |  Article Published November 7, 2005
While kiosk-based Wi-Fi still has some legs, even a company like PayKiosks knows the real money is made selling wireless access in guest rooms.
Wireless LAN Outdoes Wired
By Adam Stone |  Article Published November 23, 2004
The money spent on wireless LANs outpaced that tied up in wired solutions for the first time this fall—but Wi-Fi spending still lags behind cellular/telecom wireless.
Kennedy's Wireless Issues
By Adam Stone |  Article Published June 7, 2004
There are airports, and there are airports. Deploying the Wi-Fi network at the JFK Airport meant overcoming obstacles and still might not lead to much of a pay off in the end, but operator Concourse Communications is optimistic.
The Sun, the Beach, the Wi-Fi.
By Adam Stone | Features & Trends Article Published May 12, 2003
If your company happens to be sitting on a wealth of bandwidth, you could do what Jarvis Networks did: use it to provide wireless coverage to an entire lake resort.
Four Ways To Reduce Spam
By Adam Stone |  Article Published February 25, 2003
You can do it yourself, have your ISP filter it, use software to blacklist it, or hire a third-party to try and stem the flow of spam. Learn what some small businesses are doing to keep unwanted e-mail out and important messages coming in, without wasting IT staff time and resources.
IBM Security Push Gives Enterprise Mobile Computing a Boost
By Adam Stone |  Article Published December 27, 2001
Big Blue's entrance into mobile security signals serious industry interest in facilitating secure mobile infrastructures for the enterprise.
Will M-Commerce Fly on Wings of WLAN?
By Adam Stone |  Article Published August 9, 2001
Can fixed wireless get m-commerce off the ground? Find out what analysts think might happen as WLANs penetrate the business market at a rapid rate.

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