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Analysts: Google Overspending?
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 16, 2010
A spending spree that includes a rapid hiring period has some analysts concerned, yet the search giant is clearly in a growth mode.
Apple iPhone 4 Recall Unlikely
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 16, 2010
Despite considerable criticism of the iPhone, Apple is expected to issue a fix rather than recall the popular handheld.
Apple to Address iPhone 4 Complaints
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 15, 2010
With the iPhone 4 facing continued questions, Apple has announced a Friday morning press conference.
Google Earnings Hopes Hampered by Economy, Competitors
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 15, 2010
Wall Street sees tempered expectations for Google's second quarter earnings results in the face of some major challenges.
Ballmer Touts Windows Handhelds vs. iPad
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 12, 2010
Handheld devices running Windows 7 are due from Dell, Acer and others vendors, the Microsoft chief executive said.
Fujitsu to Boost Cloud Computing Initiatives
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 9, 2010
Japan's leading IT services firm will will increase its investment in cloud computing by more than 50 percent this year.
Google Unconcerned with Facebook, Apple
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 9, 2010
At an industry gathering, Google executives declined to confirm media reports that Google is developing a new service called Google Me to compete with Facebook, which has grown to nearly 500 million users in its six-year history.
U.S. Launches Cyber Attack Detection Program
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 8, 2010
Nicknamed "Perfect Citizen," the program will attempt to uncover cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies.
Microsoft Reports Minor Job Cuts
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 7, 2010
An unconfirmed source said the number is far smaller than 5,000, with the layoffs dispersed throughout the company.
Chip Sales Up Globally
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 6, 2010
Shrugging off bad news, chip sales show robust year over year sales increase.
Federal Government Embracing Cloud Computing
By - Reuters |  Article Published July 2, 2010
Yet the process is slow, as security concerns hamper government adoption of cloud computing's cost and efficiency advantages.
iPhone vs. Droid X: Verizon, Motorola Challenge Apple
By - Reuters |  Article Published June 25, 2010
Droid X boasts a 4.3 inch touch-screen and an 8 megapixel camera. Should Apple be worried?
Sprint, Motorola to Sell Windows Phone to Enterprise
By - Reuters |  Article Published June 18, 2010
Although Motorola pitches Google Android software for its consumer mobile, it prefers Windows technology for the business market.
iPhone 4 Smashes Sales Expectations
By - Reuters |  Article Published June 17, 2010
Despite an ordering glitch, customers bought more than 600,000 of the new Apple iPhones.
Austek Plans Tablet PC, App Store
By - Reuters |  Article Published June 2, 2010
The race to compete against Apple's iPad gets still more crowded with Austek's announcement.
iPad in Asia and Europe: Customer Mania
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 28, 2010
Having already sold an astounding million units domestically, analysts estimate that Apple will sell a 8.13 million iPads worldwide by the end of this year.
Google Unveils Web TV
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 21, 2010
In a risky move that many vendors have so far failed at, Google announces an ambitious plan to merge the Internet with television.
Some Bankers Opt for iPhone Over Blackberry
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 17, 2010
Considered one of the last preserves of the anti-iPhone contingent, now even some in the financial industry are making the move.
The Lost Fourth-Gen iPhone and Apple's Angst
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 17, 2010
Apple considers the missing prototype "invaluable" and the leak of its details "immensely damaging" to the company's future sales.
Facebook to Look at Privacy Issues
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 14, 2010
In perhaps the longest overdue move in recent memory, Facebook officials will convene to address mounting criticism about lax handling of privacy.
Can Oracle's Larry Ellison Conquer the World (And IBM)?
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 13, 2010
An in-depth look at how Ellison's competitive drive has affected the tech industry, including Oracle's acquisition of Sun and the database maker's competition with IBM.
U.S. Not Winning Cyber War
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 13, 2010
The U.S. is consistently losing huge amounts of data in cyber attacks, conceded a U.S. defense official.
Android Smartphone Surge? Apple Doubts It
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 13, 2010
Apple challenges a report indicating that smartphones using Google's Android operating system is surpassing iPhone sales in the United States.
Microsoft Office Online Aims at Google
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 12, 2010
Microsoft is rolling out its own online versions to keep up with the new class of mobile, web-connected users that have emerged since the last Office upgrade in 2006.
AMD Expected to Gain with New Chips
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 10, 2010
AMD chips will be included in 109 mainstream laptop models in the coming months, up sharply from last year's 40 laptop models.
Intel Upgrades Atom, Targeting Smartphones
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 6, 2010
Intel claims its new Atom offer lower power consumption, tinier size and reduced costs.
Microsoft, Nokia, Release New Mobile Software
By - Reuters |  Article Published May 6, 2010
Nokia and Microsoft debuted a collaborative effort aimed at challenging the Blackberry's dominance in the enterprise.
Smartphone Sales Soar
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 30, 2010
Apple and Nokia grab market share in a sector that seems to have limitless horizons.
Privacy Advocates Monitor Facebook, Uneasily
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 22, 2010
Governments agencies around the world are concerned about Facebook's potential for data misuse and theft, including password hacking.
iPad Gray Market Inflates Overseas Cost
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 15, 2010
The iPad will not be sold overseas until late May, so early adopters in Asia and Europe have no choice but to pay inflated costs over the Internet.
Opera Touts One Million iPhone Browser Downloads
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 15, 2010
Who needs Safari? The Opera iPhone browser was downloaded more than one million times during the first day it was available to consumers, its developer says.
Oracle MySQL Investment Aims at Microsoft
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 13, 2010
Working to push MySQL's market share, Oracle's chief corporate architect said in an interview that the company will add new functions to the application and boost its performance.
Apple's iAd Debuts as iPad Sales Hit 450,000
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 9, 2010
Not content to revolutionize the tablet market, Apple's iAd platform now targets the burgeoning online advertising sector.
Competing Tablet Vendors Eye iPad Success
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 7, 2010
HP, Nokia and Samsung are making moves in response to Apple's iPad initiative. Analysts expect a flood of "me too" devices in 2010.
Cisco Upgrades Servers, Targeting HP, IBM
By - Reuters |  Article Published April 6, 2010
Network giant Cisco announced a major server upgrade, boosting competition against leaders like HP and IBM. Will its efforts result in greater market share?
Inside a Global Cybercrime Ring
By - Reuters |  Article Published March 25, 2010
As business boomed, the firm added a human resources department, hired an internal IT staff and built a call center to dissuade its victims from seeking credit card refunds.
Facebook Targeted by Password-Grabbing Virus
By - Reuters |  Article Published March 18, 2010
Carried by spam, the virus acts to steal online account passwords and other sensitive information. Users are warned not to download the attachment.
Report: Microsoft to Launch Two Cellphones Soon
By - Reuters |  Article Published March 5, 2010
The Microsoft cellphones will be designed for heavy users of social network sites, according to the person who asked not to be identified as the devices have not yet been announced.
Microsoft COO Sees Customer Caution
By - Reuters |  Article Published March 4, 2010
In a speech at the London School of Economics, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner said that customers are are no budget cycles "which is helpful, but ... they're still being conservative."
Spanish Botnet Could Paralyze Country
By - Reuters |  Article Published March 4, 2010
Authorities say Spanish hackers were not aware that the illegal network they created could have taken down an entire country's computer networks.
Microsoft Claims Google Act Raise Antitrust Concerns
By - Reuters |  Article Published March 2, 2010
Microsoft launches a broadside against a company with competing interests in software applications, mobile, search and e-mail.
Microsoft to Take Down Global "Botnet"
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 26, 2010
Microsoft won the right in a U.S. court to deactivate an international computer network that the software claims harmful computer codes.
Xerox Sues Yahoo, Google, Over Search Technology
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 24, 2010
The Xerox lawsuit accuses Google and Yahoo of infringing the document management company's patents related to Web search.
Hackers Leverage Global Authority Void
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 22, 2010
Enterprise and government infrastructures are threatened by an international legion of hackers, yet no global regulation of cyberspace exists.
PC Virus Breached 2500 Organizations
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 18, 2010
The PC virus is known to have breached almost 75,000 computers globally, claims Internet security firm NetWitness.
Smartphones vs. Networks: Who Wins?
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 16, 2010
With the growing prevalence of smartphones, vendors must develop less bandwidth-guzzling use or risk further clogging already burdened networks.
Microsoft: Mobile Software Get Upgrade
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 15, 2010
Microsoft launched its new mobile phone OS, offering gaming and networking features aimed at expanding its appeal beyond its core business customers.
Intel, Nokia Partner on Top-End Smartphone OS
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 15, 2010
The smartphone alliance between the two tech giants reflects the need to circle the wagons in the face of increased competition.
Smartphone Confab Reflects Industry Battles
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 12, 2010
The focus of the $169 billion industry is shifting to software and services, the "mindshare" that is lifting nimble competitors such as iPhone maker Apple and Google.
Google Network to be '100 Times Faster'
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 11, 2010
Google is challenging AT&T and Verizon as it makes plans to create what it calls a vastly faster telecommunications network.
Chinese Hacker Training Web Site Shut Down
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 8, 2010
Dubbed the the "Black Hawk Safety Net," a Chinese newspaper reported that the site taught hacking techniques in exchange for a fee.
IBM Launches Major Hardware Upgrade
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 8, 2010
Although IBM's focus has increasingly shifted from hardware to software and services, advanced servers are still a key aspect of its competition with HP, Sun, and now Cisco.
Oracle's New Foes: NEC and Netezza
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 4, 2010
Netezza, a small database computer maker, is partnering with Japan's NEC to challenge Oracle in the market for database computers.
Smartphone Battle to Grow Fierce in 2010
By - Reuters |  Article Published February 1, 2010
The competition for this profitable business will turn increasingly tough this year as many new vendors enter the market.
Google Launches New "Google Voice" for iPhone
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 27, 2010
Google's new version of its Web phone service represents its latest effort to bypass Apple gatekeepers and make Google Voice a popular service on the iPhone.
Bill Gates: Net Must Thrive in China
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 25, 2010
"The Chinese efforts to censor the Internet have been very limited. It's easy to go around it, and so I think keeping the Internet thriving there is very important," Gates said.
Expert: New Vulnerabilities in IE Browser
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 25, 2010
A security firm says that it discovered another set of vulnerabilities in IE that hackers can exploit to remotely access all of the data on a personal computer.
Google: Profit Up, Investors Not Happy
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 22, 2010
The search giant shrugged off the recession last year, but Google's fourth-quarter report did not satisfy investors' desire for stronger growth.
Microsoft Releases "Google Attack" Patch
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 22, 2010
The patch protects IE users from attacks like those directed at Google in China last week.
Apple Tablet Expected Jan. 27
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 19, 2010
The widely anticipated device is said to resemble a large version of the iPhone, with a roughly 10-inch touchscreen.
Will Security Firms Benefit from Google's China Woes?
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 14, 2010
Security companies like McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro may benefit the publicity surrounding cyber-attacks on Google China operations.
Forrester: Global Tech Spending to Rebound
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 12, 2010
The global technology industry will enjoy an 8.1 percent increase in spending this year with software and computer hardware leading the way, the research group predicts.
The Enterprise Phone: Nexus's Next Gen
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 11, 2010
Google announces that the next version of the Nexus One phone, made by HTC Corp, will be for enterprise users and might have a physical keyboard.
Google's New Phone Shakes Up Mobile Industry
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 7, 2010
Google is now a cell phone company -- but the ramifications of this new role are still hazy.
Microsoft Tablet Debuts, Pricing Unknown
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 7, 2010
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled a new HP tablet computer on Wednesday, beating Apple hotly anticipated move into the market. But does it really steal the fire?
Disney Keychest Claims Multi-Platform Authentication
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 6, 2010
Disney hopes its new authentication technology will become the default industry standard.
Google's New Phone: Not Revolutionary
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 6, 2010
Techies gave Google favorable reviews but noted the new phone was not a game changer was the iPhone was.
HP Unveils First-Ever Touch-Enabled Netbook
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 6, 2010
The debut was part of a larger passel of introductions the PC maker is making at CES.
Apple to Unveil Tablet This Month, Source Says
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 5, 2010
Apple is expected to announce a 10- to 11-inch touchscreen device in the next few weeks, to ship in March.
Lenovo Unveils Non-Wintel Smartbook, 'Skylight'
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 5, 2010
Lenovo's new Linux-based Skylight runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is also used in smartphones.
Tech in 2010 Lags Many Users' Hopes
By - Reuters |  Article Published January 4, 2010
The age group most likely to be disappointed with the current level of technological advancement are 35- to 54-year-olds, according to a Zogby survey.
Blackberry Email Snafu Fixed, RIM Says
By - Reuters |  Article Published December 18, 2009
RIM has resolved the issue that temporarily delayed email service for some BlackBerry users.
Twitter Hacked (But by Whom?)
By - Reuters |  Article Published December 18, 2009
Twitter was momentarily redirected, and the company is investigating the issue.
Oracle-Sun Makes Progress with EU
By - Reuters |  Article Published December 14, 2009
EU regulators signaled they could clear Oracle's $7 billion takeover of Sun after the U.S. software company vowed compliance.
Google to Sell its Own Phone to Consumers
By - Reuters |  Article Published December 14, 2009
Called the Nexus One and made by smartphone maker HTC, Google's phone will run on Android operating system, according to sources.

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