35 Android Apps to Help You Stay Up to Date

Android apps to keep you in touch and well informed, from news and weather to sports and events and entertainment.
Posted February 20, 2014

Pam Baker

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Having a good selection of Android apps is pretty well essential: there’s so much happening in the world that it’s tough to keep up with everything without a little help.

The following Android apps will lend a hand. You could surf the Internet for all the info you need but we all know that’s too big a time sink in our day. The best solution then is to have apps serve up the exact information you need when you need it on your mobile device.

These 35 Android apps that will deliver the latest reports on news, weather, sports and events directly to your device!

1)Reddit Sync Pro. While this is not an official Reddit app, it does a beautiful job of serving up news with community comments on interesting topics of the day. It easily syncs with your favorite subreddits for offline viewing of your choice of news topics too. Cost is $2.00.

2)DoggCatcher Podcast Player. This apps lets you manage podcasts and news feeds in just about any configuration you want. It’s easy to subscribe and unsubscribe to feeds and podcasts and the app automatically keeps everything up –to-date and tidy for you. And yes, you can playback audio and video offline too. Cost is $2.99 but you can start with the free, seven day trial version to test it out first!

3)Press (RSS Reader). This is a simple, very elegant and ad-free RSS client that syncs with Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin and Fever. Among its many features are one-tap saving to Pocket or Instapaper and simple swipes to star favorite stories, mark articles as read, and navigate to the next article. You can vary text size, zoom images and choose background themes too. Cost is $2.99.

4)Instapaper. This app strips the junk and crazy layouts out of most online articles and reformats them in clean, easy to read text that you can save and store to read offline later, or while on the go. It allows you to shuffle articles randomly or sort by popularity, date, and other categories. Read your choice of articles anywhere, because you won’t need a Internet connection or use minutes on your device’s data plan to do so. Price is $2.99

5) Scanner911 Pro Scanner. This app allows you to listen live to police, firefighter, emergency medical, air traffic control, and railroad scanner radio bands in whatever area you find yourself in, be that in the U.S., Canada or Australia. You can even listen while you’re using other apps and hit instant replay if you didn’t quite catch something that was said. Price is $1.99. 

6) FeedR News Reader. This app is a reader for RSS/Atom feeds and offers an optional Feedly integration. It also supports saving articles to Pocket. You can search for articles by keywords or media outlets too. One of the neatest features is the abilty to read an article without leaving the list. Cost is $1.99. 

7) Phys.org Science News. Tired of trying to find science news among all the celebrity buzz and trash talk that passes for news these days? Then this is your app. It features all categories on Phys.org, with real-time sync, including physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other categories in science and technology. Price is $5.00

8) Scientific American Droid. Another excellent app for science news! It’s not an official app for the publications, Scientific American Journal or Scientific America, but that’s where all the articles it serves comes from anyway. News categories include health, energy and sustainability, space, mind and brain, and more. Price is 99 cents.

9) Discovery News. This apps brings you news produced by the Discovery Channel. Read articles, watch videos, and generally explore the world around you with this app! This app is free. 

10) Stars and Stripes. This app provides news written by journalists embedded with U.S. troops around the world. Yes, this is independent military news at its finest.  Here you’ll find everything from breaking news on U.S. military successes and setbacks to defense spending cuts, troop withdrawals, veterans’ issues, weather all over the world, and the latest DoDEA sports. Cost is 99 cents.

11) BBC News. This app provides a broad spread of news across several categories produced by the journalists at BBC News. It’s a good source for breaking news too and you can even have it pushed to your email. This app is free.

12) USA Today. This app is the official app of USA Today and presents news in the same quick and easy read as the newspaper. The app is free. 

13) Voice Reading Pro. If your eyes are tired from staring at device screens too much, you might want to use this app to have the news, from any source, read to you. It will also read you your email, messages and files. Yes, it’s a text to voice app. Cost is $1.99

14) HBR Feeds. While this is not an official Harvard Business Review (HBR) app, the news stories you find on it do come directly from HBR's RSS and social feeds and it provides quick access to HBR’s mobile site as well. Cost is 99 cents.

15) Hacker News. This is an open-source Hacker News app inspired by BaconReader that keeps you up-to-date on the latest in computer science and cyber security news. It’s also a community so there are lots of comments and votes moving articles up and down in the lineup as members rate the worthiness of each. Cost is $1.00

16) NPR News. This app is the official National Public Radio (NPR) app. Enjoy your favorite NPR shows and read fascinating feature articles from hundreds of local NPR stations, wherever you may travel. The app is free. 

17) Public Radio. Are you a fan of public radio but having trouble with the NPR News app for some reason? Then you’ll love this app because it also enables you to listen to over 360 public radio stations. Now you can listen to news and current event discussions on NPR in any way you like. Price is 99 cents.

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