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These Big Data companies, while offering contrasting visions, are the leaders in the rapidly growing field of Big Data vendors.
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14) Pentaho

Pentaho is a suite of open source-based tools for business analytics that has expanded to cover Big Data. The suite offers data integration, OLAP services, reporting, a dashboard, data mining and ETL capabilities.

Pentaho for Big Data is a data integration tool based specifically designed for executing ETL jobs in and out of Big Data environments such as Apache Hadoop or Hadoop distributions on Amazon, Cloudera, EMC Greenplum, MapR, and Hortonworks. It also supports NoSQL data sources such as MongoDB and HBase. The company was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems in 2015 but continues to operate as a separate subsidiary.

15) SiSense

SiSense sells its Prism to the largest enterprises and some SMBs alike because of its small ElastiCube product, a high-performance analytical database tuned specifically for real-time analytics. ElastiCubes are super-fast data stores that are specifically designed for extensive querying. They are positioned as a cheaper alternative to HP's Vertica systems.

16) Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks incorporates Agile software development principals into building Big Data applications through its Agile Analytics product. Agile Analytics helps companies build applications for data warehousing and business intelligence using the fast paced Agile process for quick and continuous delivery of newer applications to extract insight from data.

17) Tibco Jaspersoft

Tibco's Jaspersoft subsidiary has introduced an hourly offering on Amazon's Cloud where you can buy analytics starting at $0.48 per hour. The company is also big on embedded its analytics – having done so with 130,000 production applications worldwide, used by organizations such as Red Hat, CA, Verizon, Tata, Groupon, British Telecom, Virgin, and the U.S. Navy.

18) Amazon Web Services

Amazon has a number of enterprise Big Data platforms, including the Hadoop-based Elastic MapReduce, Kinesis Firehose for streaming massive amounts of data into AWS, Kinesis Analytics to analyze the data, DynamoDB big data database, NoSQL and HBase, and the Redshift massively parallel data warehouse. All of these services work within its greater Amazon Web Services offerings.

19) Microsoft

Microsoft's Big Data strategy is fairly broad and has grown fast. It has a partnership with Hortonworks and offers the HDInsights tool based for analyzing structured and unstructured data on Hortonworks Data Platform. Microsoft also offers the iTrend platform for dynamic reporting of campaigns, brands and individual products. SQL Server 2016 comes with a connector to Hadoop for Big Data processing, and Microsoft recently acquired Revolution Analytics, which made the only Big Data analytics platform written in R, a programming language for building Big Data apps without requiring the skills of a data scientist.

20) Google

Google continues to expand on its Big Data analytics offerings, starting with BigQuery, a cloud-based analytics platform for quickly analyzing very large datasets. BigQuery is serverless, so there is no infrastructure to manage and you don't need a database administrator, it uses a pay-as-you-go model.

Google also offers Dataflow, a real time data processing service, Dataproc, a Hadoop/Spark-based service, Pub/Sub to connect your services to Google messaging, and Genomics, which is focused on genomic sciences.

21) Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma offers an analytics services framework that looks at tables and tables and answers questions for the firm on issues like improved sales and marketing. It cleans up client data to show only relevant data, uses the data to understand it, generates insights from it and gives recommendations to the client. Mu Sigma tries to understand how the business actually works and then identifies where the problem actually is.

22) HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise has built up a considerable portfolio of Big Data products in a very short time. Its main product is the Vertica Analytics Platform, designed to manage large, fast-growing volumes of structured data and provide very fast query performance on Hadoop and SQL Analytics for petabyte scalability.

HPE IDOL software provides a single environment for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. It supports hybrid analytics leveraging statistical techniques and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

HPE has a number of hardware products, including HPE Moonshot, the ultra-converged workload servers, the HPE Apollo 4000 purpose-built server for Big Data, analytics and object storage. HPE ConvergedSystem is designed for SAP HANA workloads and HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 stores analyzed data, addressing existing workload demands and future growth.

23) Big Panda

BigPanda offers a data science algorithm-based platform specifically for IT and DevOps staff that is specifically geared toward addressing alert overload. One of the many sources of Big Data is logs, and they can quickly get out of hand with redundant or false alerts. The company noticed that developers were being overwhelmed with alerts from their logs and had no idea which were real and which were false flags. BigPanda filters down that overload to just the meaningful alerts, allowing IT to react quicker to real problems.

24) Cogito

A highly vertical but important service, Cogito Dialog uses behavioral analytics technology, including analysis of everything from customer emails to social media to analysis of the human voice, to help phone support personnel improve their communications while on the phone with customers and to help organizations better manage agent performance.

25) Datameer

Datameer claims its Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) is the only end-to-end Hadoop solution for analytics, providing a data-integration, data-management and self-service analytics platform all rolled into one. DAS supports all major Hadoop variations, including Apache, Cloudera, EMC Greenplum HD, IBM BigInsights, MapR, Yahoo and Amazon. DAS handles the data source integration, does the analytics and displays the results with a spreadsheet-like interface that has more than 200 analytic functions and visualization functions.

Disclaimer: QS may receive compensation from some of the companies or products reviewed in the article.

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